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  1. I am helping @nikowin44 to get the script to work. The script itself should be fine, I see other people who have been using it. I will personally make sure that I will release an update today so everyone can enjoy this tactic. @iquesouza I am happy to see you have such good results!
  2. Maybe you imported the settings incorrectly? How's everyone doing with the settings? Willing to share the stats you have? =D
  3. No problem. Hope you guys have success with this script.
  4. Anyone using this right now? Tell me how does your profit look? 🤑
  5. Since btc is so pricey now it is hard to play with BTC, but that goes for all gambling games. It works fine with DOGE/LTC/ETH/BCH. Also, it is not bullshit, just open DiceBot and run a 10 million simulation on it. No bust and all is fine
  6. Oh wait, You gotta open notepad and add the script and give it a name. Open Dicebot, -> Advanced -> File -> Import. Ill upload the Dicefile right now.
  7. 100% Safe Dice Script for Dicebot & PrimeDice Hi everyone, The current script is being updated for better results! It will be shared asap.