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  1. Anyone using this right now? Tell me how does your profit look? 🤑
  2. Since btc is so pricey now it is hard to play with BTC, but that goes for all gambling games. It works fine with DOGE/LTC/ETH/BCH. Also, it is not bullshit, just open DiceBot and run a 10 million simulation on it. No bust and all is fine
  3. Oh wait, You gotta open notepad and add the script and give it a name. Open Dicebot, -> Advanced -> File -> Import. Ill upload the Dicefile right now.
  4. 100% Safe Dice Script for Dicebot & PrimeDice by Bitk0ynR2 Hi everyone. I have created a 100% safe script for DiceBot (By Seuntjie) and PrimeDice.com Basically it is a 10x hunter (chance 9.9) and only requires 1.63 BCH/ETH/LTC/DOGE (or BTC if you rich) to be 100% safe. The script can handle 160 rolls under 10x (9.9 chance) which statistically only happens every 30 BILLION rolls. It starts with a 0,00000001 basebet and increases 1,11x (11%) on loss. Open notepad, copy the settings and give it a random name. Open Dicebot in ADVANCED mode. Click File -> Import and import the settings file. You are now ready to make some money. If you have any questions, PM me or find me on Discord. https://discord.gg/agTKuHG | User: Bitk0ynR2#3296 I have attached a screenshot of my stats below. SaveVersion|3 MinBet|0.00000001 Multiplier|1.11 Chance|9.9 MaxMultiply|15 NBets|8 Devider|1.00000 MultiplierMode|2 ResetBetLossEnabled|False ResetBetLossValue|12 ResetBetWinsEnabled|False ResetWinsValue|1 WinMultiplier|1 WinMaxMultiplies|999 WinNBets|1 WinDevider|0.00001 WinMultiplyMode|0 StopAfterLoseStreakEnabled|False StopAfterLoseStreakValue|1 StopAfterLoseStreakBtcEnabled|False StopAfterLoseStreakBtcValue|0.0000001 StopAfterLoseBtcEnabled|False StopAfterLoseBtcValue|0.00001000 ChangeAfterLoseStreakEnabled|False ChangeAfterLoseStreakSize|9 ChangeAfterLoseStreakTo|0.00000010 StopAfterWinStreakEnabled|False StopAfterWinStreakValue|1 StopAfterWinStreakBtcEnabled|False StopAfterWinStreakBtcValue|0.0000001 StopAfterWinBtcEnabled|False StopAfterWinBtcValue|0.00010000 ChangeAfterWinStreakEnabled|False ChangeAfterWinStreakSize|1 ChangeAfterWinStreakTo|100 ChangeChanceAfterLoseStreakEnabled|False ChangeChanceAfterLoseStreakSize|10 ChangeChanceAfterLoseStreakValue|14.00000 ChangeChanceAfterWinStreakEnabled|False ChangeChanceAfterWinStreakSize|1 ChangeChanceAfterWinStreakValue|97.00000 MutawaMultiplier|0 MutawaWins|1 MutawaEnabled|False TrazalWin|3 TrazalWinTo|0.1 TrazalLose|3 TrazalLoseTo|0.1 TrazelMultiPlier|2 TrazelEnabled|False MKIncrement|0 MKDecrement|0 MKEnabled|False LabReverse|False LabValues| LabComplete|2 Strategy|0 FibonacciLoss|0 FibonacciWin|1 FibonacciLevel|1 FibonacciLevelEnabled|True FibonacciLossSteps|1 FibonacciWinSteps|-1 FibonnaciLevelSteps|10 dAlembertLossIncrement|0.00000001 dAlembertLossStretch|0 dAlembertWinIncrement|-0.00000001 dAlembertWinStretch|0 PresetValues| PresetEnd|2 PresetEndStep|1 PresetLoss|1 PresetLossStep|1 PresetWin|0 PresetWinStep|-1 ReverseWin|False ReverseWinStreak|False ReverseLoss|False ReverseLossStreak|False ReverseBet|False ReverseWinValue|1 ReverseWinStreakValue|1 ReverseLossValue|1 ReverseLossStreakValue|1 ReverseBetValue|1 ResetBtcStreakLoss|False ResetBtcStreakLossValue|0.00000001 ResetBtcLoss|False ResetBtcLossValue|0.00000001 ResetBtcStreakProfit|False ResetBtcStreakProfitValue|0.00000001 ResetBtcProfit|False ResetBtcProfitValue|0.00000001 FirstResetLoss|False FirstResetWin|True MartingaleStretchLoss|1 MartingaleStretchWin|1 EnableMaximumBet|False EnableMinumumBet|False MaximumBet|0 MinumumBet|0 StopBetsEnable|False StopBetsValue|1 ResetBetsEnable|False ResetBetsValue|1 StopTimeEnable|False StopTimeHour|0 StopTimeMinute|0 StopTimeSecond|0 StopLossesEnable|False StopLossesValue|1 ResetLossesEnable|False ResetLossesValue|1 StopWinsEnable|False StopWinsValue|1 ResetWinsEnable|False ResetWinsValue2|1 Good luck!