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  1. Hi! We need to actually improve the affiliate system and show the details of referrals just like Bitsler. Bitsler is a more detailed platform and to be honest, Primedice was very popular before Bitsler and it is still more popular than Bitsler but a lot of people who joined Bitsler, moved from Primedice. I know this for a fact. Bitsler has more menu and more games and a lot of other stuffs. But since this thread is only for affiliate system, I am only talking about the affiliate system. Some people will love to say thank you to the people who they referred and they need to identify those people in the system. for example there is a system called servedbetter.com where people get compensated for joining gambling websites by receiving some of the commissions back. The system works well with Bitsler, safedice and many other sites but it can't work well with primedice because of the poor referral statistics. In this situation, some users who would prefer to partake in that sharing will not join primedice. I think this is worth looking into.