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    zxr reacted to UltraChief in Chat Update   
    You seem to be commenting without reading what is already written. The OP (opening poster) does not know about the coinswitch API on primedice which was added to facilitate easy conversion between altcoins to deposit with them.
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    zxr reacted to UltraChief in Chat Update   
    We have coinswitch as an official exchange on primedice deposit button.
    Mutecoins are priceless actually  They are rare to find.
    That makes the mute a totally pointless thing.
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    zxr reacted to williamsh in Chat Update   
    They are hard to find if you follow the rules, but easy to find if you know and annoy the right mods in the chatroom  
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    zxr reacted to akmal1984 in Chat Update   
    Very good advice, friend. I a gree with you . Especially with the avatar, chat feels more interesting. Regarding the addition of coins I think it's time for PD to do it. Because with more coins we can play will definitely invite more new players later.