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  1. it is important to manage time, I want to like you who can divide your time into work, family and gambling, but it is very difficult for me to do it. I've been addicted to gambling
  2. Thanks for Giveaway 😊 Primedice Username = sheenazbay Cryptocurrecy = i hope i get DOGECOIN
  3. Of course, emotions are very influential in the game, it is very important to control your emotions at least to a certain extent, not forgetting what happened, and your position in the game, no matter whether you are winning or losing
  4. jika sesuatu yang kita lakukan memiliki tujuan, maka itu sangat bagus, lebih memotivasi kita untuk meraihnya. semoga sukses dan bisa membeli lepi asus rog😁
  5. actually what you say is true, not only in gambling, at work, even in school we need focus and concentration. but in dice games, the focus you play does not guarantee victory. like I do, I use payout 99x with 1 sats on 2% loss, and I use dicebot, from start roll to 0.025 btc I run out, because it's not a hit at all, you can imagine how much red I got from betting 1 sats and lose 0.025 btc? I focus on watching my laptop screen. so in my opinion the focus of playing gambling can be done when playing gambling is actually not playing online gambling that is run by the system
  6. I have discussed this with @MrNice23 in the chatroom and I told him to make this thread, but I and he did not do it, because after all I was more confident with the strategy I used than I believed in amulets or rituals to win gambling
  7. I've read your story, and it's sad. I hope your boyfriend can overcome his gambling addiction. Potential problems that arise because gambling can be more than just a financial problem. If it is not treated immediately, this gambling addiction will cause the sufferer to have problems with the authorities, family problems and relationships, job loss and an increased risk of suicide. Gambling addiction is very difficult to fight if you do it alone. Family and friends will be a good source of support for those who are struggling with this problem. You can also invite her to join a group or group of people who have the same problem, so she can share experiences and courage.
  8. you are right, we when we decide to gamble, we already know the risk of winning or losing, so we must be prepared for that. but we also do not have to surrender ourselves and only hope for luck, but we need to learn the game strategy that we play, not playing carelessly with just relying on luck
  9. who introduced the game to me was my cousin, and I started playing dice, but not on this site. and finally I was addicted to playing dice until now. and I know Primedice and I join here, and try dice at Primedice, and I am more comfortable playing here than playing dice on other sites. but for strategy, I mostly learn from youtube
  10. saudara apa dulu nih? saudara yang sama-sama berusaha mencari kekayaan melalui berjudi😁 . kita semua di sini bisa di katakan bersaudara, karena di sini sama-sama saling membantu dengan tips, saran dan berbagi strategi agar semua bisa menang dan mendapatkan profit, itu yang saya rasakan
  11. 😁haha, maybe both of them, you are addicted to gambling and addicted to crypto. I can be said to be someone who is addicted to both, because I want to get crypto in any way, whether through gambling trading and mining. and I always gamble every day, so I'm addicted to both
  12. the craziest thing i have ever done and never happened again is, i got btc from rains, tips, rh and this forum, and i played it and i made 0.04 btc in 2 days, after that i lost it all because of my greed because I didn't stop play
  13. I don't do what you do. I understand what you mean, you tend to play more carefully when playing with coins that are high in value and different when you play with coins that are cheaper in value, you will feel freer when playing with coins that are cheaper in value, you don't feel afraid to lose. I throw away the mindset like that, I consider all the coins the same even though I know the value is different but I play the same way for every coin that I use when playing
  14. You are playing self-taught dice, and that is impressive without anyone teaching you about how to play dice
  15. ya bagi saya tidak semua hal yang berkaitan dengan untung rugi dikatakan berjudi. seperti berdagang, berbisnis, berinvestasi semua ada untung dan ruginya. sulit menjelaskan secara detail jika hanya sekedar melalui tulisan.