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  1. Bet: 42,439,065,411 placed by sheenazbay on 19/11/2019 Wagered 0.00010000 Multiplier 19.80x Profit 0.00188000
  2. Life is said to be safe and prosperous if the necessities of life have been fulfilled, so because of our needs to work and some take the road to gambling. therefore the need that makes us addicted to gambling
  3. Determining the length of time gambling and restraint is the most difficult thing because if someone plays online gambling, they will forget the time. my question is, are you targeting how long you will be playing ?, if yes, have you stopped the game despite losing or winning?
  4. losing is indeed a frustrating thing in online gambling. Not infrequently there are also players who have a bad mental, so that after losing, he tends to retaliate by depositing funds in very large amounts. This is not recommended, because the final results of this game are not known with certainty. If you are lucky, you can win a large amount, but if you lose, you will regret it twice and even more painful. Therefore, do not you too desire to avenge your losing in the past. In playing online gambling, mental maturity is indeed necessary. You have to rest for a while to be able to refresh your mind, so you can bet with a calm mind and not consumed by lust. In this case, you can manage your own emotions because no matter how great your tricks are, if not accompanied by good mentality, then luck will not be obtained.
  5. kalo ada komunitas makan, mungkin itu komunitas untuk orang-orang yang suka travelling dan mencicipi makanan di setiap daerah, kuliner gitu. saya yakin hobi seperti itu membutuhkan biaya yg banyak.
  6. sometimes I'm pessimistic about winning, but I always come back to try my luck. we should realize that losing and winning are part of gambling, and we must be prepared to accept them. I continued to gamble and thought a miracle would happen and I would win big
  7. house edge is the average profit made by casino sites from player bets. For example, in the dice, the house edge that the casino gets is around 1%. So in conclusion, the casino will get 1% of the money you have spent as a bet. If you bet with a total of 100 thousand, then the casino will get a profit of one thousand. And the rest will be returned to you as the winning money. From this it can be concluded that the house edge is your average defeat in the game. If you can get a win with a total profit of 500 thousand. Then maybe the casino will give you a fee of 490 thousand as money and 10 thousand as casino profits. Basically, the longer you make a bet in this online betting game. Automatically the more losses you get. Because the casino will always get a victory from every round of the game you play. From the amount of funds that you have made a bet, then the casino will definitely benefit. With this, then you should never assume if you play this game you will swallow the results of losses. Think of all the casino profits from your betting money as a reward for providing you with play services.
  8. In every gambling game, surely gamblers have experienced defeat. However, not a few gamblers also suffered a crushing defeat until all of his money was used up. Then, if it's already defeated, is there a way to fix that defeat? Think of defeat as a lesson. Gambling indeed requires luck as the final outcome of the bet made. But often the luck does not come over, it is not wrong if you regret a defeat in this gambling game, but make the defeat as a learning, that is you must know where your fault lies. Are you making bets that are too large, or are you betting at the wrong moment?
  9. I have not found a strategy that makes me profit in a long time, all strategies work only in a short time, but I like trying new strategies on YouTube, sometimes it works and sometimes I lose
  10. if I want to play dice, then I will play primedice, but if I want to play other games, then I will stake. I've tried dice games on several sites, but none are as good as primedice. i love primedice
  11. in my opinion both are good. CoinMarketCap provides a list of cryptocurrency sorted according to market capitalization based on the latest average prices. The list is updated in real-time and is equipped with a mini price chart. CoinMarketCap also records trading volumes, as well as highlighting crypto currencies that record the biggest ups and downs. Whereas CoinGecko shows the crypto currency ranking based on an assessment of the quality of the developer. Variables assessed can include activities, community outreach, and liquidity. This information source is useful for those of you who want to know the potential sustainability of a cryptocurrency in the future, because a higher quality developer will certainly be better for the sustainability of the products it produces.
  12. I've also got the number 99.99 twice with a very close distance, it's just that I still use 1 sats bet. very frustrating if you try to hunt with a bet 0. try again, and I wish you luck next time
  13. many differences. one of them is that real casino players must visit official hotels or casinos abroad, now to enjoy this game the players only need to register and enjoy this game easily and comfortably wherever you want. the second guide is available if the player has just jumped on the online casino gambling game, there is no guide to the game at real casino. and of course many more differences
  14. Bet: 41,635,293,472 placed by sheenazbay on 13/11/2019 Wagered 0.00020000 Multiplier 24.75x Profit 0.00475000