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  1. Eddie can't speed up or slow down your deposit, it all depends on the blockchain fees, I think Eddie only sees where the transaction came from and then credits it to your account because he knows it is a legitimate transaction
  2. I just found out that in Primedice there used to be a bingo-thingy game, which I knew was only rollhunt and trivia, because I was new to Primedice. maybe more fun and interesting if the bingo-thingy returns
  3. This is your decision, there is no compulsion here. But if you want to be forgiven by God coming in a relationship with God, you can do it now by asking Him to forgive your sins and enter your life. God does not force us to believe in Him, even though He can. On the contrary, He has provided evidence of His existence which is enough for us to be willing to respond to Him. The perfect distance of the earth from the sun, the unique chemical properties of water, the human brain, DNA, a number of people who prove the knowledge of God, the vibration in our hearts and minds to determine that God exists
  4. Do you think none of the Indonesian users play using BTC? I play dice with BTC. and other Indonesian users also play using btc
  5. Are you an atheist? I know that not everyone doesn't believe God means atheist. There are many other terms such as agnostic, irreligious, deism, ignosticism, and other forms which each contain different models of belief. After all, generally an atheist doesn't like to formulate his belief model in a particular term. It's rare for atheists to call themselves atheists.
  6. jadi sampe sekarang masih suka trading agan @davincuy? kalo saya pribadi udah jarang, karna malas mantaunya, sedangkan saya sibuk gambling
  7. short term cryptocurrency justru lebih sering menargetkan profit antara 5 sampai 10 persen. Target ini bisa saja diselesaikan dalam waktu antara 1 hingga 3 hari, atau lebih dari itu. Kebanyakan investor pemula terkadang merasa frustasi ketika target tidak dicapai selama berhari-hari. Tetapi sebaiknya melihat tehnikal analisa yang diberikan, jika target harian medukung Long term maka tidak perlu khawatir. Suatu hari nanti target yang dimaksud akan tercapai tanpa harus menjual rugi.
  8. semoga aja rules jackpot di rubah. walaupun hadiahnya di kurangi ga sebesar sekarang. itu pasti lebih menarik dari pada rules jackpot yang ada saat ini. mungkin kalo untuk depo, kembali ke player masing-masing deh, karena banyak user yang ga mau depo asalkan bisa wede.
  9. ok actually there is no such thing as luck. I say good luck because we are lucky. Whatever happens in our lives, joy or sorrow, sadness or pleasure, the thing we have to do is be grateful. Because anger or rebellion will never eliminate the streak of fate created by the almighty. Grateful for what has happened is the only way to surrender to the almighty. Therefore, friends, from now on, stop to say this life is called luck. Life is not a matter of chancy. Life is not a bet like dice or cards. Our life in this world has been written by the pen of the almighty, and will never change at all. What has been written by the almighty has become a final letter that cannot be changed again.
  10. hallo eddie ... I am a user from Indonesia ... I just want to complain. that for 3 days in the Indonesian chatroom there have never been more rainbot. whereas in other chatrooms, Rainbot is still there? Are Indonesian chatrooms not considered? I complained to support, the answer because there were not 10 people online. until I made sure for all Indonesian users there were many people who were active, and we made it like counting in a chatroom, in fact more than 10 people were online. but it's been 3 more days. Who should I complain to? until finally I made this thread. the longer the rainbot are not in the Indonesian chatroom, the less Indonesian users are online, and maybe they will switch to another site. many complain in the Indonesian chatrooms. so to whom do we complain?
  11. usually luck or what we usually call miracles will be needed. If your luck is good, you will usually win the game with a friendly final dice.
  12. mantep ya, semakin banyak tuyul semakin banyak pundi-pundi btc /hari nya, sayang sekarang udah ga bisa. tapi saya pribadi sudah bersyukur mengenal primedice, di primedice, walaupun saya gga nuyul, saya masih bs ngumpulin btc dr forum dan rain
  13. hehe baru tau saya petugas pajak menghampiri ke rumah pemain crypto yang habis WD ratusan juta. untung saya belum pernah di datangi petugas pajak ke rumah. kalo petugas pajak datang ke rumah saya sambut dgn baik, dan saya akan bertanya tentang pajak dari keuntungan crypto, biar lbh jelas
  14. itulah commentar, selayaknya ibu-ibu komplek yang ngegosip, berbicara 1 topik sudah berpindah ke topik yang lain, saya td hanya membalas commentnya om davin sam
  15. iya sih gan, Pemerintah Indonesia aja tidak mendukung adanya investasi mata uang digital, namun peminat Bitcoin di Indonesia cukup banyak. Kehadirannya di Indonesia masih menjadi perdebatan. Dari kalangan pemerintah tidak banyak yang mendukung, namun beberapa pakar mengatakan bahwa Bitcoin seharusnya dibuatkan regulasi supaya memiliki sistem yang jelas