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  1. 8.89 Bet: 76,142,898,067 placed by doubleO7 on 13/01/2021 Wagered 0.12200000 Multiplier 4.00x Profit 0.36600000 9.45 Bet: 76,143,268,936 placed by doubleO7 on 13/01/2021 Wagered 0.12200000 Multiplier 4.00x Profit 0.36600000
  2. it looks like I have seen you some other site too, do you remember
  3. If you want all the new updates notified to you, I think you go here https://stake.changefeed.app/ and subscribe to updates. This is for Stake.com, but most of the time they gets implemented to primedice too and they send a notification email to you whenever a new update comes and this update was done March 27th on stake and might have been implemented on PD at the same time https://stake.changefeed.app/general/d1a68ae
  4. Nice strat, but would like to share one thing more which I noticed many times, when we get a 99x win with number above 99 then there there will be around 2 more 99x wins before a number appear which is less than 1 and same happens when you get a 99x win with number below 1.00, you will get 2 more wins with number below 1.00 after that win before a number above 99 appears. It happened more than 80% of time, so try this a few time, this might work.
  5. A lot of good faucets and offerwalls are there where we can earn cryptocurrencies. Free cloud mining (beware of high paying scam sites) sites are also there, but they pay too small and it take years to even get a payout from them. I suggest you to make some refs for stake or PD or some other faucets or sites, they might earn some good amounts for you.
  6. I used this site bestchange for some exchanges before and it is quite good, you can use it convert coins to usd for paypal too, had a few refs on it, they made a few bucks for me so it is so far good for me. But if I am on stake or PD, I love to exchange with dinabot and that is quite easy and quick.
  7. over seems to be most favorite side, many people like to bet on over. Wish this over side keep adding coins to balance over and over again.
  8. As per google random is unknown, unspecified so good to see people replied here to help me know the unknown and specify what is unspecified. Nice to see you found some fun element in it, have a nice day.
  9. I am short in post count as I was not much active on forum here, but now I these days I am trying to, but if my vote can be count, then I would like do following: Activity #1: @Kristoffff Activity #2: I think there should be a new dice game variant which should be added or a new currency. Don't think other games are needed at PD.
  10. I think when we play for big multiplier then betting under makes it more fortunate to hit that, but when we are playing low multipliers there is a good chance of red streak when betting under. I think we get more green streaks when we play over. Never seen much of people with high multiplier on higher side, most of them are in lower side, but still think that higher side is much profitable than lower.
  11. I am saying this on my today's session so far, not hitting green much when playing under, but getting good hits on higher side. It might be just for the seed or etc. but was curious to know how people would like to bet more, higher or lower.
  12. Hi Guys, I was just wondering which side is more profitable when you play dice on PD, betting over or under. I was just playing today and noticed and I am getting more wins playing over and less wins when I am playing under side. I was playing with 99x, 49x, 25x, and 10x multipliers. What are your thoughts about it.
  13. I think PD should make an account for charity where users can tip any amount they want to give for charity and after reaching a certain amount that amount should have been given to a voted charity with a percentage from PD too. That might make the charity amount big and also might involve users in that and they might feel good to give directly in a charity. If PD like they can give an extra VIP progress for charity amount given in tip or just nothing.
  14. Faucet might attract users, but they are mostly worthless for the site because I think only 5% of them will make any deposit on site to play, but users who joined the site without faucet and still wants to play, they might deposit better than them. I have around 35 refs on stake, but got only 500 sats as ref income from them, so they are all just faucet lovers, joined and found that there is no faucet, they just left. I wish I have 1 or 2 good users who make deposit to play and not just rely on faucet. On PD I have 85+ refs with 35+ deposits, so PD is doing much better for me in terms of that.
  15. I dont know anything bro, just sharing the info I got, anyway its too chilly here already, needs a hot coffee, you enjoy your icecream, have a nice day.