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    sankasanka reacted to JohnTravel in 7 btc hit 990x   
    Earning such a high value is a blessing from heaven or as luck and common sense of game, strategy, vision and momentum say, or as I just said luck and money to play.
    I think the times I won the most and got into the high roller was when I wasn't afraid to play, I wasn't afraid to risk it, and I had a look up and won. I don't play high if I don't have the confidence, control, and especially confidence to play and risk, if I feel that I'm not well, I will play low and slow until I feel that I am really in the mood for risk and high values.
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    sankasanka got a reaction from JohnTravel in 7 btc hit 990x   
    its been a month but i cant forget the luck of dice happening.
    Some of you maybe remember, some guy rolling on hr, new account he was betting 4 btc on 2x, 4 reds and he is down -16 btc, and some how he want to roll 5 th bet of his prımedıce carrier 990x 700k btc basebet yeah boom its green  😁. 7 btc gain
    i totaly believe primedice is the top fair site, but sometimes when lose big did you feel site or seed letting you gain some of your loses.
    Share your experience lose big,  and hit big payouts 
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    sankasanka got a reaction from kippo in [0.0016BTC] [Raffle - 8] Ultra's Raffles! Enter your names here!   
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    sankasanka got a reaction from SEMPAXs in Good Guest and a Friendly Host (Indo chat)   

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    sankasanka got a reaction from JohnTravel in Focusing number strategy   
    Everybody have his own strategy some works for all some works for only them. My dice strategy is about number prediction what comes next on manuel plays.
    You can see my stats my strategy not work well 😁 , but if i have big amounts of coins myabe i gain nice profits.
    Here what i play . usually on  between bets 1.87x - 2.11x payout.  i wait for same numbers on roll like  27.33  ,  85.22 ,  44.71 , 55. 93 ... ex.  . When i seen this numbers i play the same side what number comes.
    For example i am rolling zero bet amount  until  same number on bet to come like 27.55  come  then i make payout 2x  and bet 1000 satoshi under, if its red i return to zero base bet and hunt another same number to come so 77.21 this time , i put base bet 2000 satsohi 2x payout over ( same side what two same numbers on roll ) , if i win it return to hunt again.
    it works for a while i seen almost maximum 6 times not came at the same side. İ know it can take time to wait for rolls.
    We all now seed can give any number i know it. İ use this method almost 200 different seeds, some have 20k over rolls . i gain some but i lost on greedy the mistake all of us doing. İf you can try for a little this method and you have big amount you gain some good profits.
    i really want to do this on dicebot but didnt know anything about writing codes for dicebot. İf any one want to help me, i am so glad.
    i am looking forward to see some of you guys hit and gain this method please share your exprience here.
    Good luck all, GOD bless Primedice
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    sankasanka got a reaction from Steve in Choose a Charity Poll #13   
    water is life, hodl on water
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    sankasanka got a reaction from UltraChief in [0.0032 BTC] Full Sentence Contest   
    full sentence , look difficult
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    sankasanka got a reaction from MrNice23 in XRP in Primedice!!!   
    its nice to see xrp finnaly, i have talk about this a lot on chat months ago.
    Lots of ripple holders and players i seen some sites. 
    Xrp value almost half dollar, can easly calculate how much dollar you gain. 
    Seems stable pice coin for a while, banks want to use this for money transections for place swift.
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    sankasanka got a reaction from pfodo in [0.01 BTC] The long running giveaway (Test 2)   
    Bet: 32,154,120,248
    placed by sankasanka on 19/06/2019
    0.00000005 Multiplier
    1.01x Profit
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    sankasanka reacted to coinims in Focusing number strategy   
    oh bro , thats good tecnique, i was using stake that one, hope works for me , wish you best
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    sankasanka got a reaction from Absentt in Edward PD Birthday Stream Left Unfinished!?   
    it will be great to watch Eddie playing 😎
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    sankasanka reacted to Absentt in Edward PD Birthday Stream Left Unfinished!?   
    Dear Primedicers!
    As most of you are aware, today we witnessed a glorious end to Primedice's birthday party following @Edward's 2 hour (ish) stream  
    Spams were made; Spoils were shared; & Stories were told...

    We were surely amazed by Eddie's "Origin Story", of how some people got the better of it, and more; Some of our lucky friends were chosen to be winners of the $2,500 giveaway!
    But after Edward's farewell, something felt not right, until I recalled the beginning of the stream were Ed mentioned him playing with his own bitcoin further in the stream. But after a couple of hours it fell through the cracks and got forgotten! I personally was more excited about seeing Edward roll some dice and gamble than him giving away the winnings to the viewers. I really wanted to see what are his strategies, whether he's more into logic or intuitions, and how he reacts if he wins (or loses!) great amounts.
    So I want to ask for your help, Pd members! To gather, and request An Exclusive Edward Gambling Streaming from Primedice support team and its owner! 
    Also, to be certain that I'm not the only person who has this Idea, I've opened a poll to weigh out the possibility of this matter! I'd appreciate it if you all participated!

    Thank you Primedicers, Thank you PD support & mods, and Thank you Edward! PRIMEDICE FOR EVA!
    Absentt out!
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    sankasanka reacted to williamsh in Focusing number strategy   
    Interesting strategy, I'll look more into this  I will say though, I don't think the decimals of the numbers mean anything; I would say it is just the outcome of a random generation based on your seed. But if it works for you, then by all means, use it
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    sankasanka reacted to rembo2 in Focusing number strategy   
    An interesting strategy. Each player has his own special strategy. I would be interested to try it.
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    sankasanka reacted to hamato in Focusing number strategy   
    Hi, trying to understand the numbers sequence is a very difficult issue
    My strategy in playing is to follow the emergence of numbers
    I mean when you do not see numbers above 90 for more than 50 rolls I put 9.9x payout with an increase loss of 20%
    As well as not seeing numbers under the 10
    I rarely lose, but mostly I'm winning 
    I do this when the numbers are missing from a particular category 0.xx , 99.xx 
    I put 99x payout with an increase loss of 2% 
    on 80.xx or 20.xx
    I put 5x payout with an increase loss of 40% 
    and so on 
    good luck bro with your strategy ☺️
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    sankasanka got a reaction from Bojana in ​🎂​ [0.46 BTC] Full Week of Birthday Challenges!   
    happy birthday time cool week coming
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    sankasanka got a reaction from MrNice23 in What Happened to Rain-bot?   
    still no comeback from staff, it seems to me bot is gone , hope its not forever