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  1. I think all the coins I bought made me bleed. I actually started investing in crypto in July 2018. so I bought coins at prices greater than the true value of that coin
  2. XRP and Bitcoin are all good coins to invest in 2019. But my decision is to invest in ETH this year to make more profit.
  3. Everyone who is investing Bitcoin during this time is definitely suffering like me. We have made a huge mistake this time
  4. If the government agrees to legalize Bitcoin, I think this will be a great success for Bitcoin. But most governments are very stubborn and hate bitcoin
  5. Bitcoin made me gain weight when the price of Bitcoin increased and also made me lose weight whenever the price of Bitcoin dropped: D
  6. I think everyone cannot discover 100% of Bitcoin. Some people are still thinking that Bitcoin is for investment and for profit. while Bitcoin is a method for online payment
  7. I introduced my mother to join Bitcoin. Unfortunately, when my mother decided to invest in crypto, it was also the time for Bitcoin's price to drop
  8. In my country there are many beautiful places. There are long beaches and primeval forests. In my country, the government also legalized Bitcoin
  9. I see this is very normal. Everyone knows that Bitcoin's prices are always rising or falling in just a few hours
  10. I will definitely buy a house, a new car and get married. that's what I'll do if I hit the jackpot
  11. Actually the price of Bitcoin SV soar is due to the control of sharks. Bitcoin SV doesn't get much attention from people
  12. I agree with your opinion. The coins you listed are safe and can be invested this year. But I think that should focus on investing in ETH
  13. Ripple is a hot coin in the electronic money market. I used to buy ripple for $ 0.2 at the end of 2017 and It brought me the new future
  14. I also like you. I cried when I saw the ADA price drop a lot. I was hoping for a lot of ADA in 2018. but it disappointed me
  15. I still believe in this coin. Just keep it in your wallet for the next few years. surely you will be very happy. trust me