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  1. I used to play for days at prime, there was a lot of free time. ceased very simply, the blockage was work. He came home and even laziness was to go. Now I’m getting pulled in again, but this is temporary
  2. I don’t play with this button and it’s good that now it can be turned on and off. Previously, she was always near 2x, so I lost not a small amount of money, accidentally clicked on it. Why is it needed at all? It's a gift to the abyss.
  3. I think there are no lucky or unlucky players here, I’ll explain why. Those who decide to make money in casinos are acting, at least silly. Casino in order to tickle the nerves, if Kago has extra money, then go ahead, but this is just pampering. It’s naive to believe that you will win back. For five years I have more or less equalized accounts with prime. The system goes like this, at first you lost a lot of money, then you rejoice at the petty winnings by assuming that you are lucky. It is necessary to keep the potions of losses and wins and everything will become clear.
  4. the question is more about players who have been playing in casinos for a long time and have become addicted because they are trying to get their money back. Personally, I equalized the scores, and you?
  5. Most people don't trust ozertem games, especially online casino. Personally, at my invitation, still no one came, the familiar laugh, say it's not serious. I think playing on the Prime's not a lot of players who from his pocket to bet
  6. Suspicious players for breaking the rules, it is easier to block than to collect information on them. And who will release their data? It's a bad idea. The casino will need to convince the player of the confidentiality of his data to begin with. This is a collection of personal information.
  7. From the balance forum to win realno. Salami from the forum I rarely use and I come here not often. Playing always on small, translate and 2000 satoh and twist. The chances of winning are not great, but won more than once from 300,000 to 700,000 satoh.
  8. All just a bad mood will disappear if you win a good bet, and if you lose, it's depression and anger, which will drive in the negative.The conclusion is, nothing in a casino with a bad mood to play. You need to play in complete tranquility, limit yourself in emotions, if you play, then calmly accept the winnings or defeat.
  9. I used to have more free time to play Prime, play all day from dawn to dusk, but it just drained the money. There was the main work, play rarely, but profitable.
  10. Casino can be used wisely, only as an additional dahod to paycheck, but need to be experience and mental balance. Use as the main daod? I doubt there are such people. In Prime need play on not big investments. This is primarily a game, not a job.
  11. It's really hard to say whether you're a good player or a bad player. Here there is another concept, experienced igoc or not. Experienced doesn't mean he makes big winnings, most often it is people who have been playing and invested not a small sum of money. For example, today won 1 bitcoin, tomorrow 2 bitcoin lost. Is he a good player or a bad player?
  12. I'm here only because of the excitement, the finances of the game is not always there. I can even throw the last one. In every case, lizhby money to raise.
  13. I am confident, that here on sadness nor who nor plays, or from joy. Everything is exhausted from boredom, and joy or sadness here depends on the financial condition of the player.
  14. casinos merge the same, not something special. the taste and color of the comrades is not there, then who likes what, the interface or variety of games. You can get used to one which is a game that seems more profitable
  15. You can be a professional if you stop on time. Primedice tests our patience, because many of us want everything and get a big win, it does not happen. the one who wins large sums, invests not a small amount of money, or does he have great patience and iron nerves in order to gradually get to the big win
  16. the more experienced a player becomes, the harder it is to play. I always come up with different strategies, at first they work, then the system recognizes and blocks it, and again you need to look for a new strategy. you can create a new account, only the IP and ID should be different
  17. I think here it is still important to monitor your psycho state, then you can easily understand at what point you need to keep yourself in hand, and PD will not have chances
  18. unfortunately i lost. I got so carried away that I pressed maxbet
  19. that was three years ago. I was an inexperienced player, as they say (lucky newbies). then I played only 2x, at first I slowly scored 10k satosh, then I realized that I was not losing. in red, I started with 100 satosh and each time I multiplied by 2, after winning again the bet 100 sat. I got so carried away that I didn’t even notice how I scored 1BTC. I think it was a hole in the casino. more so I could not. and after the upgrade it became hard to play at all. now we need a clever strategy to win
  20. the shortest time you have managed to make a big profit, share your success. my story in 15 minutes with 100 satoshi made 1BTC.
  21. I have a strategic style, not looking for easy ways
  22. I have a green profit. It is very difficult to find something more. For some reason I am sure that I brought more than I invested.
  23. looking at how big the win is. it is necessary that he was so big that he did not want to continue playing. I will first embody all my desires and goals. then you can do charity and donation
  24. I rarely played before, now I go to play every day for 4-6 hours. I think this is not an addiction, but a strong hobby)The main thing is that profit comes.
  25. I spent three years nazat on PD won 1BTC with 100 satoshi in 15 minutes. there was a hole in the casino, but not for long I was happy, I leaked everything in 5 minutes. still thinking about it. I want to say that you need to stop in time.