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  1. Bet: 29,114,299,085 placed by spirosbob on 28/02/2019 Wagered 0.00002700 Multiplier 3300.00x Profit 0.08907300
  2. hello there, sounds like a nice system....you think it is possible to create it at a dicebot algorithm?? also i am not pretty sure but did you mention what payout to use??? (x2??) Safety variation 2 means that after win you start again with 1satoshi??? Feeling almost ready to give it a try Thanks in advance
  3. i am using dice bot....but still some other site are a bit faster... ( or i dont know how to use it...i am just playing wth auto betting) i will check the forum post about the exchange thanks a lot
  4. Bet: 28,556,948,408 placed by spirosbob on 13/02/2019 Wagered 1.90000000 Multiplier 20.20x Profit 36.48775200 Bet: 28,556,948,884 placed by spirosbob on 13/02/2019 Wagered 1.90000000 Multiplier 20.20x Profit 36.48775200 Got it fast
  5. do you know the app name???
  6. i would like to see exchanges insite maybe a faster auto player...especially at higher bets
  7. hello do you still do trades?? i want to trade 190k DOGE / 0.0003 ETH / 0.0009 LTC / 0.001 BCH to BTC is that possible???
  8. hello every1 I had on 2x 16 reds streak , On 3x 38 reds and hopefully i havent tried 5x I am atm betting at 1.35 payout so i guess i have to count the greens
  9. I think some1 posted about SwC Poker and said that it is ok I will try it next week propably
  10. hello from me too... As gamble gamble i prefer dice ,pliko and roullete I love poker but poker for me is not so gambling because there is a great percentage of skill inside your game play So icant count it with the gamblings
  11. that was really nice and encouraging can you send the strategy and the steps you followed??
  12. i dont think there is a really safe strategy.... but you need to see what is close to your bankroll any your time ofc
  13. καλησπέρα υπάρχει ακόμα ο διαγωνισμός? Και ποια η σελίδα του ελληνικού primedice στο fb??