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  1. This topic isn't about DiceBot, it's about ChatBot.
  2. There is a blacklisting feature that mods can use (!blacklist <username> <time in hours> <reason for blacklist>). A blacklisted user is unable to use bot commands. The bot has some anti spam features and protection, but it doesn't protect against people attempting to abuse it for rain. This is up to the mods. If you spot someone just using the bot for that purposes, notify a mod or support person and have them blacklist the people. My argument for keeping chatbot response public has always been a kind of anti spam but also just ease of use. If you see someone using, for example, the price command in public, but not getting a response (because he got a response in PM) and you also want to know the price, you're also going to use the command - and the 10 other people in chat that wants to know the price. Now you have 10 people just sending !price in chat directly after each other. You'll also likely just get someone that does the command and posts the response in the chat afterwards. Also, if you and someone else is talking about a coin/trade w/e and the price of a coin comes up (or any of the commands chatbot has available), using it in a way both/all can easily see the response is easier than each one having to do the command or one having to trust another one about the response.
  3. Did you remove the value property from your request like I suggested?
  4. don't request the value property and make sure your x-access-token header is set to your access token or api key.
  5. If you're talking about pre-rolling, there's a combination of settings to enable that. Set your multiplier to 1 (so that your bet doesn't change), set your multiplier mode to change once. Then for the setting "after x bets, time multiplier by y", set x to number of prerolls you want to do, and y to what you want your multiplier to be after pre-rolling. Then you can set it to multiply after every z losses in a row, in stead of every loss (bottomish of the multiply on loss box). You just need to ensure that your settings match. For example if you change your multiplier to 2 after 99 bets, but multiply after every 49 bets, your bet is only going to be multiplied after a total of (49*3) bets. (after at 49 bets, multiply by 1, after 98 total bets, multiply by 1, after 99 total bets, multiplier is changed to 2, after 137 total bets, multiply by 2). You can also look at the setting "after a losses, change bet to b"
  6. Any plans to release the source for this project? People always trust open source more than pre-compiled executables.
  7. DiceBot 3.3.7 is now available to download from https://bot.seuntjie.com/botpage.aspx Change Log New Features Added Stake added freebitcoin added sitedetails object to the programmer mode. Changes changed the login failed message. pd speed increase Added XMR to 999dice. Bug Fixes Betterbets and ETC bets error display issues fixed. bitsler slow bets hopefully fixed Simulation form no longer requires simulation/start to be run from programmer mode before sim. safedice login issues (hopefully) bet history display issues.
  8. @AltonNy No, gambling in general is only profitable for the house (Except for player vs player games, like poker). This is due to the casino having a mathematical advantage over the player. I wrote a crappy little piece about this on steemit if you're interested in reading it: https://steemit.com/gambling/@seuntjie/why-botting-doesn-t-work-at-casinos Never gamble for profit, gamble for fun. Never gamble more than you can afford to lose.
  9. The bets are stored in a sqlite database called dicebot.db which is found in the same folder as the executable (the file you click on to run the bot). You can use any program with a sqlite driver to access the data, sqlitebrowser (http://sqlitebrowser.org/) or excel is you install the odbc sqlite driver (http://smallbusiness.chron.com/connecting-excel-sqlite-42473.html)
  10. If you're using the programmer mode, yes. In the programmer mode, you can use the tip function, see the functions/methods box for the parameters. If you're using the advanced mode, no, but you can set up auto withdrawal if your balance goes over a limit.
  11. Just a reminder that .net is a framework, where php an java are languages. You can program in .net using: - Visual basic - c# - c++ - Windows Script Host - VBScript - JScript (similar to javascript) - Visual J++ (which IS java) - COBOL for Microsoft .NET. - Perl for Microsoft .NET. - Eiffel for Microsoft .NET. - Python for Microsoft .NET. - Pascal for Microsoft .NET. - Mercury for Microsoft .NET. - Mondrian for Microsoft .NET. - Oberon for Microsoft .NET. - Salford FTN95 (Fortran) for Microsoft .NET. - SmallTalk for Microsoft .NET. - Standard ML for Microsoft .NET. - Dyalog APL for Microsoft .NET. Of these, I suggest you learn .net c#, as it the best balanced language (in my opinion) between maturity, usability, support and ease of learning.
  12. Java, Its an open source which means you can create your own software and no need to pay to anyone for using their language. Java is used in almost all the fields in way or another. Java is very much huge but it can sum up every specific task somehow. If you think Java is only for software development I would like to tell you all Bank's site are developed in java. Your java software can be installed in any operating system including Windows, Mac , Linux if the OS is having JVM JDK installed . I wont say much about .Net, it have many good features but I would highly recommend sticking with Java and playing around with .Net once you are doing well in Java. You will see that the languages themselves take only a few hours to learn once you know the other. The real trick is learning their ecosystems and libraries but even seasoned professionals focusing on one or the other platform need references to help with those as they are incredibly massive and constantly changing. .net core is also open source and free and you can create cross platform apps with it for free as well, without ever needing to buy any software or pay licensing fees for it. Banks sites (whatever that means) are still software. And if you're talking about website front end, that's javascript, which is a completely different thing from java. But no, banking systems aren't all done in java, nor are their websites. many many banks still use cobol for their back end systems, many are on .net, many are on java, and many are on many other platforms. Some of their websites run on .net, some on php, some on node, some on whatever else you can think of. I will agree with one thing, all bank websites probably use javascript on the front end, like almost every interactive or responsive website on the internet. but again, java!=javascript.
  13. I'd suggest c# .net. The .net framework is much more expansive than java (afaik anyway) and has much better support. With .net, you can do cross platform apps (windows, linux, mac, windows phone, android, iphone, xbox), web apps, pretty much anything you would want to do. Php is actually a very badly designed language and doesn't stick to any one standard. (has to do with different companies taking over development of the language and implementing their own standards etc). The only reason php because as big as it is, is because there were hardly any alternatives to server side web programming for years, but today there much better, faster and easier alternatives. c# and java is nearly identical in syntax, so if you learn c# you will be able to code in java with relative ease as well.