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  1. Astars

    The Ghost Mod

    hi dear luiz, nice to see and speak to you πŸ˜‰, come to chatroom soon🌼, it taste i correct it to : it tastes lol hhπŸ˜‹ gl
  2. 😍 primedice 😍 ❀ primedice ❀ 🌺 primedice 🌺 🎁 primedice 🎁
  3. 99.27 Bet: 29,425,937,346 placed by Astars on 11/03/2019 Wagered 0.00003000 Multiplier 2.00x Profit 0.00003000
  4. oxford dictionaries: Definition of order - the arrangement or disposition of people or things in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern, or metho. 😁 Ok I will do Exact anyway
  5. And in continue, Can we roll 50.56 or so like it? Cuz it mentioned: (must be in this order)ο»Ώ
  6. Bet: 29,310,823,963 placed by Astars on 07/03/2019 Wagered 0.00008000 Multiplier 99.00x Profit 0.00784000
  7. If someone accidentally tip me 1 btc or 0.000000001 btc or anything and he say that was accidentally and want that tip, instantly without any bet on it i will give it back since i dont had any work to have it. I will replace myself situation to him that if i was send some one accidentally how much i was aspirant to take it back 🌼
  8. 😍😍😍Jackpot😍😍😍 if it become occer to me wow i dont know what should i do, also think about it make more pleasure to me πŸ˜‰. for first after i win that 100 btc, make max bet off instantly to prevent my hand suddenly on it lol, slap my face to see i'm sleep or waked up then when i become sure that i'm not sleep hhh i will have some scream and tell all of my family πŸ˜‚ i will have some tip to all and withdraw it and try to live in other planet ahahaha with it. but never forgot needy and some percent of that would to spend in this way 🌟❀ wish the bests and big Jackpots to all 🌼
  9. All of PD Member and managers are my buddy 😊❀. Although one of them are bold to me since he is more kind even when i'm alone or rich or poor and in any situation. hope the best to 🌼Destiny1872🌼 and all 🌟
  10. When I used this strategy for first time it gives me some profit and seems to be good but while i used it again it cuz i lose more coins then i dont work with it more
  11. if You use Autobet in site and Autobet in dicebot it should not have difference and i think if you had difference results its just cuz of random roll and your bad lucky hhh. i dident use Autobet in dicebot but i use script on it and start the run and cuz i write my own code to play it was more stable and had more profit than Autobet with simple instructions, although both of them if you dont care to them will fall in busted. thanks and good luck all 🌼😊.