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    zale023 got a reaction from Markz in Slow Profit Strategy for Plebs   
    I've been slowly profiting on this strategy that I discovered.
    You need to:
    - have minimum bank roll of 50k satoshis
    - 3.3x payout
    - base bet 4 satoshis
    - 60% on loss, return to base on win
    - roll under
    - change seed every 400-500 rolls
    You can have up to 20x red on this strategy. You can profit up to half or 1/3 of your bank roll.
    PS: I never busted on this strategy.
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    zale023 reacted to RollingYourHead in How to build a strategy basing on mathematics   
    I wanted to make it short but it's quite impossible. I will try to make it readable for those who aint that good at maths at least.
    Most of people are thinking that there might be 100% sure strategy , those people advertising themselves on youtube showing you how quickly and easy you can make profits just get some viewers in there. They don't mention that they've made quite few runs before they succeded with any of those strategies.
    Let’s do the math on example of 2x payout. You roll and the chance to lose is 50% (I am rounding it down from 50.50% just to make it easier to understand. Given house edge your odds are slightly worse than what I am about to illustrate).
    So one loss is 50%. Losing a second time is only a 25% chance (0.5 x 0.5 = 0.25),  Losing a 3rd time in a row is 0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 = 0.125(12.5%), 4th time - 6.25% and so on. Doing the maths we are getting to conclusion that 30 reds in a row streak has a chance of 0.0000000931%. Expressed in words it's 1 in a billion chance. Wait, what? So the chance is less than winning a lottery? Not to mention that having 30reds in a row and playing martingale since 1satoshi would just basically zero your balance even if you had over few bitcoins and you would risk it all just to win 1 satoshi. Martingale system is one of the oldest and not successful so called gambling strategies invented.
    You should remember that basing on mathematics your odds are always, ALWAYS better to make a single roll. More you play the chance is greater to lose. So basically high rollers which just created accounts and deposited have way bigger chance to win few coins in 30mins than most of the players playing with low balances for over a year. I've made few script runs on various dice websites just to count it right(doing at least 5mln rolls each time). I was even changing client seeds every roll not manually because that would be a killer but still. Odds are absolutely not different at all. You still have exactly same chance roll the number you are looking for as you had before changing seed. People just do not understand that those seeds are changable just to prove you it's fair. They do not affect your odds at all.
    Let's go further with maths. I've seen plenty of people doing crazy things like keep on playing 1.1x payouts or 1.4x. I'm gonna count revenues for you and how long your gonna survive on red streaks.
    1.1x - to cover your loss and earn some silly satoshis you need to multiply your base bet by 1100%(crazy!). Starting bet 10 satoshi. Next one is 120, next one is 1320, next one is 14520 and so on. With balance of 0.4BTC you will bust in just 7 red rolls in a row which are not as rare as you might think to happen.
    Every single bet you make that is below 2x payout is playing against you. Why? Because simply you have to heavily increase your bets to cover losses from previous failures.
    Biggest chances ON ANY balance you have are between 5.3 and 8.5 payouts. Everything depends on how you will calculate increase on loss to get earnings whilst not pushing it to hard, leaving for your balance space for red rolls to happen.
    Let's be clear about something - there is no strategy at all that you could just run on autobet and keep it going without busting. It will always end up in busting. Why? Because this example with 30 red rolls in 2x payout is just an example. You could count ods for even 60reds in a row. Almost impossible to happen but hey still possible.
    Remember that - longer you play, more rolls your account has chances for winning are getting smaller (considering your budget is almost always the same).
    At the end here is one the strategies i like:
    5.5x (18% chance)
    basebet - 20satoshi
    increase on loss - 25%
    required bankroll - 0.01
    Kept it running consecutively for over 70hours giving me a profit of over 0.1 BTC.
    Cheers and do not treat gambling as your chance to earn money!
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    zale023 got a reaction from probablynotaspammer in how do you classify good post/good topic   
    You can't be on equal terms with him. Though I wont force you to follow my opinion. Follow what you believe is good for you.
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    zale023 reacted to connesa in connesa❤   
    hi there!im connesa a singlemom working in hk as a nanny,and also a gambler?i chose to work abroad coz kinda hard to find a good job in ph.and dang my kiddos need to live.so here i am now.you can see me in diff gambling site still trying to find luck...i can speak eng.tagalog,and a bit of cantonese (needed on my job) i can say i love to cook,coz i love to eat?.im an aries so a bit tough,and im proud to be a pinay!
    thanks for reading.???goodluck peepz!
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    zale023 got a reaction from Bojana in I am Bojana   
    Hi Ms. Bojana! Nice meeting you! I always notice you on PD chat!
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    zale023 got a reaction from youngman33 in How far does male sexual perversion go?   
    Loneliness over 9900x
    This is how far as human perversion goes. It does not only apply to us men.
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    zale023 got a reaction from tavuhoaison in Whats the sexiest accent?   
    I find British, Japanese, French, and Spanish accent sexy.
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    zale023 reacted to Edward in Whats the sexiest accent?   
    Aussie obviously
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    zale023 got a reaction from Goalsdone in 100 BTC Jackpot Suggestion Idea   
    I agree with @Thugstream There should be an auto detection if a player hits the req. jackpot number and honestly it is more convenient cause there is a big possibility that problems will occur if they do it manual reporting.
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    zale023 reacted to JstLikeMagyk in Support chatpower suggestion   
    It just occurred too me when one of the regular scams got spammed in chat after the mute, The support should have the power too delete such messages as it seems a bit silly that the spammer account gets perma muted but their scam links stay visible in chat. Just a quick suggestion before I head out for the day so sorry if this could have been placed more efficiently. 
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    zale023 reacted to 3mily in Eugene265 and Eugenesbank Scammer   
    so sorry to hear this Eugene seemed ok , but at least lesson learned, the hard way sadly for you , that you can not trust anyone unless he or she has a good reputation and ppl vouch for them ... 
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    zale023 got a reaction from 3mily in 3mily here   
    Welcome to PD forum 5mily! Late introduction though!
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    zale023 reacted to Dan in Old Attachments Bug   
    Its gone forever, try to update any posts you can manually. The previous forum software corrupted attachment files.
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    zale023 got a reaction from YashBitCoin in How far does male sexual perversion go?   
    Loneliness over 9900x
    This is how far as human perversion goes. It does not only apply to us men.
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    zale023 got a reaction from Kirigaya95 in New Credit System   
    Yeah they missed out giving an announcement to the forum changes. Maybe later @Edward will make announcements and will inform us about all of the new changes.
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    zale023 reacted to Dan in Forum Questions and Information   
    Disclaimer: I have put together some documentation regarding the various features available to the members of this forum. Feel free to ask any other questions that have not been answered here.
    Table of Contents
    Profiles Signatures Reputation Warnings Pay per Post Rank Restrictions Forum Rules FAQ's ________________________________________________
    1. Profiles
    The immediate feature that you should become accustomed to is your own unique user profile. Each user has their own way to express themselves in the community by editing the various components made available to you. To begin adjusting your profile, simply go to your profile page by clicking on your account name at the top of the forum, as demonstrated in the image to the right.
    From your profile you can edit and enable a few cool features. The first thing I suggest doing (if you haven't already) is to add an avatar and a cover photo to your profile. You can see an example of this by viewing mine here. However, please note that your Forum avatar and cover photo shouldn't advertise other websites.
    You can also enable status updates by choosing edit profile > enable status updates. This works similar to most social network platforms, in that it allows you to post updates, that might be relevant to those who browse your profile. This particular feature is very useful for instances where you may be away for for a while and want people who are looking for you to be aware.

    2. Signatures
    So you are probably wondering, how do I get a sexy signature, at the bottom of my posts? Well its rather simple really. In order to enable signatures for both viewing and to display your own, you need to go to your account settings. See the image to the right for location. Once there, select signature form the list of items on the left. Then all you need to do is enable signatures and be sure to add your own in the area provided.
    There are a few rules when adding a signature to your posts.
    Only one image per signature is permitted, with the dimensions being no larger than 500 x 100 pixels. You can only put a maximum of three different links in your signature. Your signature can be no larger than three lines. Your signature cannot contain clean or referral links (except PD ones), or any other form of advertising. If at any point you wish to change your signature preferences or even just hide a particular users signature, you can do so by clicking on the small "x" button at the top right corner of their signature, as demonstrated in the picture below.

    3. Reputation
    The community reputation system is built purely off of your participation on the forum, and how well you are received by your fellow peers. If the content you post is liked, then other members are able to up-vote your post or topic to show their appreciation.  Alternatively if you post spam or content that isn't very useful, then other users have the ability to down-vote your content, which reduces your reputation. Anyone caught abusing this feature will be banned, without appeal.
    This system helps provide a platform that grants the ability to judge how useful a person is to this community, and will be used to assist with promoting members of the community.  If you support or like a persons contribution. Instead of replying to their topic saying 'thank you', use the vote-up feature and give them some reputation!
    You can view the reputation leader board here.
    Those users who succeed in receiving high praise for their content will be awarded weekly, by receiving a community reputation badge that appears on their profile. You can view a users reputation on their user profile or their postbit, which is located next to any comment or post on the forum.
    4. Warnings
    Moderators have the ability to use the warn system, to control excessive flooding of the forum or to help assist members who are in breach of the rules. You can view any form of warning restrictions associated to a forum account by viewing that users profile.
    Warning restrictions can include: Spamming, Inappropriate Language (in particular personal attacks), Signature Violation, Abusive Behaviour, Topic Bumping, etc.
    The result of such warnings can be the restrictions associated to posting, and a complete ban.
    5. Pay per Post
    Satoshi's are awarded for participation in the forum and traded freely amongst members of this community. They are awarded as follows:
    Up to 5,000 satoshi's are credited for a topic. Up to 2,000 satoshi's are credited for a reponse a topic. You can view all transaction history for your satoshi's, by viewing the transaction log for your account from the forum index. These satoshi's will be used for certain purchases that will be made available in the near future.
    You will also find that certain categories don't add satoshi's to your account when posting. This is setup intentionally to help keep the content posted consistent. The following areas are not included in the pay per post scheme: Announcements & Important Information, Marketplace, Forum Support and Off Topic.  This will be reviewed regularly.
    Note: How much you earn per topic/post is determined by an algorithm that takes the following things into consideration.
    How long you have been apart of the community. How much contribution/post activity you have. How many warning points you have obtained. If your post is plagiarised. If your topic or post is relevant to the area you posted. For information on how to cash out your forum credits, please check this topic:
    6. Rank Restrictions
    Noob (0-99 post count)
    Capped at 15 posts per day. No signature. Cannot give trader feedback. Cannot send or receive forum satoshi. 3 month appeal period for warning. Member (100-999 post count)
    Capped at 30 posts per day. Signature now unlocked with 1 image. Trader feedback unlocked. Forum satoshi trading unlocked. 1 month appeal period for warning. Increased pay per post value rating. Respected (Promoted by staff)
    Capped at 50 posts per day. Bypass flood control. Maximum pay per post value rating.  
    7. Forum Rules
    7. FAQ's
    A: https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/rest-api
    A: https://forum.primedice.com/lostpassword/
    A: Any forum related issues or suggestions can be made in the Forum Support area.
    A: All Primedice support can be found in the Primedice Questions & Support area.
    A: Its very important that you understand the concept of posting meaningful content, and learn from your mistakes. Further reading can be found here regarding how to improve: