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  1. Hey guys! I want to introduce DAPP to all of you! A quick view of what it is! So what is DAPP? Dapp.com aims for creating an entire ecosystem to encourage dapp (decentralized application) development, awareness, and usage. Dapp.com is the largest dedicated platform for sharing exciting dapps and valuable knowledge about decentralized technology. We help everyone understand, create, and enjoy this exciting new technology with enthusiasm. Prelaunch with Dapp.com Dapp.com can help you launch your project! We are the largest community of blockchain enthusiasts and we’re continually looking for interesting dapp products. Apply now to launch exclusively with Dapp.com and get full access to our resources to boost your user base. A good read for DAPP Q3 Market Report! https://www.dapp.com/article/dapps-got-game Check out their Telegram channel too: https://t.me/dapp_com
  2. This is a great idea brother. Reminiscing the past experience on Primedice from old to current generation players. I look forward to seeing posts from legends here I'll be posting some of my pics too!
  3. Okay I was out for like 7 months due to inactivity and can't access my accounts. I manage to retrieve it and when I opened I got a message from Vladimir on April 2018 that Anony contacted him to pay for his loan 0.02- 0.025 BTC. I would like to keep this post here if ever Anony is going to visit here and hopefully we can settle things here or outside Primedice. Here is my email: zale.vowker@gmail.com To Anony: Contact me using that email to settle things with me. I am not hoping but somehow if you can read this please approach me, thanks bud!
  4. Well my heart was racing and felt like it's better to change sides. Which was not the best idea after all
  5. There have been lots of it circulating on social media and bitcointalk.org. Just go to Altcoins section and you can find it there. Or at your social media walls if your account is crypto related.
  6. So they're at it again now that BTC is hitting real good. Always be careful guys! Been a victim twice.
  7. There are lots of airdrops ongoing right now! Stay tune on social media and bitcointalk.org. You might get free money just like on eBTC and eCASH.
  8. Welcome to Pd Forum @Marieya! Fellow Pinoy gambler here
  9. Yeah maybe my friend got Harry's invisible cloak
  10. zale023


    SpongePepe Squarepants
  11. Okay salamat pre! Nag low fee na pala ang coins.ph
  12. Welcome to Primedice Forum @Gamsa! Enjoy and learn things here!
  13. Ahh thank you. I mean example from coins.ph to Primedice eh 2k sats lang fee? Yan yung pinaka mabagal at mababa na transfer rate?
  14. Not the first time I heard a problem like this on bitsler. Just continue to update it and always send them a ticket so that they would notice.
  15. You see. The most important this is what is the price of DOGE when you buy it and what is the price of DOGE when you will dump it.