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    JohnTravel got a reaction from Mridul24 in Do you feel safe in casino Primedice?   
    We know Primedice is the biggest and best casino in the world. The quality of service support, the provision of self-service primedice with philanthropic entities and the involvement of users of online games is very great.
    This whole gigantic system cooperating for the success of some, for the failure of others, this depends on how the player is clicking and making his plays, and is not the topic of this subject.
    So we know primedice is a big bank, well I think it is, but this is disguised as the casino name. And you know, casino attracts dreams, emotions attracts so many good and bad things. Ruins including for us players and for the employees and owners of the casino. A scam for example is something bad as well as many other bad things I could name.
    Now that we know that primedice is a type of online bank, it has some types of coins, and this involves accounts, players and many large, medium and small moneys. It involves security and so many devices and tools to stop thieves and give security and credibility to its users, thus making primedice a casino with extreme credibility to users and entities connected to this immense dicers game platform.
    And this casino it stores many coins, for example, today you can go out and leave your coins in your wallets, return tomorrow and continue playing. So, as I said before, we are in a casino bank, that is, primedice is a differentiated bank that allows its users to make deposits, withdraw money, playing and having fun, or passing suffocation until they lose money and feed their own banking system primedice.
    That sounds funny, and it really is funny, but its unlucky if you fall on the day of loss because someone has to pay the server bills, light and everything else, so think differently, when you lose here, or you you failed to realize your dreams out there in the real world because you were greedy, or you did not use the money to do something bad, or you helped pay the casino bills and better yet, it made employees and the casino owner system smile and happy. And if you did, you helped your friends keep playing and keeping the casino in perfect tune. This is for you to laugh a little in the midst of these millions or billions of coins that are now coming in and out of the casino.
    So you now know that you are in the middle of the best and largest online casino in the world that is also a gigantic bank with thousands of online transactions involving many users and financial businesses.
    Blockchain is a great structure of the internet whereas Primedice is the backbone of online casinos, the ground zero of casinos life. Do you believe that the Primedice casino is one of the biggest digital banks in the world today? Do you feel safe in Primedice?
    My simple opinion, I am safe in Primedice, even if I enter the zone to lose, or to win. Here I feel more comfortable, in my view primedice has become so great that it must have surpassed the expectations of its creators. For those who noticed my post, I do not see Primedice only as a casino, or as a great system encompassing countless other systems within itself, but also as a great online bank. So, the security, speed and flexibility of all the services make it truly a success in the world of online casinos and banks.
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    JohnTravel got a reaction from AloneAsif in What is your feeling when you hit 9900x twice with zero bet?   
    Well, that's unlucky at the moment, but I think you should have risked at least 1 satoshi. I don't play this way, gamber's life has taught me that, if I'm going to risk high payout, I have to bet even the smallest amount.
    Another point to highlight, to win big sometimes you have to risk, and who does not risk winning high will win only small.
    If you are afraid to play it is better to stop, pause for the moment, you have to create a risky percentage with high payouts, no matter how much you bet on the bet because it depends on your total amount, but what matters is the how much you are available to risk. In my view, you failed to create the calculated risk attack zone.
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    JohnTravel got a reaction from Tom moli in Bitcoin Core wallet 0.18.1   
    Yes, i am thinking a lot about this, return my options for desktop and private keys in my control.
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    JohnTravel got a reaction from bigbrankx in Is there any successful strategy works mostly for you?   
    I think there are a lot of factors to win, everything is variable and the game can also change quickly, so I think that taking too many risks or getting into a high range of money leads to defeat, I think this is the main factor being whatever the payout. The question is if you bet so that you can lose all your money in 5 or 6 sequences with low payouts, then you will lose and defeat will be fatal.
    For high payouts, if you make a wrong estimate that for example you are in the 900x game and expect to get a result between 1 and 3000 bets, and make bets either continuous or progressive so that your money runs out to less than 3000 bets, then you will lose before you hit the target and worse yet will not make any profit in the game. None of this always works, and luck or game change can be a deciding factor.
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    JohnTravel got a reaction from bigbrankx in What is the healthiest food?   
    Healthy foods are non-industrialized natural foods. Better would you read more about the theme "Codex Allimentarius".

    Answering your question, here we grow our vegetables, meat we eat only from our own chickens we raise, and fish we fish from the rivers. In addition, we avoid all kinds of processed foods, and especially reduce the consumption of sugar, which causes many diseases and wheat. But if I say the list of foods here, it will be a very long list. This sounds like a simple matter, but it is very complex, because wrongly eaten food causes illness.

    A good tip is research on unconventional edible plants, they are called PLANCS. These are plants that are mostly said to be bush, that's right this bush that comes from anywhere, many people do not know that many plants are edible .. We also use plants as medicines and we do not go to the hospital for many years.
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    JohnTravel got a reaction from MrNice23 in Biggest Profit in One Bet   
    Amazing, I've been through this, but now I'm more experienced, and I'm doing this: "I play 5000 bets on any payout for example 1.22x or 10x or whatever, and after that number of bets played, I think, good now. It's time for me to look at my 99x, 150x, 200x, 300x, 900x to 9900x results sheet, and watch and analyze and see which results came and fit these payouts and the ones that almost didn't come, or didn't come. So I think, I'll risk 1000 bets for example payout 3000x or 9900x, but with a percentage that if I win I win moderately and not risk all my money. "
    I am avoiding everything I may lose, that is, I am playing defense and offense at the same time.
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    JohnTravel reacted to sheenaz.bay in It's easy to bet and too easy to lose   
    You can bet online anytime and anywhere, at home, in the office, wherever you have internet.
    This can mean that online gambling can be very risky because there is very easy access to gambling and for some people it can get out of control very quickly because they feel comfortable and the ease and convenience that makes it very easy for them to spend more time and more money than planned.
    So do you agree that it's easy to bet and too easy to lose? LOL 😂
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    JohnTravel got a reaction from Mahdirakib in Is there any successful strategy works mostly for you?   
    I think there are a lot of factors to win, everything is variable and the game can also change quickly, so I think that taking too many risks or getting into a high range of money leads to defeat, I think this is the main factor being whatever the payout. The question is if you bet so that you can lose all your money in 5 or 6 sequences with low payouts, then you will lose and defeat will be fatal.
    For high payouts, if you make a wrong estimate that for example you are in the 900x game and expect to get a result between 1 and 3000 bets, and make bets either continuous or progressive so that your money runs out to less than 3000 bets, then you will lose before you hit the target and worse yet will not make any profit in the game. None of this always works, and luck or game change can be a deciding factor.
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    JohnTravel reacted to Mahdirakib in Is there any successful strategy works mostly for you?   
    We try to play in different technique and with different strategies in dice game. But we don't become success always. Though we try few strategies always in your game. Is there any successful strategy that works for you most of the time?  In the long run we always loss. But I get success in 3× auto with x% increase on loss in short run. Tell about your?
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    JohnTravel reacted to sheenaz.bay in Did you lose because you bet big or did you bet at the wrong moment?   
    In every gambling game, surely gamblers have experienced defeat. However, not a few gamblers also suffered a crushing defeat until all of his money was used up. Then, if it's already defeated, is there a way to fix that defeat?
    Think of defeat as a lesson. Gambling indeed requires luck as the final outcome of the bet made. But often the luck does not come over, it is not wrong if you regret a defeat in this gambling game, but make the defeat as a learning, that is you must know where your fault lies. Are you making bets that are too large, or are you betting at the wrong moment?
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    JohnTravel reacted to complainer in 🥇[CLOSED/PAID] [0.2 BTC] Shake It Up! 🎲​ | TIER​ 🎲   
    Bet: 41,194,509,750
    placed by goodac on 08/11/2019
    0.43796472 Multiplier
    1.11x Profit
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    JohnTravel reacted to V6Turbo in 🥇[CLOSED/PAID] [0.2 BTC] Raise the Bar| TIER   
    G.O.A.T RECKAGE — 
    Bet: 41,902,734,820
    placed by V6Turbo on 14/11/2019
    0.04000000 Multiplier
    4950.00x Profit
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    JohnTravel got a reaction from iulianbutanu in What if there's No Chat in Primedice?   
    I think if his vision is money, he is right in his point of view! However, I leave a message to Eddie, increase the punishment of beggars, those who are cursing and breaking the rules, and those who keep coming in and posting nonsense in the chat to earn rains or tips.
    Experienced users, and I can name several here, come in and post CAPS, or write one letter per line in front of everyone, or make or try to borrow and so on, I think the punishments should be higher and if there is a repeat offense, then banning the person will be a great solution.
    One of the things that made me stay in the early days was the clarity of the chat, unlike the other sites that are largely total junk. No need to end chat, you need to increase PUNISHMENT RULES.
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    JohnTravel got a reaction from iulianbutanu in My 6x gambling technique   
    I didn't test it, I thought at first it was Martingale, but it's not this pattern, so what I get to understand is the sequence of a specific progression. Is it a kind of geometric progression?
    I will try this and as I realize the results of this game I will give you feedback. But it seems that for the total of bets played this may be good for wager, but you have to have patience in this type of game.
    Another point to note is that if you greatly increase the number of bets in sequence with negative results, this progression will grow a lot and it can be dangerous playing a 1 satoshi start bet for after 200 bets an extremely high value to cover the bet. If the person does not have money to cover this type of game, they die in the game. Anyway, every strategy can be tested, so let's look at your game and track you, your wins will show us how that strategy is going. Thanks for sharing.
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    JohnTravel got a reaction from iulianbutanu in Do you think the activity area could allow other user actions?   
    These days I have been thinking a little about my life, and how is my game and my situation in all areas. So I always like to post something or make some comment in my area of activity.
    For example I click on my name in the upper right corner, and choose the Profile menu option. So when I'm on Profile, I can see a lot of details, and there is the activity area where I can write a message to the public.
    So the area of activity could be more engaging like a social network where other members might like my comment or comment upon my comment. What do you think about the area of activity? Do you think the activity area could allow other user actions?
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    JohnTravel reacted to Edward in Kindly Leave an Honest Review for Primedice   
    Trustpilot is currently a fairly big market driver and respected review website. 
    It'd be really awesome if you guys could leave some honest & legitimate reviews for us. If you do wish to help, make sure your review is 2 - 3 sentences long.
    You don't have to give 5 stars, give whatever you believe Primedice deserves. If you have any negative feedback, that's cool as well. We'll happily take on any constructive criticism. 
    Thanks in advance! 

    P.S. make sure you leave your Trustpilot & Primedice username in this thread after leaving the review ✌️😉
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    JohnTravel reacted to jullifit in 🥇[CLOSED/PAID] [0.2 BTC] Shake It Up! 🎲​ | TIER​ 🎲   
    Bet: 40,942,043,729
    placed by jullifit on 06/11/2019
    0.00012800 Multiplier
    1.22x Profit
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    JohnTravel reacted to CaptainLorca in 🥇[CLOSED/PAID] [0.2 BTC] Shake It Up! 🎲​ | TIER​ 🎲   
    Bet: 41,093,066,761
    placed by CaptainLorca on 07/11/2019
    0.00013000 Multiplier
    1.01x Profit
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    JohnTravel reacted to Nenad in 🥇[CLOSED/PAID] [0.2 BTC] Shake It Up! 🎲​ | TIER​ 🎲   
    Shake It Up!
    Ends: 11/11/19 @ Midday (12pm) GMT 
    Roll number 0.00 on any payout Bet can be both winning and losing Minimum bet amount:  0.00010000  0.00320000  0.00510000  0.01600000  3.20000000  353.00000000 If you prefer to play with lower bets, you may also participate in our weekly challenge located here: https://forum.primedice.com/board/51-official/. The VIP challenges are more focused towards players who are looking to try their luck with higher bets. Bets must have been made after the beginning of this promotion You have to be one of the VIP members on our site (at least Bronze VIP level) 1 valid entry per household Hidden bets mode should be disabled when you want to link your bets on this thread The prizes will be paid to accounts on which the winning bet was made  
    Prizes will be determined by bet amount. The largest bet amount with a roll of 0.00 will take 1st place and so on In case of a tie, the user who posted/edited first will be given the advantage  Prize Pool distribution:
    1st place - 0.07 BTC 2nd place - 0.035 BTC 3rd place - 0.02 BTC 4th place - 0.012 BTC 5th place - 0.008 BTC 6th to 10th place - 0.005 BTC If less than 20 eligible entries: from 11th-20th place will each get 0.002 BTC If over 20 eligible users: from 11th place onward, eligible users will get a share in 0.03 BTC prize pool Note: Make sure to engage as many VIP friends as possible for the higher prize pool! 
    How to Enter:
    Respond to this topic, and link your bet ID using the link function in the text editor. (Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button, as shown in the image below. In case you are not sure how to do this, feel free to contact any of the Support members.)

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    JohnTravel reacted to CaptainLorca in What if there's No Chat in Primedice?   
    Chatting is super important for gambling. It won’t be removed. This form of entertaining keeps a lot of players here.
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    JohnTravel reacted to Byteking in What if there's No Chat in Primedice?   
    Recently Eddie said: Honestly people in chat don't contribute much to Primedice earnings.
    So what if he someday decides to remove chat?
    But that will almost Eliminate the primedice community.
    what you think about it?
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    JohnTravel got a reaction from Sokah in Você avalia sua situação financeira antes de jogar?   
    Um ponto muito importante para todo jogador é avaliar sua situação financeira antes de jogar, ter um plano financeiro é uma boa ferramenta que pode lhe ajudar em muitas situações em um jogo! É sobre isso que vou falar neste post! Um plano financeiro!
    ! Uma situação muito ruim é quando você tem um saldo muito negativo, perde uma aposta alta ou várias apostas perdidas em sequências, ou dias seguidos de perdas e torna sua pontuação muito negativa, seu saldo está no vermelho, e você está comprometendo todo seu dinheiro! Você precisa recuperar isso, e você sabe que se perder aumentará sua perda, então, avaliar a situação financeira é um fator crítico no momento. Você avalia sua situação financeira antes de jogar?
    Mesmo se você está perdendo muito tempo, quanto maior sua aposta para recuperar, maiores as chances de você se recuperar atingindo um multiplicador alto, no entanto, o outro lado é sinistro e maligno, é muito ruim se você fizer algo errado, ou seja, se você perder aumentará ainda mais sua situação negativa, aumentando ainda mais a sua derrota e tornando cada vez mais sua situação catastrófica!
    O que você faz? Você está arriscando mais ou tentando subir gradualmente?
    Você realmente avalia sua situação antes de jogar, ou você joga de qualquer maneira e não está preocupado em se perder?
    Entre e jogue e condene tudo se você perder ou esperar algum tempo para tentar se recuperar?
    Esta é talvez uma questão um pouco dura ou psicológica, e às vezes sob pressão, isso pode ser muito louco ou perigoso e causar problemas de todos tipos.
    A maioria dos players não tem um plano financeiro, e as consequências da derrota deixam muitos sequelas, as vezes causam problemas irreversíveis, portanto, um plano de ação financeira é uma ferramenta ideal para evitar grandes perdas. Você precisa definir uma meta de ganho, um investimento que vai fazer caso faça depósito para não comprometer sua situação financeira. Avalie sempre a situação de perda, pois ninguém vence para sempre.
    Já passei por isso inúmeras vezes, ganhei em alguns e perdi em 2 vezes o que me fez dormir e ficar quieto longe de todos. A sorte foi que eu tive a capacidade de recuperar mais tarde, eu não quero mais passar por isso, eu não gosto desse sentimento.
    Este sentimento me fez superar minhas derrotas, com isso eu resolvi meus problemas estabelecendo um percentual pequeno entre 1 a 10% para depósito, e se eu vencer, deixo também esse pequeno percentual para jogar. Avalio meu dia, minha semana e meu mês e com isso vou analisando sempre meu capital financeiro de jogo.
    Comece a pensar como jogador de verdade, e vá criando suas estratégias, e chegará em um momento que terá um caminho para vencer de forma mais segura. Jogar sem um plano financeiro é uma estratégia muito ruim ao meu ver, na minha simples opinião.
    O que você pensa, pode compartilhar sua opinião conosco?
    Felicidades e sucessos, boa sorte!
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    JohnTravel got a reaction from Sokah in Have you ever consulted a Psychologist about your gambling?   
    Hahahaha, seriously! Man, I'll be frank at this point in my view these people are weak of mind. I love to play, but I know there is a limit and time to everything, and if there is the loss of control or the addiction that makes one consume something or be consumed by it, then it is better to stop and go do something else.
    Going to the "psycho" as I see it will only give a sense of deception, will not save anyone from the problem, but ultimately is the opinion of magazines, studies and a pseudo mental scheme trying to push people to the offices.
    The person has to have an opinion, make a decision, and know how to balance things, otherwise he will appear to be an unbalanced person who has no control over his own actions, because he does not know how to control his emotions in a situation like the game.
    So, as I said, I love the game, I have never been to a psychologist, I don't intend to go, and when I realize that I am too long in the game, or the game is turning my mood bad or making me more than necessary I quit. computer screen and I will do something else. I take one day out of the week to rest my mind on everything, and so I keep my life under control, I think that's my difference, the "totally separate day to be free of the game".
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    JohnTravel reacted to katsuragi in 100x reds   
    Hey guys im trying to start to Hunt on 100x any recomendations or how muxh reds in row u have catch and so... i know its not sure that its going to be the max but i can give an idea of how to config strat and stuff
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    JohnTravel reacted to iulianbutanu in My 6x gambling technique   
    Hi everyone,
    I will try to explain my gambling technique that I randomly learned and worked so far.
    All you need is patience and be happy with the small wins.
    You have to aware that is not hard to have 70 reds on 6x payout. So you will need to have as base bet at least base bet *17 times increasements of 100%.
    I will do a short example.
    Start bet 1.
    Bet 4 times on 6x, if it hits on the first two bets, i do more 4 bets until it doesn't. If it hits on the 3rd and the 4th bet, I double the bet and.
    100% increase, now 2
    If I hitted at 1 base bet on the 3rd and 4th bet, any hit on the next four bets will decrease by 4 times (in this case to 1). 
    If it didn't only the 1st and 2nd bet will matter.
    Let's say 8 bets still no green.
    100% increase, now 4.
    Same as before, if in the first 2 bets it hits one green, decrease 400% (in this case to 1). If it hits green on 3rd and 4th, I continue betting and doubling.
    Let's say no green yet.
    100% increase, now 8.
    I hit green on the 4th bet.
    100% increase, now 16.
    As I finally had a green, the next 4 bets I will know if i go down 400% of I keep doubling. The 3rd bet is green so i go down 400%.
    400% decrease, now 4.
    As I decreased, for now 4 is the base bet and i start again. If on any of the next 4 bets i hit a green, i go back again 400%. If any of the first 2 bets after increase is green, again -400.
    Let's say none even a green on 4, increase to 8 again, 16, 32, 64.
    On 64 first bet goes green, decrease 400%, on 16 nothing increase 100%, 32 the third and the fourth are green, decrease 400%, on 8 the 4th bet is green, we go down to 2. and mostly after increasing a lot the bet goes back.
    I have no idea if you got my point with this way of betting. What I know is that is safe if you can keep your calm and control your bankroll.
    As example in this small example of 40 bets the profit was: 282 sats. (for the example i showed to you)
    Waiting for questions