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  1. Exist much options in the internet for you cacth something for try play here. If you have one good strategy and luck, then using this tools inside the Internet you can make one good profit if you are smart. Cheers.
  2. Hi Craigmayf, welcome, have a good journey here in Primedice.
  3. Yes I am ready, I need to take more risks and that is what I am doing in recent days, if I lose, I will lose nothing, because I have my rules of play, and if I lose the loss will be small. I have noticed in this time of my early years that I stopped earning a lot for not risking, but neither can you risk all the time. It's no use taking a risk and not being in tune with the seed numbers and payout together. Leaving the comfort zone is not for everyone, not everyone is fit to win, only 30% earn big wins or maintain a continuous win percentage. Let's win and risk more, successes! I hope to achieve this in the next few days after many days of bad play I think it is time for me to make a good big move! Either way the important thing is to win, but winning big to get out smiling is really necessary to get out of the comfort zone and I am always willing to get out of the comfort zone and walk the golden road!
  4. This regulation or rule is coming from the "I think" world bank that is setting the standards of the new world system that is about to replace all the paper money we know. Perhaps another factor is the proximity of an eventual "Middle East war" to break the current system and thereby fully deploy the new cashless system. There are many factors to this regulation, but everything can be mere speculation.
  5. Hi FleshRender have luck in your journey, welcome
  6. I have noticed a lot of things going on, by the way these last 2 months things are very strange here for me. Among many strange X file cases, I have noticed the repetition of numbers. Yesterday I was defeated by an avalanche of strange things, in this case numbers of 99x and 990x that occurred in repetition, and of course other numbers that are repeating. It looks like it's a kind of reload of weird things or numbers that I don't expect to happen. I think this bad phase of mine is over.
  7. Roll: 50.05 Bet: 37,669,685,720 placed by JohnTravel on 25/09/2019 Wagered 0.00014000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000143 Roll: 80.08 Bet: 37,669,873,072 placed by JohnTravel on 25/09/2019 Wagered 0.00014000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000143 Roll: 20.02 Bet: 37,727,667,705 placed by JohnTravel on 26/09/2019 Wagered 0.00014000 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000143 Roll: 70.07 Bet: 37,759,295,460 placed by JohnTravel on 26/09/2019 Wagered 0.00005167 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000053 Roll: 10.01 Bet: 37,760,301,265 placed by JohnTravel on 26/09/2019 Wagered 0.00004704 Multiplier 1.01x Profit 0.00000048 Challenge done! Cheers!
  8. I believe that improving, perfecting, evolving is part of every great and great project, otherwise stagnation and self-indulgence leads to delay and consequently to failure. Fortunately there are good projects, even if they don't change quickly, they tend to evolve over time. I believe Primedice is doing well. I would like to see the lottery here, and maybe some other games. I think there should be a percentage on the VIP chart showing how many percent we are at that time. But I think everything is fine, I have some criticism to make but it will be for another time. A hug to everyone.
  9. Game of Thrones and all that i can see when i not play.
  10. Well.. hit big payouts is always very good! especially when we really need to make a big hit. I haven't been very lucky in this kind of play, I hope I can change my situation soon with this kind of play.
  11. I have experienced this horrible and sad feeling, and unfortunately could not achieve a win using this kind of big payout like 990x or 9900x. I think this is just a bad phase, so we'll be able to hit a big payout soon. Good luck.
  12. There has to be self-control, calm and tranquility. I've already lost a lot by losing control and not being aware of accepting defeat. I learned from this and will never make this mistake again. So I think if I lose again, I better go out and be quiet and accept defeat.
  13. I already this, Lottery here is another good option for all players, and for primedice.
  14. Roll: 10.00 Bet: 37,438,094,214 placed by JohnTravel on 22/09/2019 Wagered 0.00103656 Multiplier 33.00x Profit -0.00103656
  15. This is a great option, and it would be better if it were available as a percentage for each level, be it bronze, silver, gold, etc., with different percentage levels. I hope to arrive one day at the gold level. Good luck my friend.
  16. I love playing in the Primedice, and it's still my favorite place. However, playing dice for me is playing the same anywhere, it does not affect me.
  17. Exactly that, but this is not always what happens, there are times when things seem to go wrong, one of them is when this situation occurs. After a long time playing I learned this, and I leave this type of person or situation aside again so as not to lose focus on the game. Thanks for your feedback, good luck.
  18. I have learned this from accepting defeat and knowing that time can be my ally if I have patience, discipline, and a good strategy and luck to win and maybe recover. The important thing is to stay calm so things don't get worse and worse. I think if I had learned this before I would have won more than lost more in casinos. Today I am better, because I am avoiding trying to recover losses and created my scheme to minimize losses. Thank you for your feedback.
  19. Yes, I don't like the attitude of someone who gives me some coin gift and then keeps charging me for it. One person started doing this to me, I returned all the money I had supposedly earned from him, after I "paid" what he sent me, I deleted him as a friend and never answered the person again, just ignored him, and realized who was not my friend but a casino mercenary. Unfortunately that exists.
  20. This is a fundamental and essential point. After a month of testing and analysis, I noticed that if I follow the limit I win, and if I break the rule I will inevitably lose. So today I incorporate this into my game, even if I win a little, it's better to have numerous successive wins and some medium or large than to have few wins and many losses. Therefore, limits give us more ability to win and achieve goals and objectives. Thanks for your feedback!
  21. I think the break is essential and fundamental, with it we can have more control of our emotions and better analyze the game, because without the break as a consequence comes the lack of self control and this brings defeat together.
  22. Try it out, it's a good option and can give you a great view of the game for you to later try with other currencies. If you lose a single coin and everything, then you have nothing to play with.
  23. Exactly, so I tell you if a loss is big, the difficulty will be much greater to recover if you lose again will be even worse. And if you don't have money later, then the situation is dramatic. Better not risk too much.
  24. So you are doing well my friend! Hard to win and few can get to withdraw! Keep it up and share your strategy, or do you only use luck and large amounts of money?
  25. I do this and realize that sometimes things get a little better, and when none of this works I close my browser and change currencies and sometimes things get better. But when the phase is bad luck then everything is hard to beat.