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  1. These days I have been thinking a little about my life, and how is my game and my situation in all areas. So I always like to post something or make some comment in my area of activity. For example I click on my name in the upper right corner, and choose the Profile menu option. So when I'm on Profile, I can see a lot of details, and there is the activity area where I can write a message to the public. So the area of activity could be more engaging like a social network where other members might like my comment or comment upon my comment. What do you think about the area of activity? Do you think the activity area could allow other user actions?
  2. I recently got a 0.1 eth tip, and left the money there in my wallet and went on playing doge. So, I decided to play with ethereum, and in 10 bets I lost everything, ie I started the game and the bot already has a red army on top of me which captured all the ethereum ie I barely had the right time to play with the tip I won. I thought, I could have exchanged this for another currency and withdraw, for example, doges, but I didn't and lost the chance because I wanted to increase my profit by ethereum and of course make 1 ETH. So, when you get a big tip do you withdraw or try the game? Remembering that you have the chance to withdraw because it is a great tip!
  3. Humm, I think that if I not have confidence for play and go make one deposit, then or I go risk knowing that I go in this way lost, and in this case I not go cry for this losse or stay sad. Now if i have confidence for play, then i go play in one strategy that I can use the my deposit for play a long time for try win. But in all scenarius win is hard, sometimes 10 bets we losse. Lol
  4. I play in normal mode, then if i wager much ok, i go stay smile. Now exist another cases for this situation, when the bot put much reds and the amount the bet up, then this is hard, risk and can put me in loss situation. The wager go up in this scenarius. I have receive much unluck this days, then not have make much wager.
  5. I make much this type of game in my strategy, but i think that maintain the same game much time is very danger for losse. If i play in payout 1.22x and put 128 sats, then I go need put 512 sats for get 113 sats. Then i go need more one bet for recover the minus 15 sats. In this case i can repeat the bet of 512 sats for get more 113 sats or reduce the amount of bet for 128 sats and catch more 28 sats. I like of this type of game and i make much money using this. Now if I go use the payout 11x that i like to play too, then i go start with one coin, for example, bitcoin, I start with 128 sats, if i lost the first bet, i go repeat this bet. If i lost again i go repeat this again, and if i lost this more one time (in this hypotetical case 4 times the amount of 128 sats) i go double for 256 sats and go make this action each 4 bets that I lost. This maybe appear strange, but after 56 bets the game turn my heart accelerate, and the bet amount go up for 1xx k sats. This payout is good or evil, and can make you rich or poor.
  6. My friend, no one can calculate this is correct, but you can set one goal for your withdraw, the minimum or one little more that you can or make deposit, or increase one tip that you receive. I think that we no cant lost the chance for make withdraw because losse one money that you can get this is one disaster and very very very bad.
  7. Well, well, I think that this was very good and now the players have more chance for catch one very good prize. Thanks again primedice and support for put this new update because this give for us more power for up the coins. Man this is very good, smile!
  8. É esse o lance, tem que entrar sabendo que vai perder, que pode perder, ou que vai ganhar, não tem escolha, se entra arriscando rápido, então pode perder rápido, tudo é possível. Mas com planos, estratégias, sorte e análise de jogo podemos tentar vencer e até vencer. Nem sempre isso funciona, mas ajuda algumas vezes, o que não dá é entrar no casino sem um método, porque o final é o pânico, desespero, perda e amargura. Boa sorte a todos.
  9. Well all this is luck and vision of the game. Sometimes i think that after 8 reds in under i go try over and come another under and i fall with my coins. Then i am stop to play all in one or big amount in payout for example like 2x.
  10. This is very sad when happen, and after the losse for recover this again is one great proccess. I go make deposits here, more not more big values for turn this more difficult for recover if i lost all.
  11. Yes, this is hard, alias, much hard, but sometimes this happen. Then I think that if i stop of put all in one, and make more attention in the game, I can hit this numbers. I hope that i not make more mistake in the next days in my journey of game here.
  12. I have one dream here, make in one day 1BTC. Now in the real life one day i dream with primedice that I will win put 500k in one single bet 9900x, i not try because i know that the dreams sometime is one product fake of the mind.
  13. I think that forum is one great option for learn, shared informations and catch something coins. Then in my case i start here for try complete the challenges and make another things like learn and share info, but I think that chat is one great option too for primedice owners capture new ideas.
  14. Well, i hate losse, and I understand that all losses is bad, sad and impressive sometimes when this is big. Then when i losse big i stay very sad, and have bad humor, but one people say for me: hey you losse money of casino not your money, smile! Then after this, i have learn accept the losse, defeat and go make another thing for put my mind in action and not think more in the losse. Maybe another day I can recover this, then, go make my mind and body and my spiritual situation happy. Money is good, but this is not can be the center of my life. Cheers.
  15. Yes you is very correct, but I think that if one player not learn control yourself and have patience in the game, then, the percentual for losse and make mistake is hard and the loss is near. Now if i have time for play and not risk in small payouts, risk only in great payouts, then the chances for win is more big. Today i have notice this, if i risk, then i go risk after this day with great payouts, no risk more with small payouts. If i play with small payouts, then i go play more patience and calm and wait for the chance. Cheers.
  16. I think that all this things is hard, sometimes i know that one bet that i go play is hard, risk and possible mistake and make this again and I discover that this is really one mistake. I hate when i make mistake same know that this is one mistake. Today i make mistake, yesterday i make mistake, and a long time i come make mistake here. I need to stop of make bad games and recover my situation. This is not only unluck but this is because i am playing wrong. I think this is that the problem of great part of the users: play wrong and say that this is unluck, but in the real fact this is bad game make for the player.
  17. This is one dream hard, need much time for play, luck and one good seed for combine that you strategy. Best luck for you Yom.
  18. Challenges change week after week, but not always you and me or another have chance for win if not have luck. Sometimes the challenge is more easy, another times challenge is more hard. Best luck for you, cheers.
  19. I believe the best answer or a good answer to this would be: it depends on the type of game or what you have in mind or the goal. For example, if I am going to hunt a number for a particular challenge, then either I will follow the payout requested by the challenge, or if the payout is free of my choice, well then I can use a small payout that gives me chances and minimizes the risk of loss, and at the same time I can use it to make a good wager, and if I'm vip or on the rise for a star this will be great. The second case is, payout is for hunting big prizes available in payout 99x, 120x, 300x, ... 9900x and so on. Then again the strategy will change, either I will use a strategy to increase the amount of the bet in the game, or I will use a constant value that may increase as the number of bets increases and the possibility of the outcome is approaching, but never We know how this can happen, what we can have is just an estimate. So it is always good to write down the results, count the bets, well you will find out by reading the forum. The third case is the common game, but which game? Which payout is yours? The secret you will discover over time is what your favorite payout is, whether you play slowly, or aggressively. So, as I said, it depends on what kind of game you are looking for. I think the casino experience and maturity only comes with studies, with playing time, with analysis of other players' games, to observe, because for me without that it's like entering a dark room without knowing where you are. door to pick up some coins. Without strategy and luck no one wins, and winning is hard. Finally what I come to the conclusion is that I almost wrote a book here in this post, ie it depends on how and how you will play with the strategy that can change or use multiple combined payouts. The more calculus, the more complex and more in-game analysis this can help you, it's like having more tools to play. Sometimes or many times this may work, but as I said, nothing is certain, because the numbers are random and everything is random. Cheers!
  20. Yeah, i learn one thing in my experience in the game, pay very very and very attention in the live stats, seed, and focus and the roll over and roll under. This for me is very precious because i can follow high payouts. Then when i am take notice about the number for hunt high payouts sometimes i receive numbers that if repeat. But this is not much easy to happen.