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  1. Well, i hate losse, and I understand that all losses is bad, sad and impressive sometimes when this is big. Then when i losse big i stay very sad, and have bad humor, but one people say for me: hey you losse money of casino not your money, smile! Then after this, i have learn accept the losse, defeat and go make another thing for put my mind in action and not think more in the losse. Maybe another day I can recover this, then, go make my mind and body and my spiritual situation happy. Money is good, but this is not can be the center of my life. Cheers.
  2. Yes you is very correct, but I think that if one player not learn control yourself and have patience in the game, then, the percentual for losse and make mistake is hard and the loss is near. Now if i have time for play and not risk in small payouts, risk only in great payouts, then the chances for win is more big. Today i have notice this, if i risk, then i go risk after this day with great payouts, no risk more with small payouts. If i play with small payouts, then i go play more patience and calm and wait for the chance. Cheers.
  3. I think that all this things is hard, sometimes i know that one bet that i go play is hard, risk and possible mistake and make this again and I discover that this is really one mistake. I hate when i make mistake same know that this is one mistake. Today i make mistake, yesterday i make mistake, and a long time i come make mistake here. I need to stop of make bad games and recover my situation. This is not only unluck but this is because i am playing wrong. I think this is that the problem of great part of the users: play wrong and say that this is unluck, but in the real fact this is bad game make for the player.
  4. This is one dream hard, need much time for play, luck and one good seed for combine that you strategy. Best luck for you Yom.
  5. Challenges change week after week, but not always you and me or another have chance for win if not have luck. Sometimes the challenge is more easy, another times challenge is more hard. Best luck for you, cheers.
  6. I believe the best answer or a good answer to this would be: it depends on the type of game or what you have in mind or the goal. For example, if I am going to hunt a number for a particular challenge, then either I will follow the payout requested by the challenge, or if the payout is free of my choice, well then I can use a small payout that gives me chances and minimizes the risk of loss, and at the same time I can use it to make a good wager, and if I'm vip or on the rise for a star this will be great. The second case is, payout is for hunting big prizes available in payout 99x, 120x, 300x, ... 9900x and so on. Then again the strategy will change, either I will use a strategy to increase the amount of the bet in the game, or I will use a constant value that may increase as the number of bets increases and the possibility of the outcome is approaching, but never We know how this can happen, what we can have is just an estimate. So it is always good to write down the results, count the bets, well you will find out by reading the forum. The third case is the common game, but which game? Which payout is yours? The secret you will discover over time is what your favorite payout is, whether you play slowly, or aggressively. So, as I said, it depends on what kind of game you are looking for. I think the casino experience and maturity only comes with studies, with playing time, with analysis of other players' games, to observe, because for me without that it's like entering a dark room without knowing where you are. door to pick up some coins. Without strategy and luck no one wins, and winning is hard. Finally what I come to the conclusion is that I almost wrote a book here in this post, ie it depends on how and how you will play with the strategy that can change or use multiple combined payouts. The more calculus, the more complex and more in-game analysis this can help you, it's like having more tools to play. Sometimes or many times this may work, but as I said, nothing is certain, because the numbers are random and everything is random. Cheers!
  7. Yeah, i learn one thing in my experience in the game, pay very very and very attention in the live stats, seed, and focus and the roll over and roll under. This for me is very precious because i can follow high payouts. Then when i am take notice about the number for hunt high payouts sometimes i receive numbers that if repeat. But this is not much easy to happen.
  8. Hi Nena, welcome to Primedice community! Take one good time for see all informations here, good luck.
  9. I think that its is good only if the people have control about all the money amount that you have in game action, now if lost the control and not send for another account, vault or wallet, then, this is one way for losse the money and lost the chance of have money for play. I dont like use the vault, i wait for withdraw.
  10. Well i make one past about this, and all that you say is good for avoid the losses. Then, if broke your own rule, then increase the chance of enter in risk and lost all.
  11. These days I was here playing and looked at the chat for a moment and watched some people say "bust", "sad", and another series of words indicating that they had suffered a small, medium, large, massive or desperate defeat! But the point is that many new players or even old players with casino play time make a mistake when making a deposit, enter without a plan or strategy, think only of luck, make high stakes quickly and instantly lose instantly. seconds, minutes. The question itself is how did you go about losing your deposit quickly? But because you bet your 200k satoshi deposit, or only made 5 40k bets or because you entered playing 1000k and took 5 or 6 or 7 reds in a given payout and your money went away. How you play when making a deposit is important, especially if you are spending more than 10% of your capital on a single bet. Of course you can get along, because everything is not always a bad result, but we have to be cautious and prepared to accept defeat or not. I do not like the fast, and I know that sometimes the fast helped me, I won fast and I left smiling, but most of the time I cried, I was sad, or in the popular, I got bad playing with my deposit quickly, quickly my The money is gone and I have nothing left to try the game. Playing fast as I see it is risky, so this kind of game is not for me, and I definitely prefer not to risk it this way. So, do you make a deposit with a certain amount of coins, how fast do you play or do you slow down with your deposit? Do you play fast or go slow with your total deposit?
  12. Today I was wondering how much I really have risked, whether with payouts for example with 99x, 990x, or even bigger payouts and how much I bet on each bet. I don't particularly get along well with this type of game, I prefer the longer game with lower payouts, but not every time this goes well and sometimes a high payout like 120x or other above or whatever produces a super result. fast and rewarding! I know and believe it has a lot to do with strategy and luck together, because I think to win both have to be connected and related to the timing of the game, the seed, and a lot of decisions. I recently changed my way of taking risks, before I was supposed to have 20k satoshi, so I played 100 satoshi per bet which would give me a chance to risk for example 200 bets with the amount of 100 sats like i said earlier on any big or small payout . But the game always changes, everything changes and we are always (I am like this) I am always looking for a way to minimize my losses, so that what I bet and lose I may even risk recovering what I already lost in the hunt for number. So today I play differently, now I have 20k satoshi again, I will start the game with 1 satoshi, and double the amount to 128 satoshi or 1024 satoshi (1024k is a risky bet because my balance is small ie only 20k sats). And the game proceeds, I'm playing, and when I start 1 satoshi, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 sats and so on, I need to set a final bet. In this case I could go on as I said until 1024 sats. But by the time I reached 128 satoshi, I already lost on this type of play (1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16 + 32 + 64 + 128 = 256 sats). I don't want to lose any more, and I can't let my currency balance go down, so I use a technique called the high payout technique I'm hunting for and I go to the 1.22x payout (sometimes if it gives me courage to use the 2x payout) which is killer in many cases). Now that I'm at 1.22x payout I had lost 256 sats on the 99x hunt or another bigger payout, so I need to get it back, so now I have to sweat or cheer to win, it's risky, yeah, it's all risky! My bet will be a single bet worth 1165 sats, if I lose I will have to recover it one way or another. And I won! This is a hypothesis, just as losing is another and having to play to try again to recover the loss. I could split the bet into two bets of 583 sats at payout 1.22x as well. Now that I supposedly won, return to the 99x game, see, if I'm lucky, the number 99x didn't come because I'm watching the live stats and game progress. Detail I hunted the 99x number, it doesn't decrease my total coins, and I'm still trying to hunt down the 99x range number. I like this technique and if I realize it has been a long time since the payout value for example in this case study 99x does not appear and I have attacking power in coins, then I raise the value of the bet to fire and smile! How do you risk high payouts? Do you risk high payouts while trying not to lose your currency balance? Tell for us what you play or think about this hunting play in high payouts. Cheers!
  13. Yes my friend, i remember my start here, when i losse i not give much importance for this, then i am making this again, because in the last 2 months i try recover my losses then i losse more. Then this give me one new lesson for accept the defeat, go walk, go make another thing, rest the mind for play and try in another time. Maybe is this the way for recover.
  14. I find it very difficult for a strategy to work long because of the seed number pattern. However if you have a large amount of coins and are playing considerably at low values using a specific method, you will surely win.
  15. Hi Tartaunknow! Welcome to the Primedice, have a good journey! Cheers!
  16. I'm trying to grow my affiliates, but I realize they are stopping, I don't know if it's because they don't have a faucet anymore, or because they are all poor and afraid to invest in a casino. When I first started here I came to the casino due to the faucet, and realized that through the faucet I could try my luck. So I've been making some affiliates, but it's still a little bit, when I reach 1000 affiliates and everyone is wagering, I think I'll hit a hard target, but like I said, this is very hard, maybe the first thing is missing something to keep these new users in activity.
  17. Never tried this, are you talking about playing with many tabs or windows open in the same seed? I can't see any logic in this since the seed is the same, unless it accelerates the seed numbers, so there may be an advantage to getting an expected number quickly.
  18. Ahahah very funny, but very generous his attitude, such a thing has not seen for many years. Well, if that happened to me, I would travel and get to know the whole world, it would also help people, and it would surely give great compensation to all employees so that they would be increasingly able to be happy, to serve everyone well. . However, I hope Eddie stays well, in good health, he and his team and everyone here has been helping a lot. I can say that I was already one of those helped by Primedice, Eddie and the staff. Thank you very much.
  19. Cool man you are one poliglote. I speak only English, Portuguese and understand Spanish. Well i need to learn Chinese and Russian languages.
  20. I get it, but we can't always reach the final goal, sometimes we lose. Imagine you have won 200k today, and four more days have won 200k, totaling 5 days winning, and with that you have done 1m satoshi, ie 0.01btc! This was due to arriving at 200k daily and having withdrawn. Now what if you lose today, and you lose 4 more days in a row, and the end result is that you lost the chance of having withdrawn 1m satoshi in 5 days and with that the profit situation turns negative. Sometimes it happens. I know we have to take a risk, but maybe one time or another is good to guarantee some?
  21. I think playing dice is the same everywhere, but I in terms of feeling calmer and quiet I prefer primedice. I find the stake very full of beggars, shouting, panic, kind of a mess, a crowd of very desperate people.
  22. Hi Captain! Good initiative! Cheers! JohnTravel
  23. Yeah this is true, but i understand that if i lost the control of calm, then i go lost and make bad decisions. I think that i lost big because i lost the vision of game when i receive much losses and this decrease my amount. Then now the i understand this, i am trying make more the game in my control using calm, patience and pay much more attention in the numbers of the seed.
  24. I think that you or me or another play need to learn more about change the side for not lost the chances that game show for us. But great part of this is luck, seed and strategy and no one know the real number when this come for win.