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  1. i not have find another play off primedice, but i make good friends here. I love this casino, much good people here!!
  2. Perfect, I really enjoyed your feedback, I need to evolve more with higher payouts. I will try this, and after the test return to share the results. Thank you my friend.
  3. This last month I had so many emotions here in the primedice, that after recovering from the losses and winning, I spent 3 days calming down and playing with very low values. But as they say, no one is safe or secure inside a casino because we can lose everything in a matter of seconds to minutes or hours. My story is about good results and bad results. I started playing anyway, aimlessly shooting all over the place. Then I noticed that many played on the 99x payout and tried some time, even accumulating 100k satoshi and thought, "now I can try 100 bets worth 1k satoshi." But what is this? I do not think this is so safe or a good strategy. It may even work, but the vast majority fail or lose. So I started looking at the forum and seeing what people said, and I noticed that I was not changing the sides, and I was anchored on one side only. So I decided to change sides, but I did not have so many good results, incidentally, I still continued to lose. Then I noticed that when I came in with any coin (with bitcoin excellency) in the amount of 0.1 or 0.9 I would lose because I tried to hit a single coin by throwing everything in a single bet and lost countless times. Another mistake I made is to reach for example 1 bch, I thought, "I'll leave a little for tomorrow, but I need to make another 100k bch to leave here .." and I would lose. I started to change everything, down to form or chance as I can withdraw, and I noticed that I started to make a profit. This month I had a profit, it could have been a lot better, but I made a serious mistake in which I did not know how to stop at the right moment. Today I know that a good player or glamber has to know when to stop, because no one wins forever. So I discovered that I had to change sides in the game, use other types of payouts, pay more attention to the results that come out in the "dice", not post all the money in a single bet, if I lose it it's fatal and I'm left with nothing to try to win something. Try to make withdraw whenever you can mainly in large amounts of accumulated coins, take half or 30% or stipulate a goal to win and when you achieve withdraw money. Set goals, strategies and your life in the world of primedice will change for the better. I hope to evolve more in this 4 consecutive month of game after my return. And you, what are you doing to have good results? What's your story?
  4. I believe both are essential. I add tranquility to it, if I'm not at peace, it's no use playing, I'll lose even with luck, because I will not have my mind on the game, so I really believe that attention is fundamental in the game, what numbers are falling on the screen for that I can make the necessary additions to have a great result and thus make the best choice.
  5. I have changed a lot the way I play since I started here at this wonderful casino. And after breaking my face a lot, losing, crying and getting sad, I changed my behavior and strategy and along with that I started using different payouts like 1.22x, 2x, 3x (I find this extremely good but ultra dangerous), 4x, 10x. Rarely have I used payout of 99x, 333x or 1200x. I hope to find more results this month until I find out what I need to do 1btc in just one day.
  6. I have noticed that bitcoin is rising, others continue to say that bitcoin will break, crash, stop or drop the price. However I prefer to continue to insist and collect more bitcoin coins to invest in other things. So what do you intend to do on your next big win? You know that victory I'm talking about in which you smile and manage to stay calm and tranquil for a long time. Cheers for all!!!
  7. I'll tell you something, I rarely play when I'm chatting, I hardly do this because I lose my attention in the game and the end is my defeat or turbulence in the game. If someone comes close when I am playing I stop and I will pay attention to the person, and after noting that everything is calm and quiet I return to the game with full attention. My tests in the last month gave me the feedback that I do not know how to play with a lot of noise or having distraction. I'd rather not risk it.
  8. I think all this is temporary, because if people are in another site is because maybe they lost a lot here in primedice, and after losing on the other site they are now going to return here. 😉
  9. This days i received 115 reds in payout 10x, then i busted 0.2 btc and cry.
  10. I need to pay more atteention in this issues, cheers!! Thanks!
  11. I have not changed the sides much because it depends a lot of the results that I have. If I realize that it is coming very negative and the situation is turning red, then I change, otherwise I stay and I am increasing my profit. I'm talking about this, because in my opinion it depends a lot on the payout I'm playing. In the case of 10x or 5x or 99x this may have another type of impact. I'm still thinking about more strategies when I find out something related to that I go back here. I think you have to go testing, studying, and analyzing the facts. Always changing is good as long as it brings a better situation.
  12. Losing is very sad, and depending on the loss is a very tragic situation! I recently had a big or reasonable loss, but I managed to at least finish the month with a positive green situation that still gave me joy. I hope I do not comment on the same error of this last loss, I believe that each loss teaches us something. This time I learned other new things. I hope you can get back what you lost.
  13. No one is safe inside a casino. However, today I have a simple opinion: "Regardless of any strategy you use to play, when you win, you withdraw what you invested or if you have not invested anything, withdraw a little and do not make deposits, because one hour you will get into the situation When you do, you will remember that you were not the only one who missed the chance to withdraw money when you had a chance, or should not have made a deposit."
  14. Username: JohnTravel Happy Birthday PD!!! Cheers!!
  15. It depends a lot on the place, moment and how is my mind. Lately I've been listening to quiet songs, especially when I'm playing. Already when I'm more agitated, I follow the rhythm with songs that touch me in this style.
  16. I have noticed in a few months that many old players and some new ones are failing and going from bad to worse, some say they are out of luck, others say they need money, others make lots of excuses, problems. So today's question is, what do you do to change your negative situation to positive ie how to win? If your moves are not working, do you change the payout? Do you refresh your browser? Close the browser? Make another deposit larger? Do not play for a few days and come back with a calm head? And if your move does not change and you keep losing, do not you see that the problem is you? If your bets are not working, what do you do to win? I ask this because after almost 1 year of primedice I started looking at other players who are succeeding, then realized that I had to have my strategies, not just one but several strategy. In addition, I also started to change the payouts more and I stopped playing all my money in a single bet. The results have improved, but I'm always trying to learn more. But one thing is for sure, if you're losing without stopping, you're doing something wrong. In my opinion I think if a person is losing days, weeks or months then the question is not just luck, but luck and strategy together!
  17. 94.73 Bet: 30,508,161,791 placed by JohnTravel on 22/04/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.61x Profit 0.00001061 94.75 Bet: 30,508,162,968 placed by JohnTravel on 22/04/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 11.61x Profit 0.00001061 next 6.66
  18. I believe many strategies are good, but we can not just stay with them. I particularly have had great results with this kind of play, I recommend. You will not win forever, and that takes time and patience, but I believe you have to be cool-blooded depending on what kind of payout you use can annihilate you in matters of minutes or take you to millions or make you lose quickly. Everything is really possible with this strategy.
  19. Only bets green for catch this money? Lol i like of this challenge, this is very hard.
  20. I am thinking of many ways to earn and increase my profits be with bitcoin or other types of coins. So, based on this thought, I ask, what is the best way to earn bitcoin today? We are a one casino, what other means do you use to increase your lace with cryptocurrency?
  21. Bitcoin is intrinsically related to my life today, however, if it ceases to exist after my post, or tomorrow or if it's worthless, it will not affect me because I continue to work with other things I know. Today I do not worry about bitcoin, but rather how not to lose coins, the business is to go collecting coins, one hour you get rich, and you'll be able to enjoy time with other simple things that really impact on life. I think the only time that bitcoin affected me was when I actually had a big loss that I recovered a month later. So I decided to change my strategy to not suffer with bitcoin, and make bitcoin work for me, and not the other I work for bitcoin, this way, I will not have negative impact, since I can not depend on money be it bitcoin or whatever another currency.
  22. Many will say that it is luck. Okay, it's lucky, but what is necessary to achieve this by playing? How do you play with little or great swing to do 1 BTC in a single day?
  23. This is a new time to win more bitcoins, this is the second wave. Realize? Look around, enjoy the moment.
  24. Soon I will reach 1BTC in one day, I have done this with all the other currencies, only this one is missing, and in reaching the goal I will help even more as I have helped others.
  25. I believe in luck for beginners, but no one wins forever, so without strategy the end will always come. I think if you won a little you should stop, go out and return later, if you keep trying more you will lose.