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  1. I like all kinds of challenges, and the Telegram challenge is another great opportunity to win more coins. I think that when the link is sent in the chat on the telegram is for more people to enter the telegram. I think it's a way to advertise the Telegram channel. But at another point of view, I think that only the telegram link should be sent to the chat and not the rules, because that makes it comfortable and the person will not enter the telegram since it receives everything chewed in the chat. My answer is that only the telegram link should be sent to the chat with a message saying: "Challenge on the telegram, to participate you have to be enrolled in the telegram!"
  2. I discovered the primedice alone, browsing the internet looking for faucets when I started my career in the cryptocoin world. At first I find it hard to win here, then I have become happier and happier. Thankfully I went to look for the faucets and found this place wonderful. I love this casino.
  3. I have tested the payouts of 1.22, 2, 11 and 99x. Particularly I've done 1ETH, 1BCH and 1LTC using the 1.22x payout. With the 11x payout I can already make 0.21 btc. Lately I have combined all these payouts. I no longer play on a single payout, that is, I use multiple payouts with combined strategies.
  4. Of course! I do not use dicebot, and I have conquered many of the challenges here. It is not easy, but neither is it impossible. One day maybe I use dicebot, but for now I'll be my own dicebot.
  5. Every day I visit the site, and I spend more than 16 hours a day connected. I love this casino, and I hope to stay here as long as the casino survives and so do I.
  6. When I started my player life here at Primedice there was the Hall of Fame. I did not get in at the time. If one day it comes back, I hope to make good moves and enter.
  7. I believe that innovation is always a great option to attract more players to this casino. And, yes, this is one good chance for catch much coins.
  8. Much has been said about bitcoin and the other currencies used here in the casino and up to a few others. However, the question is wrapped in bitcoin, what do you expect from bitcoin? Do you believe that this is a new wave in which bitcoin will reach a very high value to become even more known? Do you think this is a matter of the moment, that it will rise a little and then it will fall sharply? What is your expectation for bitcoin based on your knowledge? Hi people, want to make a survey, at what price are you expecting the bitcoin to raise at its peak based on your knowledge? I particularly believe that bitcoin will once again reach a high value so that it becomes more and more known worldwide, so that its adoption is complete throughout the world market. Believe it or not, there are many people who do not know the Crypto-Coins or have never heard of it, but I know that regardless of this, it will be used more and more until paper money does not exist anymore. That's my opinion, the bitcoin will rise and with this will bring a good chunk of the coins up along with it. Then, do you believe that bitcoin will reach a high value to become even more known?
  9. I've been thinking about this topic for a long time, maybe some like it, others find it funny, and others will hate it. In all my casino time here, I have noticed that on several occasions the "same" users receive the dreaded mute. Some do not care much to be mutated and keep insisting until they are permanently mutated or banned from the casino. So one day talking to a friend of my casinos player, he told me, "I hate beggars and people who stay in chats passively scoring big players." I told him that I did not like it either, and at the time we laughed and told him: "When I started in the primedice there was the gallery or hall, hall of fame," then I told him: "If I were to implement something new, would put a chain in the casino! " That's exactly what you heard, an area where every player who was mutated would appear in a cage, cell, as if it were a prison. "This is ridiculous? It might be, but people would fear more and not break the rules! About the prison, to leave there while the time does not end the person should pay a bail; If he is a repeat offender, he pays more bail, and after a number of arrests and recidivism, the person is banned, or the bail price is getting louder and louder or the mute time increases. Is that ridiculous? What do you think about this? Do you think primedice should have a jail for players who break the rules? Those outlaws ... I particularly like I said, I do not like people doing loan, cursing, asking passively or openly or breaking the rules. The arrest would be something to inhibit and give the person a chance to change his behavior in what is the best casino in the world.
  10. Well ... I do not play poker, I like the game of dice more. However my rule to play and not to bet more than 1% of what I have in the dice game, because if I take 5 or 6 red bets in a row I lose the game quickly. I am still analyzing the situation of my bankroll better to avoid the loss.
  11. Winning the lottery should be something very exciting, fun, and really helps a lot! So some sites around in the world of cryptocoins have a lottery in which users earn their tickets based on what they have done wagered, others can buy more tickets based on the value of the ticket or other options that I have not yet discovered. Based on what you know about casinos, lotteries, do you think you should have a lottery in primedice?
  12. I understand your point of view but you have to remember that not everyone is rich here, some are starting and have little money, and have hours the situation is so bad that 200 satoshi helps. I particularly enjoyed the change because I think it opens doors to helping others, even when I have little money. You know when I quit I help everyone who shows up in the chat and hardly tip less than 10k satoshi. Now imagine the one who came from the faucet world and sees the casino as a chance to make some money, I say that because that's how I started here. If the tip is too high, this only applies to those who have enough money. Now if the tip is down, it gives opportunities to other poor like me.
  13. Do you usually set daily goals in primedice? Or do you also have monthly goals and goals here? Like for example: Earning a certain amount in a specific currency, or just winning or just not losing. Just think that when you have the chance to make withdraw, is it the time and accomplished your goal? Or do you test your limit and try to reach bets with extraordinary values to make huge gains? Tell us what you are thinking and what is your goal here. Maybe you can just say that your goal is to win, but of course this is the most obvious of all goals! I have some goals, among them, to win every day, ie from the initial stage of my coins I try to raise them, not always possible, mainly when the strategies are not going well with the bad luck. In addition, I have my monthly goal, always finish the month in the stage adding up every day with victory, that is, with the account in the green, money in the wallet! So when I reach a certain amount, I withdraw the money and restart the game again, and you, what do you do? Please do not panic when you start losing so do not make the situation any worse. Good luck, cheers!
  14. After the first redoing of the tips, some users are considering whether or not the other currencies should be reduced. What do you think about this? Should the tip reduction be applied to other currencies?
  15. Recently the primedice reduced the tip value in ethereum from the value of 100k to 10k etoshi and the tip value in bitcoin from 2k to 200 satoshi. What did you think of the tip value reduction in eth and btc? I liked the idea because it makes it easy to send coins to other friends.
  16. Life in the casino has its ups and downs, and I believe this holds true for all kinds of people, rich and poor. Today's story and analysis of the moment is as follows: You must have had a great time in the quall you could collect many coins or a great amount to even make rains, distribute coins to some people, or make money, cash out and keep earning more. This is known as the good time, or fat cow time and many other titles. But the question that remains is: And when you lose, and you lose until you lose all your coins. What do you do when you lose all your coins? Do you make more deposit? Do you run into faucets and stay there collecting coins until you can put them together to make a small deposit? Do you stay in the chat talking like a pirate boat parrot or a marketplace advertiser to get people's attention and get some people money or rainbot? Or do you send private messages to friends, to strangers, and run the risk of being denounced by beggar to get some money? Or do you quit the game, watch a movie, and try your luck the next day using the casino's own faucet? Do you do anything different? Or have you never lost all your coins? Note that the issues and situations are many, some even lose a lot and panic, depression, talk a lot of nonsense, offend other people, scandalize the site scam, lose their emotional balance because in some cases the loss is gigantic, they think until they give up, but soon they return. I've been through this, by the way, this has not happened once, but 8 times so far I've been through this bad situation. And today was no different, I went to knockout, lost, but I know I'm ready for another, because that's the spirit of a casino player. Today I lost little, but I never like to lose, but as a good player, I accepted defeat and I'm going to take a break, but soon I'll come back to tell you more stories and to know about your stories. Share with us your journey in this wonderful casino that is primedice, the best online casino in the world.
  17. After some time in the dice game I have discovered and learned many new things, in them the 10x standard and how it can be extremely powerful, make you win a lot or lose a lot. Let's say that this multiplier is a deadly weapon, if you know how to use it will get along well, if you use it badly, you will lose a lot! I already managed to make 2 bets of 500k satoshi in which resulted in 5m satoshi each. A bet of 10m ltc in which resulted in a single bet of 1 LTC. But I have noticed other things in other combinations of plays in the 10x payout. Yes, you play in 10x, but in what way? I have noticed that a lot of 10x values are coming in sequence depending on the time and day or the moment of the seed, and of course my luck! Today I could have risked 40k and came up 5 bets in a 10x value. Which would result in 400k, 4m, 0.4 btc and 4 btc. That is, if I had maintained the courage and the sequence would have won in only 4 bets after receiving the first of 10x and trying 4 consecutive the value of 4btc! I already had the chance to win and I can do 17 LTC, 30 ETH, 4BTC, 1M DOGE and 2BCH. So, based on this account of what I've witnessed in my data-gambling life, what you do when a 10x payout range comes in (under 9.90 and over 90.09), you risk another bet in a row, or Do you risk a lot of bets then on this value, and when you win a bet bet everything on the next bet? What do you do? Are you willing to risk to earn a lot? Do you dare? Share your history and experience with us! Enjoy! Cheers!
  18. I go try this manual, dicebot i not have luck in automatic. Thanks for share.
  19. I believe that it is good to go changing the payouts in the course of the game, an hour the defeat comes, then, you have to know the time to risk too, because luck comes and goes.
  20. Well .., let's talk about games, casino and data. So at the beginning this was very difficult for me here, I did not know how to play, and whenever I came close to 1ETH, or 1BCH I would lose, and in other currencies of course. I discovered then that I was playing wrong, without calm, without analyzing the results, I had no strategy. So my patience was not good and I was far from really having control over the game, even if I lost, because losing is part of it. The first thing I did to control my patience was actually changing my type of game, and it made me quieter and more in control of the situation. Today I do not bet more everything in a single bet, and I do not go with speed, because I have noticed that the vast majority lose everything quickly. I believe a possible solution to patience is to really analyze the results and take it easy. It is in great difficulties that one discovers whether one is good or not. Cheers!
  21. Today I was playing with doges, and I decided again to count the "values" that come in the data as I play. So I was playing on the 1.22x payout as is my custom, in fact, this is the payout that many do not like, but I started my game here in this way and started to climb and win. Before I played anyway without a defined strategy. So, going back to the 1.22x game and noting the results, I noticed that there was a 99.36 (99x) bet on the bet number 213. I quickly wrote down this information and continued playing on the 1.22x payout to see when the other bet would come. fits in the payout of 99x. But bet did not come, there was no result of the dice that could be a value that reached the payout of 99x. Again, I looked at my notes and noticed in the live stats that the game was in the 568 bet and I thought to myself: "Phew, it's been a long time without any value that fit the payout of 99x, now I can change the payout to 99x because possibly a value of 99x can be very close, I can for an amount in the amount of 100 doges, if I hit I get 9000 doges! " But my instinct spoke louder inside me, and I did not change the payout of the game, I stayed in the payout and style of 1.22x, and after 1000 bets I made a profit of 564 doges! However, to my amazement, since I started here in primedice I have never seen a value between two possible values of 99x take so long to appear. Should you be thinking what happened or when it came to appear the other value of 99x? The other possible value of 99x only appeared in the bet of number 782, that is, the first value appeared in bet number 213 and the next value of 99x only in bet number 782. Therefore, there was an interval of 569 bets and if I had entered the bet kind of game to look for the value of 99x I would have lost more than 3800 doges! Here results of the game: So it is not always good to try to earn more because you can lose everything you have and make your situation worse. What would you do in this situation, do you usually risk too much to increase your earnings or try to earn little? Or is your playing style aggressive, always risking, sometimes winning, but losing more than you win? Share your story and game with us. Cheers!
  22. So, now understood, only one picture. Many thanks Steve! Cheers!
  23. It is always great to participate in the activities of the best casino in the world, thank you !!!
  24. Losing is always very bad, especially when the amounts of coins are large. I lost a good amount twice in bitcoins, and I was very sad. I tried after my loss to recover right away, but I did not succeed. After this situation I took 28 days to recover what I had lost. The lesson I have with this is do not try to recover then after the loss, because the mind, the head, and your feelings are very hot and confused and can further worsen the loss. Some are lucky and manage to recover after the loss, minutes later, others take many days as it was in my case. One issue with that is: cursing, offending people is not good, not nice, and you're proving to be unbalanced, and worse still you're on the verge of being banned from the casino depending on the level of behavior and aggressiveness you is uttering in the moment of sadness and fury with loss. Do not do this ever again, as this may make your situation worse. When the loss situation, you have to be prepared to accept the loss because whether you want it or not, one day the loss will come, and if you are not prepared, you will suffer a lot from it. Based on this statement, what do you do when you lose a lot? All these losses have made me succeed in casino life, do not panic, stay calm. Good luck.
  25. Nice, very good this!!! I go wait for my chance!! Thanks, cheers!!!