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  1. I liked the site the way it is. But taste is taste, each has its own. I believe that new small features should be added, but I think the website colors are the brand of the site.
  2. Cool man!!! MrNice is one good friend!! So, I have not yet met someone I met here at primedice casino in my real life. However if I had to drop the primedice today or not come back here again, I know I would bear it, but I would miss the many people I met here online. I hope to meet someone online in person and talk a lot, share ideas and experiences.
  3. Well, in my case sometimes I leave a little money to continue playing, but in most cases of victory I prefer to leave 5% of what I won to continue playing the next day or the next round or maybe just 1%, because it depends very much on the situation and the moment. I only regret it when I have chance to withdraw the money and send it to my wallet and I do not do it and I end up losing. This is foolishness that I hope I will never commit again. Anyway, I believe it is essential to always have a basic amount after a win to keep playing forever and ever. Cheers!
  4. Shipping to other portfolios, or other casinos, or exchange for other currencies, or maybe do business online. It depends on how much you earn or spend. If you spend a lot and earn little in a casino, you will never be able to survive using a casino. But if you maintain a pattern of victories you may be able to pay your bills. Casino life is hard, today you can earn enough, tomorrow lose a lot, nothing is stable or everything can be unstable. Today you can be here and not tomorrow. Predicting life at the casino or how the game is is a challenge. Let's say in a casino you can get rich or poor. So in my view, winning to pay the bills depends on what the value are your accounts and how you manage your resources. But you can do well in the casino, just follow some rules, be lucky and stay calm.
  5. I got to the primedice site through the faucets! Honestly, I've been looking at many faucets and I've even posted a post on this in the forum. So, going back to the subject of faucets, if there was no faucet here, maybe I and many other poor or people with few coins would have known the primedice or would be playing here. You know those days when you lose everything! Well, imagine you come, make a deposit of 0.2 btc, and lose everything, and have no more money, no coins, your budget has exceeded the limit in the month and you have no resources to play. The faucet is that hand, even a small hand. So in my opinion the faucet should continue. However, these faucet values, with all respect to the entire team of Primedice and Primedice, these values are very, very difficult to do anything! If the values are so small it becomes difficult for anyone who is starting to try something. As I said at the beginning, many who are discovering the world of cryptocoins when they see the casino and discover the faucet can try their luck, and better yet, if they can get some money they can try to come here to play, as was my case and start here . But if the case is available as small as this, there is no need to keep the faucets, if the values are small, better close the taps than to get the idea that the site is miserable. Look around the other smaller casinos that primedice you, the faucets are much louder. Either increase the faucet or remove it so as not to cause a bad image to this wonderful casino that in my view today is the best casino in the world, but this faucet is not good, it's bad.
  6. The site is good, by the way, best of all the casino sites I've seen. I believe I need to add a few small things, but I think the logo represents the website of primedice very well.
  7. I think exactly this the greater you risk, the more chances you have of losing your money quickly. The longer you spend in the middle of the risk, the greater the chances of you making big, but of losing everything quickly. On the other hand, small bets reduce your risk, but also reduce your chance of winning large amounts. It all depends on strategy, luck and how much you bet. I prefer to go play with small amounts, that is, small bets.
  8. Yes, I think this must have happened to a lot of people, I already went through that experience, I started winning in bitcoin and I reached 0.08, I suddenly went down quickly to the level of 0.003 and I started to feel my heart beat fast and the more I lost more my breathing and heart were fast. But the sadness does not last long, I went back to calm and I thought, I will recover, because I had started the game with 0.0001 and I was already winning even having lost much of what I had won, I even thought to get the rest of 0.003, but I continued and for joy, I returned to make 0.21 btc. I overcame my victory and felt a great pleasure, but it was an incredible experience and emotion. I even had some fans against the chat, because I was in a situation of flames, and appearing in high roller, then some wrote: "you will lose more!" others wrote, "John goes you can do it" and you know all sorts of things, and people were agitated because I was playing in 2x payout and putting high bets type 0.0001, 0.002, 0.05, 0.01 and so on. I hope this does not happen again, and much adrenaline!
  9. This days I was very happy, had recovered 23k doges after intense moves and hard work to do this starting with a small amount of coins. A day after recovering this came the sad surprise, I lost 32k doges, and it all started well, I had even put my situation in 2k doges positive. Then came the sequence of red bets, and it was a disaster. After this catastrophic situation, I was sad, but nothing is impossible to recover. Is that you? Have you recovered a great loss and lost even more than you recovered?
  10. I need to learn how to use the safe and have more control.
  11. No, I do not want to work for anyone on any job ever again in my life, unless I have no choices. I think that if one day I had to work in a casino I would be a moderator kind of hard, if someone was not going to rule I would punish the person. I do not like them breaking the rules, so I do not see myself as a casino official, even though it has privileges and great opportunities, that's not for me. I admire those who work in the casino, because they have to be patient, and not to mention that they have to witness many crazy and funny things. Anyway, I'd rather be just a casino player, working in casino is not for me ..
  12. These last days are not being as good as I expected, I missed many chances and as a result I'm not doing so well, by the way, if I look at my retrospective, I'm going very badly. Well, I do not look at this because of the price of the coin, it's a question of the wrong move, I think I'm making foolish moves, and making mistakes from beginners and breaking my own rules. If you make the same mistakes and experience defeats in a row, then either change the game or it will continue to lose. Always have to analyze the game and see how it is going, if you act head-on and fast in situations of loss, you could lose even more and worsen the settlement drastically! So, analyzing the situation, in my view are not the prices of the coins that are making me go well or ill, the problem is myself.
  13. Throughout my experience and online casino life I have realized that I lost many chances of effecting the withdraw when I had a chance to do this and thus send the money to my wallet. So, looking at this, I've changed my strategy, I'm not risking much more, my high gains have diminished, but mine, too, I'm not losing any more chance of withdrawing the money. And have you missed many chances of withdrawing? One day I had just done 1 ETH, and I thought, I am going to do 1.1 ETH and after reaching that goal, I will effect the withdraw. Why did I go try this? 5 bets after this thought I instantly lost everything! Another day I made 1 BCH and tried to withdraw, but I decided to take a chance, again I lost everything. And so it happened with LTC with BTC and with DOGE. I do not repeat this action again and I recommend, if you have a chance to withdraw, do it, the game changes in a matter of seconds!
  14. I do not know if this strategy exists, but I know you can program dicebot and let it play, and it depends on how much money you have or how many bets this will play automatically. One thing I know, I will avoid commenting on my strategies, it seems that after I've started talking about my moves I'm not doing very well these last few days, or it's just a matter of chance. As for the possible strategy you asked, I do not know of one, if you find one please share with me. Luck!
  15. I prefer to play online, I get more comfortable in the environment I am, I went to a bingo house a few times when I was new, I won, and then the gaming house closed. You played the lottery for a long time, then I discovered that the lottery here in Brazil is manipulated. So when I found the online casinos, I realized that I like this, and that I would have a chance to make an extra income by working straight from my house without having to go out on the streets, or take the risk of someone stealing me after I leave an environment real-life gaming physics. Today I charge the lives of online casinos as part of my real life.
  16. Yes, I've had a great loss here, but looking at everything I've earned and deposited, I've earned more than I've lost. Experience has taught me that I should only make deposits here with the money I earn from the casino itself, if I lose, then I will only lose money from the casino. But I do not make big deposits anymore, I never do that again. I know that the chances of winning with a big deposit are immense and the gain can be much higher, but nevertheless, this type of risk I do not run anymore. The greater the risk and the time of exposure to risk, the greater the chances of losing or winning. I think my heart is not available to take high risks and I do not want to lose much, I prefer to earn little than to lose a lot.
  17. Maybe yes maybe no. I believe that every computer program, software, has a key behind the scenes that the back-end of the administrator has privileges that we users do not have and that can somehow interfere with some type of game when necessary. Anyway I also believe that it is impossible to admin many users at the same time but if this happens then unfortunately the world is very bad and it really is. Living in casinos is a risk, playing online has to be prepared for all sorts of things. I already won here more than I lost and never made deposit of my own money, all deposits I made were won by the casino itself. On the other hand I think that if the person is dishonest, one hour she suffers something big and will get worse and suffer the penalty for all kinds of theft or fraud she committed. That is, the dishonest person has a tragic ending. You can tell, no con artist gets along in the end, everyone has a tragic ending, that's what I think happens to thieves and all sorts of people who uses cheating. As for the world of casinos, I used to play on many sites, then I was reducing my target and today I was not playing much more in as many casinos as I used to, since I started to suspect that the bets are being manipulated. The business is not to invest your money and if you lose, lose little. If you get a chance to get it, do it!
  18. I'm not an addict, I use this to earn some extra income and help my family. Maybe someone thinks I'm addicted, but I have to abandon the life of online games in the next few hours and I'll do it quietly. Even because I know that at some point I will do this, because I do not want to spend as much time on the computer as I am doing. Lately I have not had good results, but this is the life of the player, good phases and bad phases. I think I'm not risking the right way. Maybe I'm the one to blame for my lousy moves. I need and hope to reverse this in the next few minutes following this post. Congratulations to you and good luck!
  19. Great initiative! Thankfully there are people like you who help other people, the world needs it. Cheers!
  20. Well i never try make this. You have get good results?
  21. I not drink more for much years. I scape this. Enjoy!
  22. Actually the question of luck is crucial and essential to be overcome along with any strategy and payout that you use with a certain quantity of coins. And of course, risk it at the right time, but to risk is to live in danger and feel strong emotions that make your heart soar !! Ahahaha, how I've felt it! Well, on the multiplier, I'm testing the 1.22x, 2x, 3x, 8x, 11x, 99x and 999x. My novelty in these experiences is that I am intercalating in the middle of the game these multipliers. I only started with 1.22x payout, but then went testing the payouts shown above. After a while I started to combine the payouts. So today I'm playing this way, combining the payouts. I do not have an ideal, I look at the day, for my coins and how my game is going, if I notice that one type of specific payout is not going well or giving me too much delay in the game, I try another and so I go going.
  23. I think my mission is to win, even if it is little in a certain type of currency. Many small wins make a large pile of coins. You can win a million satoshi or 30,000 doges, the effort may or may not be greater in either currency. The important thing is the money in the wallet. Of course if you play with btc or bch and win lots of money, the result will be much better. I believe winning on btc is great, but like I said, any currency I win will be happy. Those of smaller value require as we know large quantities to give a good performance compared to bitcoin or bitcoin cash. Cheers.
  24. I already did a tip of 100k satoshi for a friend, and many others for 10k and in one day I distributed 1m satoshi to a total of almost 100 players in which resulted in a great stupidity. I'll never do that again, because the next day I joined the chat and many of the people I typed did not say a word to me. Then I realized that I was in a casino and that I should take more care. After that, I have changed and I have not done any more great tips because I have not won too much either. When I make a tip, I'm doing it privately now, I rarely do it publicly. I hope to win big in the coming days and help some people. Cheers.