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  1. You are a young man, a boy or someone much younger than me. I'm already responsible for my actions, so I have no problem playing, I'm quiet about that. I think of one thing, all that is hidden at one time the truth will appear, I think it is better to reveal and say what I like than to keep something from someone, but anyway, each case is a case. Let's Play!
  2. No i stay with my strategy at i lost, never abandon my style of game or play mode.
  3. Yeah friend this is hard, but sometimes i make the same mistake, then need more control of my mind for really not make more stupids bets.
  4. Lol this is very hard, i think that you look this results and make one face very sad. Impressive this lot of 12 reds in this payout. Good luck in the next adventure in payout 1.1x.
  5. I believe all of this is being part of the global alliance movement to more rapidly stabilize the adoption of electronic currencies by all means. Bitcoin ATMs are becoming popular, so the move of joining business forces is just another initiative to boost the entire crypto world market.
  6. Ahahaha, your post is kind of strong in words. Well I have never been to a big casino, at most I have been to bingo houses here in my country and I have never seen a casino as powerful as primedice. I think this is the difference of primedice, primedity came out ahead, keeps evolving, improving, devoting quality, service, fun, rewarding its users, investing in various types of challenges, finally we know that losing here is something It's bad, but on the other hand, we know that primacy gives us countless ways to win, so we have to be experts. As far as the issue is concerned, I have never seen a strong physical casino as primedice, and in the virtual world all the other casinos are still far from reaching the foot of primedice.
  7. I don't like slots, I don't know if it's because I don't believe in this kind of game, or if it's because I'm not lucky, anyway I like dice more because I can think of strategies with dice, on the contrary, slot doesn't give me Ways for me to create a strategy, that is, the slot makes the slave player of only one type of game.
  8. I don't like other games, I don't know if it's because I don't know how to play the other games, or if I'm not lucky, or if I don't have patience, anyway I like the dice because even knowing that I need to be lucky, I know I can try my maths that sometimes work and give me a good result, so I keep playing with dice.
  9. Well, I like to play at payout 1.0102x, 1.22x and 11x, for me these are the best payouts for wagering with combined counting strategies. After a certain period of moves or red bets, I switch to a big payout and try to hit the big payout, if I win, big win, if I don't win, then I win in the wager and not lose.
  10. Yes I play with every kind of coin, and sometimes I use this strategy. I think it depends a lot on seed, strategy and luck.
  11. Ehehe never play for wager. When you are play you are wager always. I understand that you play for make money and get a cool profit too.
  12. Yeah, looking further, I believe it depends on a number of factors such as how much money you have available to make a deposit, secondly how much you intend to try to win at the casino, third how much risk you are willing to take if you lose. the deposit, so after analyzing these factors you can have a basis or perception or a result of what you can deposit. Having the answer to these questions then you can decide whether to fragment the total available for deposit into multiple deposits, one for each day, or one for each week, or one monthly, or a single deposit. I prefer to always deposit a total of 1/4 of a withdrawal to try to get 3/4 or a complete withdrawal by taking the part I invested.
  13. Fast games are not my forte, I usually lose in fast games, rarely do I win, so based on this learning, I decided to go back to my initial strategy, play with plenty of time, calm and tranquility, think better of my actions, this way I I will be more successful. Fast games made me lose a lot and I ruled out this kind of game. Fast game I can lose fast, slow game, I can lose slowly, better lose slowly and try to lose quickly and try almost nothing.
  14. That depends a lot, if I think I didn't reach my goal, then I will continue until I try to reach my goal, but if I immediately reach my goal, then I withdraw, and I still hunt big payouts, but starting with little capital. game, that is, left my balance low and I am increasing the plays progressively.
  15. I don't use it and I will never use part of my salary to play in a casino unless I'm very, very convinced I'm ready to make a profit out of it. But you never know, defeat can happen in a few bets. So, I make money by collecting coins on the internet, doing jobs online and this I target some percentage of this or other casinos here, and in this way I increase my potential and source of profit. But it's each one, each one knows the best way to get money and make deposits, but one thing is for sure, making deposits is like having more strength to play, because the more you have, the more you can get in the game, however The opposite is also true, ie if the deposit is big the loss can be big too so take care in case of deposit has to be done carefully and very carefully. Good luck.
  16. I play to make money, the fun comes from my victories and the sadness comes too because no one wins forever. I learned to deal with it and to know that if I lose, it's part of the game. The game has to be dosed, there has to be a balance, I can't play all the time, I have to know that there is a limit and time to other things, but of course I'll be if I know I'm doing great and I'm to make a fortune. But as I said, I set a game limit because I know that luck and good play one hour is over. So compulsion is a consequence of mind control. If there is discipline then you dominate the game and not the game dominates you as an addiction.
  17. This is a great question! Good for my experience every time I start talking about cryptocoins, gambler, casino, coins, and electronic transactions, the moment I talk about casino games, people widen their eyes and say it's dangerous. I laugh because I know it is really difficult and dangerous if there is no control, patience, practice, and especially experience. I think the experience has made me win more than losing, even though I'm not getting my expected results in recent months, I'm happy with my casino play. I agree with your point of view, you will only succeed in the game if you respect certain rules. If you know how to handle the game you have great results. I will sincerely play as long as possible, not just for the sake of addiction or liking, but for a greater option, this is a kind of work of mine in which I can take some advantage of my brain and my luck with the right strategies at certain times moments.
  18. I made a script or script of my own rules in which I already say that I learned sadly and if I knew the things I know today I would never make the same mistakes I did before. What I mean here is that betting everything on a single bet is a deadly and super risky move. On the one hand you can win and on the other you lose everything, the end of this kind of play is loss and sadness, so if I can say anything here is never bet everything on a single bet.
  19. Exactly I think similarly, I really like the dice game because I think the chances of winning are much broader if good strategies are applied along with luck.
  20. Game is not only hard, but hard to win because there are so many factors like luck, time, strategy, emotional, money, tranquility, calm and so on, so many things can make us lose the game. I have made mistakes that I shouldn't make anymore because I broke my own rules of the game. Moral of the story never repeat the mistake you know to be error.
  21. I think every strategy works for a certain period of time, after that comes defeat if you stay in the same style for a long time. Seeds are often made up of random sequences of numbers that cause the player to lose in a particular type of game.
  22. Well you need control your patience, because if you not have this then you have one great chance for make bad games and losse. No patience losse the vision of game and make sometimes bad choose. But great part of this is strategy and luck.