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  1. I believe that what you showed is super common, I've already taken 10 red results on payout 1.22x under, I've received 155 red results on payout 11x and so on. I think we have to learn to change sides, to lose the addiction of being on one side, to vary the moves, I think that's around.
  2. I think the loss of confidence happens when we lose a lot or make a big bet and lose it. So in order not to make things worse and afraid of further defeat, comes the loss of confidence in my view that is what happens. All that you said has happened to me and continues to happen, I believe I'm failing and failing to risk at the right time, and for not risking a short time later comes sequences of red results and with that I lose everything. Then I wonder why I didn't risk it? I think this is the vision of the game, so I think we should always be looking at a range of results where we can risk it.
  3. I think and believe that the martingale strategy is good unlike many who find it bad. He, as far as I know and heard, was successful, so I've done good results using it, but it's like you said, you have to be patient, because the game has to be long, calm, and well aware, and not abuse take a chance, because 4 or 5 bets or about 8 bets in red breaks the game.
  4. Yes @sheenaz.bay, this payout is very agressive great part of the game. Then, trying make challenges is hard. But now i not go more play using this payout, this is like you say, better play risk more using 99x, 990x, or another great payout.
  5. Sometimes I used to play payout 2x, mostly with bitcoin, but lately this payout has annihilated my expectations of winning. These days I was about to make a big win, and I risked a high bet and consequently started losing until I lost everything and got sad as if I had beaten the bot. And in fact I got beat up and humiliated. But a little more serious, after suffering these catastrophic losses of a month I decided from today that I should stop using 2x payout or go back to my old strategy that I started here or simply never make big bets on payout 2x. For many days in a row I am getting 10 red result strings in 2x payout. Do you usually play payout 2x or do you find it too risky?
  6. Lately I've been experiencing a very bad phase with a lot of small, medium and large losses. So when I start playing slow with low stakes, it takes a long time to get a good result and suddenly I lose everything. Another try, this time I'll start with more aggressive bets hunting higher payouts and I'm losing too, and I realize that no strategy has been good for me in the last months which is making me lose successively. What intrigues me most is that when I am very close to withdrawing money or trading and thinking, I will lose if I don't do it now and then I try one more move and suddenly comes the unexpected losing streak. This has been my phase in recent days, and the funniest thing is that after I lose all my coins or a specific currency then comes an avalanche of results between 900x, 9900x. Have you tried anything like this? Losing by testing plays on large payouts is acceptable, but it is unacceptable to lose everything in a single bet using 2x payout or betting all in a 1.22x payout. I need to control my actions and try to recover.
  7. I don't know, but from what I have noticed congresses are going for it, or all of this is just to add extra charm and attention. I have noticed that some are questioning this because it is the reverse of currency as it centralizes power in the hands of a large company rather than maintaining the decentralized scheme pattern.
  8. Lately no strategy has worked with me, I'm in a very bad phase. Sometimes I managed to do what Sheen said, but as I said, things have changed a lot and I'm losing too much. I hope this is over soon.
  9. I do not keep anything in a vault, I prefer to be aware of my capital in the game and thus set an initial base of play on which I do not risk, but this only works for me when I am playing longer payout like 11x for example.
  10. XRP in my view is an intermediary between the dogecoin and ethereum coins. I think it was a great initiative to have added this coin here. Of course I'm playing, I'm still on the green stage with this coin. Let's see how I will be in the coming months, so far so good.
  11. This is a great initiative! What will it be like? Will the challenges be between levels of bronze, or silver, or gold, and so on? Or will everyone compete at the same level? Anyway I'll wait for the news, congratulations!
  12. Well, that's great news, so vips could have one more chance through this challenge. Let's see what will happen in the coming days.
  13. Through an interview with Noded Bitcoin on the podcast on October 11, US Republican Warren Davidson said facebook should add Bitcoin (BTC) to its portfolio rather than create a new currency like the Libra, in which one of The arguments are about possible filtered transactions or freedom of transaction, meaning Libra creates an antagonistic process with respect to distributed ledgers and decentralized cryptocurrencies, and has intensified its desire to repress space more broadly. For more information see:https://cointelegraph.com/news/us-congressman-facebook-should-add-bitcoin-not-create-libra?fbclid=IwAR0BFADyYj2_0LP6Io3A9ptmhcHxGBKWDVf-UQxeMEqjvFG8hjQ7TfsYjqI
  14. Playing with low swing is difficult, the moves are riskier, more limited, everything has to be more controlled and we know that the risk of rapid defeat is much higher. When the challenge becomes difficult then playing with low swing is even bigger the challenge. Playing with a few coins is tough, that's a challenge in itself.
  15. You are a young man, a boy or someone much younger than me. I'm already responsible for my actions, so I have no problem playing, I'm quiet about that. I think of one thing, all that is hidden at one time the truth will appear, I think it is better to reveal and say what I like than to keep something from someone, but anyway, each case is a case. Let's Play!
  16. No i stay with my strategy at i lost, never abandon my style of game or play mode.
  17. Yeah friend this is hard, but sometimes i make the same mistake, then need more control of my mind for really not make more stupids bets.
  18. Lol this is very hard, i think that you look this results and make one face very sad. Impressive this lot of 12 reds in this payout. Good luck in the next adventure in payout 1.1x.
  19. I believe all of this is being part of the global alliance movement to more rapidly stabilize the adoption of electronic currencies by all means. Bitcoin ATMs are becoming popular, so the move of joining business forces is just another initiative to boost the entire crypto world market.
  20. Ahahaha, your post is kind of strong in words. Well I have never been to a big casino, at most I have been to bingo houses here in my country and I have never seen a casino as powerful as primedice. I think this is the difference of primedice, primedity came out ahead, keeps evolving, improving, devoting quality, service, fun, rewarding its users, investing in various types of challenges, finally we know that losing here is something It's bad, but on the other hand, we know that primacy gives us countless ways to win, so we have to be experts. As far as the issue is concerned, I have never seen a strong physical casino as primedice, and in the virtual world all the other casinos are still far from reaching the foot of primedice.
  21. I don't like slots, I don't know if it's because I don't believe in this kind of game, or if it's because I'm not lucky, anyway I like dice more because I can think of strategies with dice, on the contrary, slot doesn't give me Ways for me to create a strategy, that is, the slot makes the slave player of only one type of game.
  22. I don't like other games, I don't know if it's because I don't know how to play the other games, or if I'm not lucky, or if I don't have patience, anyway I like the dice because even knowing that I need to be lucky, I know I can try my maths that sometimes work and give me a good result, so I keep playing with dice.
  23. Well, I like to play at payout 1.0102x, 1.22x and 11x, for me these are the best payouts for wagering with combined counting strategies. After a certain period of moves or red bets, I switch to a big payout and try to hit the big payout, if I win, big win, if I don't win, then I win in the wager and not lose.
  24. Yes I play with every kind of coin, and sometimes I use this strategy. I think it depends a lot on seed, strategy and luck.