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  1. Perfect your placement is this is exactly what I think, if I put all my existing capital in a wallet, ie my bankroll into a game, then my bankroll will become my balance.

    And if I suffer defeat as much as possible, then I will lose everything and the situation will be complicated to try to recover, I have gone through it and learned the lesson of not making this mistake that is fatal in many cases.

    So if bankroll is better to risk or invest only 10% in games, the rest work to generate the 10% in another way.

  2. I'll be pretty frank, I know a lot of casino sites and I've tried them all I could, but I love the very first thing, I like this place, the staff of the first thing, and especially the style of this unique casino, first thing is ahead , and I plan to stay here long as long as I am allowed.

  3. I already lost ugly and I was very bad, sad and falls crying with anger because I made a bad move and lost attention, was not focused on the game and result lost 0.2 btc. It will take me a long time to get it back where I lost it, so it taught me a lesson, the higher you risk, the higher the risk, and if the loss is big the trauma is big. So, I go back to the beginning of my strategies, play with little, and if I win big, then it will be my house and not me.

  4. Well, I didn't understand what the purpose of reverse psychology is, since the game is purely mathematical with the strategy and luck factor together.

    The dice will never understand if you are using psychology or not, if you are fat or thin, if you are unhappy or happy, if you are rich or poor, it will give you numbers and based on what you bet will have victory or defeat. . So you see, the results are always yes or no, win or defeat, happy or sad, smile or cry, there is no middle ground, and when there is a middle ground is when you play in the 2x payout and come in the middle and also give home result. .

    Anyway, what you can understand is the following, depending on the payout if you leave it with a fixed value, it will eventually give you a green result, then red or vice versa, or it can annihilate us directly. As I said and I believe this is luck, strategy and game vision, there is nothing of psychological results, except the matter of being calm, calm mind, clear brain and game vision, in these aspects I believe there is psychology, but in the game itself on the high end, as i said it won't matter at all, because dice is a program that will only drop results.

  5. You are experiencing the successive feeling of losing or some losing from normal when you risk high payouts.

    However, if your defeats are already going on for a long time, then you need to review your strategies, especially knowing and understanding that it's not every day you win, and if you try to win you have to have a limit to not defeat again.

    Another point to note is that we have to accept defeat, it is part of the game, because the one who does not accept defeat and tries after a defeat to recover, surely can lose more and more and more and more and this will further increase the defeat. and make the whole situation worse or even end all capital and put the person in a situation of loss of confidence and destruction of many things. It is good to understand that the game is a game that offers wins and losses, so knowing how to accept defeat is part of a good player, be it any sport.

  6. Of course it is more profitable, of course, the higher the payout, the more profit we will make, however, the risk of loss is higher and faster. For example if I have 100k satoshi and I am looking for payout 99x using 1k per bet, I have only 100 chances of achieving this payout. I then have to analyze the option and the game as it is going to not lose everything quickly.

  7. Well, this all varies a lot with the seed, I particularly prefer to use the strategy of playing in a normal game and counting how many times has not yet appeared to bet on the value of the given range I want to look for. So, for example, if I'm playing and it's been 150 bets playing at 1.22x payout, then I will now switch to 99x payout and try some bets to hunt the value between 99x or higher.

  8. On 09/08/2019 at 08:00, MrNice23 said:

    I totally agree you @cagulada79 , Primedice is not for people who has no patience, i'm trying to to be more patient , but nothing is working .

    When i start a session i'm a full of hope and i'm quiet patient i guess but then i lose my temper, after getting massive red streaks.

    Yeah if one person not have patience, then the defeat come fast. I learn this is the strong mode crying when the first i lost 0.99 eth trying all in one in payout 1.22x. Never more i run the fast bet, go slow and calm for not make more mistake and wrong error like this that i say. Never more go forget this.

  9. Well, after research much about wallet secure, and a lot of issues when i start in cryptoworld, then today I use Coinbase and Blockchain because i think that this two if very secure and fast for me in the transactions, turning my experience more convenient in a lot the another websites like Primedice for send and receive money.

  10. A lot of people are wondering, talking, speculating due to the falling price of bitcoin that this currency is about to disappear, that it's about to end, that it's gone, and this and that and everything else saying that bitcoin It was already, that was if the good weather of bitcoin due to falling prices.

    If we look at the history of bitcoin, it has gone up and down several times. So due to the fact that it's falling doesn't mean or give any certainty that it's over. Perhaps, it may or may not be a factor in creating a rumor and making people sell bitcoin while others who might create that rumor buy bitcoins.

    On the other hand, we have more and more ATM machines spreading around the world in shopping malls, airports, supermarkets, banks, so the question is how bitcoin is about to break or fail or cease to exist if the world government itself represents it. worldwide distributing bitcoin machines around the world? That's a bit contradictory, isn't it?

    As the current financial system of the largest group of banks itself distributing ATM machines to encourage the adoption of the cryptocurrency system, it does show that bitcoin is becoming more and more popular in all types of systems, applications, machines and everywhere, characterizing part of the backbone of the new financial system expected by the global government.

    According to the fxstreet website and watching various news from google, we can notice that indeed the news about installing bitcoin machines is increasing! Check it out for yourself, then the question comes up again showing that bitcoin is there, it's a reality, and it's increasing its appearance on electronic machines. What do you think about all this?


    According to the author of the news at fxstreet, on average, around five Bitcoin ATMs are being installed every single day.

    North America alone consists of 76.3% of all global Bitcoin ATMs.

    As per data from Coin ATM Radar, the number of Bitcoin ATMs has increased by 50% worldwide. In the past year, a total of 1,900 Bitcoin ATMs were installed globally, which is an average of around five Bitcoin ATMs installed per day.

    I think the global government is making it increasingly clear that bitcoin is just one of the backbone coins of the new financial system that is about to destroy paper money as we knew it and make bitcoin and other currencies a reality for us. all the world.

  11. placed by JohnTravel on 24/10/2019








    3 hours ago, CaptainLorca said:


    Win one of the following bets, before someone else does:

    For 0.0001 BTC (7 winners)
    Put Payout to 6x - Place 0.00001 BTC!

    For 0.0002 BTC (1 winner)
    Put Payout to 9x - Place 0.00002 BTC!

    For 0.0003 BTC (1 winner)
    Put Payout to 15x - Place 0.00003 BTC!

    For 0.0004 BTC (1 winner)
    Put Payout to 25x - Place 0.00004 BTC!

    • The side is not specified, you may choose between 'roll over' or 'roll under'. 
    • 1 valid entry per household.
    • Bets must be public during the whole duration of the promotion.
    • Bets must have been made after the commencement of this promotion.
    • Every user can win exactly ONE bet.
    • 10+ forum post count.
    • Haven't broken any General Giveaways Rules!
    • Do NOT edit your post, it will make your entry invalid. Make a new comment!


    1st place: 0.0004 BTC

    2nd place: 0.0003 BTC

    3rd place: 0.0002 BTC

    4. - 10 place: 0.0001 BTC

    Your rules say for the people NOT EDIT the post, then all this people that make editions are exclude no?

  12. On 15/10/2019 at 23:32, JohnShelby said:


    I sure like to bet quickly and in a hurry. Although very dangerous, I find it tedious to play slowly. Incredible as it may seem, I've made a lot more money playing faster than slowly.

    But sometimes I play slow, I usually do it when I'm afraid to bet. With that I prefer to guarantee my profits before I lose them. 



    Playing fast if you're lucky with certteze will reap great results, the fruits and laurels of victory! But for the most part in most games, fast results are home-favorable results. Hard to beat in fast games? No, but it's also, as it always does, if you get into a risk zone too long, then you're at risk of losing fast. I think fast games are a matter of luck with me, whereas in slower games that take longer, I have somehow got a little more control over the situation. I know I can lose in every kind of game, but in the longest game I still have a chance to think a little more, try something to defend myself, ahahah.

  13. Honestly I think this goes for everyone's luck, there are times when I even do well with high multipliers, but I've had more success so far using smaller multipliers. And I'm seriously thinking about playing again like before, because after I changed my game to risk payouts like 11x, 99x, 330x and bigger payouts I'm not doing well, by the way I am is unrecognizable. One thing I'm already sure, 2x payout is not for me.

  14. The seeds are the great essence of the game, they produce sometimes good and bad results, spectacular, fantastic, whether for big wins or big losses. In the game we are always expecting a positive result, and sometimes we get frustrated for not receiving the expected result leading to defeat.

    Some players associate the seed results as "manipulated" results or shout that this is "scam", however, the seed in essence sometimes represents low or high number sequences, and depending on the payout we are playing leads to victory. or defeat. The point is that seed is the number of bets we are playing to find a result in the 99x, 330x, 990x, 9900x range or a common sequential result with payout 1.22x or 11x or whatever, common game cases.

    So if you're weighing in looking for a number in a specific range for example 99x, you count how many bets were thrown to risk this payout, or set a number of bets such as "I'm going to hunt 990x out of 500 bets using a specific amount. of coins ". Do you observe your seed? Do you reseed the seed often? Or do you not change seeds and stay in that seed until you reach victory or defeat?

  15. On 27/09/2019 at 02:03, bitboy26 said:

    i still think that smaller payouts are better because you can expect to win and win more often than playing on higher payouts in which your winning chance is fairly slim .  if your not lucky with higher payout then dont play with that payout .  basic  !    .  or if you are a kind of person/gambler that does not give up easily , you can just try and try again until you succeed  .  sometimes i have an urge on playing on higher payouts and if i do , i only play with 900x multiplier with 1 sats as base bets and then i play automatically 

    Maybe if you have much time in one day for play, otherwise, this is not good.

  16. In a nutshell I like the silence, and if someone comes to talk to me, surely if I play while I'm talking I will lose, because that always happens.

    I usually like to play very well, otherwise I will face a losing streak if the environment is not calm. I have experienced this, so in my case I am not a player to play with other things that might distract me or distract me from the game.

  17. I don't like other games because I don't do well. I don't go to real life casinos, and on the internet I just look for dice style games in which I can win electronic coins.

    I haven't been playing as much as I did before, but if I go through it this is something I really enjoy, and I intend to increase my games as long as I can. I think I'm a gambling addict for money.

  18. Yes, I do it, and I will continue to do it, sometimes I'm lucky or my game vision is a little better or clearer, or the situation is more pleasant with a lot of coins to risk, so you can try this, It doesn't always lead us to a win, but it's a good way to risk high payouts.