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  1. Perfect. A virtual thief being robbed by another thief. Here we say that thief who steals thief has 100 years of forgiveness, a popular saying. I think all this is evil, but in this casino charity donation is a great option, especially when money is taken from a scammer. I hate scammers I've been a victim of one.
  2. Okay, this is your style of play. Interesting. But tell me, by playing this way have you made big profits or made big results?
  3. Yes, the important thing is to accept the losses when they happen and to know whenever you can withdraw the money won, that is, we can never lose the chance to withdraw the money. There are days that we will earn little, days that we will earn medium and days that we will earn a lot and days that we will earn a lot and a lot, that is a day of great victory. So for example, on a day that we will earn little, if we try to earn more we will lose this little and the result will be loss, and that goes for all cases of victory.
  4. This does not apply to all players, not everyone is able to use math and many use math incorrectly. I know many players who can only play with a lot of money but fail to play with small amounts or small payouts. So everything varies from player to player.
  5. This gets in the way if the chat is open and if you are playing high and starting to lose and lose focus and everything, you will realize that it will affect you mentally. It sucks when this happens, I try to avoid and even close the site when I'm playing with a lot of money.
  6. Yes, the problem is playing in a hurry, and if I do it this way I will certainly lose, I prefer to play more calmly, quietly, even if I spend a whole day doing 1 BCH or 1 ETH than trying quickly and losing lightning. that falls from the sky.
  7. I was doing this, but I don't know what's happening to me that I haven't been able to make good dice matches in the last few weeks, I don't know if it's the pressure of so many things I'm having to do, or if it's too much work or if i'm playing badly anyway i'm far from what i can do in terms of starting with little money and ending with a lot. I think what is really happening to me is that I am playing little time a day due to the rush of my day to day life.
  8. That's right, this is a great decision for you and the winners, I think everyone who chooses to celebrate ahead of time loses everything. I will never do this kind of behavior again, I did it once and lost and I will always remember it because it was an instant loss of 1 BCH.
  9. Unfortunately, after becoming a VIP, I can't win much or maintain a good winning streak pattern. I'm still winning but as everything has an end I'm not in a good phase, lost 2 days in a row, I'm pretty bored with that, I hope to reverse my situation the rest of this month. It sucks when we lose. I expected this month to make 100% of wins, now I have 4 days of losses, I have to recover these days this month and still recover the rest I lost. Lots of losses, lol!
  10. I don't use the safe, I have no control and I will withdraw the money from there. I really prefer to withdraw almost all the money and leave a little to play is more guaranteed this way in my view.
  11. Exactly, this is a mistake we should not make. I think that making tips in the middle of the game is like leaving the game and going to look there in the stands the game, that is, lost focus, stopped in the middle of the game and run to take a picture. But it's everyone's opinion, I don't think that's a good thing, I've done it and lost it.
  12. I've thought so, so there has to be a limit, I think too long playing in the same style can lead to loss. But I'm not playing anymore, I'm losing a lot these days, even winning I'm still far from my goals.
  13. Yes, accepting a defeat is very hard and difficult, especially if the defeat is large. But small defeats are easier to accept. The important thing is to maintain self-control when defeat happens so that we don't get into compulsive bets and make the result even worse.
  14. This is really a way to prevent disastrous and sunk losses. I prefer to set goals and objectives in this way, but we are not always able to achieve the goal or goal and sometimes take two or three days of consecutive losses.
  15. I have rarely been to play in real life, but I really prefer it online because I can stay hidden and not be bothered.
  16. Yes, I am fully convinced of giving statistics, quiet mind, notes, strategies, all these are tools to assist in the plays. Luck is always essential, but I think luck in some cases works well with all these things, especially when it comes to mental health. A good mind can draw great insights from the game, especially big payouts or chances to risk.
  17. You set a good value as a goal. Always set this value to 5x above its initial value? I think the minimum withdraw plus 1% of what I have is already a good profit to withdraw and restart the game again.
  18. Right. Here I take care of animals and plants, I am my boss, so I can do things and come and go here to play, write, talk and return to my daily work. Just now I was planting some plants to form a vegetable garden and taking care of horses and chickens. Then I will do some work online and I will do it doing many tasks. I decided to stop working for others.
  19. Oh, I sincerely learned a lot from this, I will never tip in the middle of the game and I will only do that after I reach my goal, and if I am lost for a long time, I will not tip, I will just withdraw money without making a lot of noise, by the way. , I'll be quiet.
  20. You have to accept the loss or set moves to lose little. Otherwise when the big loss comes you will suffer greatly. I hate to lose, so analyzing my losses, I decided that I will never lose big again, if I lose it will be small and it will become easy for me to recover.
  21. Every game can be dangerous, by the way, being in a casino is dangerous depending on how much money is at stake. I don't believe the Margintale method is bad or a mistake, by the way I love this method and use it a lot. Well last month I didn't use it much because I'm in the testing phase. As for the 10x method it is a combination of Margintale with my game types. But I can say that with very little money we have to play with a very low starting bet, because this method is really dangerous if you place the base bet at a high value and the game spreads to 100 or 50 bets, and the result is a game up high, if you win you will win a lot but if you lose you already know you will lose a lot. Most of my big btc wins were in this game. The rest is just a combination of multiple moves.
  22. The problem as I see it is the crazy bets or the speed with which we play exposing our money. If you are going to make a crazy bet do not put all your money. If you want to win fast know that you can lose everything quickly too. I've been reading a lot about players, and realize that the big winners have been setting rules to avoid previous mistakes.
  23. Seriously? Ahahaha, I did it because I know there are people who believe in these things. What's worse is that those who believe in charms when they lose put the blame on the charms because they are ashamed to assume they lost their own mistakes and incompetence. Amulet is something that will only lead one to mistake.
  24. And that speed to recover what you lost or the greed to bet higher to do a little more is what destroys the players and drives them to defeat. Having patience and tranquility is essential to winning with small, medium or large amounts of coins. Without patience, tranquility, strategy and luck no one wins, or wins but with great difficulty, rare thing, so I think this is the way to win.
  25. Yes, with that they live the cycle of defeat, and they earn little or rarely win. I am convinced by all my wins in all casinos that I play that negative people who are cursing, complaining, fighting or in negative vibs only tend to go to the negative vib. They fail to go to the bright side of the win because they lack focus and attention in the game, and as a result lose massively.