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  1. Got it, so if this is good for you, you better keep going. Either way, the important thing is to win.
  2. Game reviews as I see it are great for giving many different views and results of opinions, conclusions, a lot of things revolve around that. Once I discovered game analytics I learned to win more and become more aware of my bankroll and how much I can and cannot risk.
  3. You have an opinion, and I like to live dangerously, but I am more reserved, I like to risk, but only when I know I have a lot of money, then I go to crack or crack or I'm cracked. Sometimes I knock, sometimes I get hurt.
  4. I have already felt it, and I confess to you, I will never make this mistake again. You know, there are days that we feel we can earn a lot and there are days that we earn average and days that we will earn little. We have to learn to respect that, I think when it comes to my mind the idea of withdrawing money and I don't withdraw, then I am ignoring my meaning, and soon after I lose, it's always like this. I learned from that to trust my instincts and of course, never miss the opportunity to withdraw, is better 2 than nothing.
  5. Chasing losses is not a good option, I'm not fine with that, I'm playing naturally. If I keep trying to recover a loss, I may even lose more and make my situation worse.
  6. Better not bet high? If you are not emotionally well, it is better not even to play, because if you enter this stage playing high, you will probably lose unless you are very lucky. I honestly do not recommend anyone to bet anything if you are not quite calm and prepared to play.
  7. Start by analyzing how you are playing, because it is possible to win, you may have to have more control of your mind and how you play without going so far on impulse.
  8. It is difficult but not impossible and I know exactly that with a larger amount of coins it is possible but the risk is also high to lose anyway. So I prefer to risk with little, because if I lose with little the loss will be small, now if I lose with much will be a sadness that is what happens to many. Imagine if you can win with little, the casino loses badly and in terms of profit this is a mega profit.
  9. Exactly, if I make a mistake and keep making mistakes it's a sign that I didn't learn anything from the defeat, so I will suffer a bigger defeat, and I think that's the way it is with most players. Only those who can see that they are making a mistake in the play will learn from it and change and then discover that they have made a great choice, will understand new neural pathways and successes. If you do not learn to control your emotions and impulses in the game, you will tend to risk a lot and you know, who lives in the middle of the risk is at risk of losing. So having wisdom and emotional control is vital in every move.
  10. I understand you are happy to talk and not worried about whether to win or lose, the important thing is to talk and laugh, have fun, hey how it is.
  11. This is a fatal mistake that we must avoid. Honestly, I can tell you that I lost most of the time I used this button, so I decided that I will not use this feature anymore, I do not go well with this option. Option discarded!
  12. Accurate, wise decision, anyone who gets involved with things that get their full attention is likely to lose. Better keep your mind clean and quiet to play. Disturbances only lead to bad results.
  13. Hurry will bring us down in the game, the more I play, the more I know that for me to win I need balance, calm, tranquility, and no hurry. Maintaining self-control of my bets, I now know that all my losses were caused not only by red results, but by playing too fast without thinking.
  14. Ehehe, great answer, I think I need not only luck and good play but also to keep my mind and attention on the game.
  15. Exactly, it is better to combine payouts with multiple values to achieve the payout of 9900x.
  16. You are super correct, and I need to make good moves, take a good shot, make the crowd scream, feel a great thrill to win big! But I'm doing little strokes, I'm not doing as well as I expected, I need to do something to change my situation and boost my small wins to big wins. I have to move this phase to a better one, I need it now. Thank you for your words, good luck my friend.
  17. I've done this several times, but in recent days it seems like I'm weak to play, either scared or under pressure, or have a kryptonite stuck in a chain on my foot, meaning I'm not risking anything, just small plays, but it's time for me to make a big win, I need to blow the trumpets of this casino and scream loud with a big win !!
  18. This is a fatal mistake to lose control, mind and balance, so I am playing with you here in the forum these things all about patience, emotion, tranquility, strategies, thinking about game analysis and I confess to you that the calmer, more focused and balanced with the game is much less likely to make wrong moves. Now you are smiling and realizing that you will win more in the coming days because you have discovered a secret to self control, good luck my friend.
  19. Your strategy is good, and it is part of my strategy, but remember, never risk everything you gained in the 7 days. If you lose then you will lose 7 days of play in a single day and that is a bad strategy. So you must be thinking what to do then? How about playing combined payouts? Instead of playing some 99x bets only, how about playing others like (33x + 44x + 22x), that is, in 3 bets you can do 99x in different ways, you have to use maths in the dice, but don't fall into error Out of many of getting ready scripts or without doing your math yourself, I gave you just one example, start thinking in this sense that you will understand that you are about to hit a big win. So you have to at the tip of the pen, or the popular one, analyze your financial results, whether you are earning more than losing or if you are losing more than earning or if it is paying you. After a great defeat I suffered, I learned one thing, this: I'll never deposit big here again, and something else, if I lose, will be a loss that I will recover in 1, 2 or at most week, never more than that. I'm still in the testing phase, and this was my last discovery and I came up with the "minimize loss" theory if I set 50k to play today and I lose it, ok I would lose 50k penalties and I will do other things if I win, withdraw Whatever I win and stop playing with that coin, no one wins forever, or if depending on my mood, luck and strategy I continue, but I learned, that really everything has a limit. Maybe I better stop playing here and go to Stake, or change currencies, or you know, I won't give you a chance to make stupid losses anymore. I lost 5 times this month, I was supposed to have 100% wins, ie winning every day, so I noticed that this new method combined with my moves has made me smarter. Now I will combine the high payout combinations with this and see what my new strategy will be like, I think I'm going crazy about it. lol
  20. What do you mean, many times? I was fooling once that was enough for me to study scammers a little and to remember the lessons of cyber terrorism, psychology, hacking, neural networks, artificial intelligence, social engineering, and other mental terms. Psychopaths and cyber thieves in this cyber world exist by the thousands, the more I browse faucet sites and others I notice that the number of con artists trying to steal people has only increased. I think they love casino because they know here are the rich and many trying to make money. I don't fall for it anymore.
  21. Good answer, exactly the first game the mission to win and make great results that give you pocket money. I think anyone who goes in the middle of the game making tips or rains will risk getting out of tune and then coming back to the game without the full attention it was, it's like chilling and losing the pace of the game.
  22. I did it 5 times this month which resulted in 5 losses, I hate it when it happens. So, I think that what made me lose was the lack of analysis of the game, fast and agin fast and senseless play, calm and quiet, betting medium or high in the end is risk and darling, loss and sadness, I will not do that anymore .
  23. Exactly, knowing how to deal with losses and understanding what made us lose gives us more insight to try not to make the same mistakes as before. I have hardly accepted defeats, this is very bitter to swallow, but to do what, no one can ever win! But that taught me how to set game standards, if I'm going to play today with 50k satoshi, then I'm at risk of losing only 50k for tomorrow to have a chance to recover just 50k. Setting daily game goals helps us avoid terrible losses.
  24. You will only learn how to do this if you start studying your game, reviewing your results, taking notes, all of which count to hit great plays, but you know you have the right moments and the right strategies.
  25. I do a little bit like you, but I test a few things and if you find that it gives me any results and after a long time, I'll see if it's worth adding my strategies.