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  1. In the game of primedice I had a dice It had a roll button in the middle of my screen I clicked the roll button to try to win The number of the dice came with a lot of speed Sometimes I smile, sometimes I feel sad I will never forget this event In the life of my tired retinas I will never forget that in the middle of the game I had one dice I had a dice that gave me the victory or defeat in the middle of the game In the middle of the game was a dice Sometimes I smile, sometimes I feel sad But I never forget the game of dice
  2. Well, that's a big question and it involves a lot of things. I'll concentrate on a few facts. I think there has to be a time to play and limit to reach, or how much you want to win, because no one wins forever! If you insist, you will lose and consequently you will lose the time you were there in the virtual environment. If you lose it is small, okay, you can recover, but you lost the time. But there is an issue, small and consecutive losses will increase the level of loss to a large level. And how much more is lost the mental impact is being aggravated, if the loss is great, the mental impact is gigantic: mood, adrenaline, nervousness, aggression, depression, all this will revolve around if the mind is not prepared to lose, and lose a lot or win and win a lot. One day I won a lot, my heart went off too hard before I got the win, I thought I was going to have a heart attack, so everything has to be evaluated. If the emotion is too much, die and do not even get the prize. Looking at the world as it is today, it will only increase, everything will converge to the internet of things, to virtual life, to the term uniqueness. Do you know what uniqueness is? If you do not know, search for it. So what I mean is that most and most of the population is increasingly being absorbed into the virtual world. I worked for over 10 years for the largest computer company in the world, 10 years ago I already knew what I would be in the world today. It will only get worse, take time to do other things. Life is not just the virtual, people are forgetting it. As for the gambler's life, let's think, um, we can select 11 casinos that can earn money, and we spend hours and hours pounding bets, and if we're experts, we'll make a big money. So you have to know how much you should play. If you are alone, you can play a lot, if you have family as a woman and children, then you have to have time for them. If you have animals or plants, or other obligations, you may not have much time in the casino life. Again I think time, limit and rules are always important, without this there is an imbalance, and this is the heart, the center of the whole question. Lost too much? Lost your balance, did you stay too long? He lost his balance. Won too much and lost everything you won? He lost his balance because he did not set a goal or goal. Were you happy and sad? He lost his balance because he could not judge the moment. Realize that the details matter. I'm writing a book in this post, but that's it.
  3. I let them play if they are old for the type of game they want to enter. I'm talking about young people. Child not! Child has to go do other things, another level of learning, understanding and growth of life. Casino is not for children, that's what I think. Already the boys, good boy you know how it is, if you forbid them in your house, they go to their friend's house and play there! So it's better to play at home than to play on the street. What I try to impose is a limit, a time of play, and of course, spent playing 8 hours in the casino? You'll have to make up for it by working from home or elsewhere, even if you're winning! Because? Because he needs to learn other things in life, life is not just the virtual. Whether it is taking a hammer, cutting a grass, or reading a book, it has to be diversified, the mind has to have many options and knowledge. Maybe I do not like jumping bridges hanging on an elastic cord, but I'm wondering how it works. Life is like that, so back to the game, for the youngest, online gambling involving money is forbidden. For the elders, there is a limit. If he loses money, he will have to pay for what he lost at home later, and if he does not follow the rules of the house, the choir falls on him, he sings, and the punishment comes, ahaha, a joke. I only have one daughter, but if I had more children I would put those rules to the letter. I was raised like this, and I thank my parents for doing this to me. They made me learn many things and get what I wanted. I believe the summary of it all is rules, time and limit.
  4. I've never been beggar with the support, and to be honest, maybe five times even today, especially when I was starting out in casino life, after that, I started to change my mind, and stopped asking for money. I do not like to ask anything from others, I have to win and be my boss. I think beggar is a failure. I like it when it happens to me, when they see it in a way that I do not detect it, but I always detect the beggars. So when someone comes in to trick me or pass my leg on me, I quickly bag my anti-beggar weapon, give a printscreen of the screen, send it to the holder with the person's name, that is, I help the beggar giving a Kind of holiday so he did not get bored to ask for money. Joking aside, I report all kinds of beggar, if I see in the chat, I even speak to the person if a moderator does not see or is not available, and if he continues I denounce the support with all pleasure.
  5. Many people say they are playing for fun. I think this is a fallacy, a lie, because everyone wants to make money here. I really believe that having a strategy is great, this is like stepping into a cave with a great flashlight. No strategy is to enter the cave in the dark and come across all kinds of unforeseen things, and no plan. You understood me.
  6. Losing is very bad, especially when the loss is great. Now, in addition to losing money and also wasting time, it's too bad. When that happens, I stop playing, and I'll do other things to try to reward something, usually bad. If you lose today, you have to win tomorrow. If you lose many consecutive days, you have to evaluate the week or the month, and if the result is negative, better evaluate if you are having success or failure in gambler life. If the result is failure for a day, or a few days, or a week, or weeks, or a month or months, then you'd better go get another alternative to make money. Today the question is quite simple, you need to reach a monthly goal in the casino, have say a green, comfortable result. So, what do you do when you are losing for a day, or days, or for a week, or weeks, and the month is ending? This question is ideal for those who have a daily goal, week or mostly weekly, as it is in my case. I'm talking about a monthly income! So, if I lost today? Well, then I have the mission to win tomorrow! If I do not win tomorrow, I have to somehow have until the end of the month to make a pleasant and beneficial outcome to fulfill my goals of spending time in this or any casino. The result has to be money in the wallet understood? That's why I think it's important to set goals. When do you want to win? Or how much you need to win to not get in the situation of wasting time. In my case, I'm still winning this month and since I started here at this casino, but when the situation lasts for days or weeks or weeks, then you have to assess the risks and how much I need to reach my monthly goal. In my case I try to evaluate this very carefully, because if I go to make a deposit, if I lose it makes the situation even more catastrophic. But if you are making money out of nothing with tips, rains, or with little amount, then you have to keep an eye on the final goal. Share with us your experience on how your gambler lives.
  7. Losing is very bad, especially when the loss is great. Now, in addition to losing money and also wasting time, it's too bad. When that happens, I stop playing, and I'll do other things to try to reward something, usually bad. If you lose today, you have to win tomorrow. If you lose many consecutive days, you have to evaluate the week or the month, and if the result is negative, better evaluate if you are having success or failure in gambler life. If the result is failure for a day, or a few days, or a week, or weeks, or a month or months, then you'd better go get another alternative to make money.
  8. These days I'm having a rather turbulent phase here in primedice, and you know how things are, you lose, you lose more and you lose and things start to get dark. My luck and strategy has made me lose little, that is, the way I am playing, in case I lose, I will lose little. But every loss is very bad. So, how to win when you have small amount and bad luck? If you overcome this stage of bad luck, you will win and get along, I hope this is a bad phase, leave soon !! Get out of here, bad luck! Someone could yell out there and say, "Make a deposit!" But at the moment I am not able to invest much, I prefer to opt for the traditional method as I have done since I entered here, few deposits and many different strategies and games. Good luck to everyone!
  9. I believe that fee is high, but this is my opinion. So, I used the primedice like one type of the bank for me work here, because here is too my job. So, after hit my goal, i transfer this for another banks wallets. I like much of primedice, but i need to repeat, the fee is high.
  10. I think this is one mistake. He not ask for username of the people. Then, how he send money for win? This is fake man.
  11. Of course. No one is looking there, because he not say nothing for the people catch money. Or him is magic or vident?
  12. When i receive this, i close the chat, if people repeat i post the message for support and modbot stay smile in the end. Simple.
  13. Then, how win this if he not know me? JohnTravel
  14. Well ... this is a great question, because if you are not healthy and healthy you will not be able to play if you are sick, then health is always fundamental! This issue involves behavior, habits, eating, stress and many other things that I do not know to answer. After reading about natural healing with medicinal plants, learning to eat vegetables, fruits, drinking plenty of water, and reading various subjects, I discovered about the evils of Codex Allimentarius, I recommend you research on this topic. So after that, here at home we change our food very much, we do not eat wheat, we avoid industrialized foods, it has to be always as natural as possible. We do not use oil, we use only olive oil or margarine to make food instead of industrial oils. We do not eat recyclable food from most restaurants. We eat many eggs, vegetables, bread is home-made, life is simple food, nothing out of the ordinary, I believe my health has improved a lot. I hope to continue walking, and practicing sports when I can not maintain a life of will. Do not smoke, do not drink, do not get addicted to food that makes you sick. A good suggestion is, if you get sick with something, look for plants to heal what is making you sick, you can be sure, you will discover the world of natural healing. Avoid fats. When buying a biscuit, take a match, ascend the match and burn the biscuit, and if it catches fire, do not buy more because it is either plastic or too fat, in doubt do not eat. There is ..., and before I forget, super important, sugar is the staple of cancer. Avoid sugar, research on the evils of sugar. Research about the food you are buying, and remember how much longer to be retained, the more preservative and the chemicals it contains. Good health!
  15. Have a good game, good luck!! User; JohnTravel
  16. After almost 13 months of primedice and little community forum time, I am experiencing much of what I have played here in this casino in the forum, trying to share my experiences and learn more with the other users and friends I have made here, and I can confess, I learned a lot here in the primedice forum. I always try to create posts that can help the community to extract my best and of course be involved with the challenges, news and all kinds of useful information that I can add to my style of play. I believe that reputation is something important in all areas of our life, be it family, work, sports, social and other areas. Analyzing my casino time, I only have 3 months of game, that is, I had some problems and unforeseen and I could only play for this little time of 13 months only 3 months, and in this short time I have had good results. It's not as bad as I want it to be because I also had some disastrous losses, and until I learned how to create my own strategy and reputation, a lot of things happened, but I'm doing well, and I think I have a good reputation in the casino. Already in the forum, I am trying to overcome my posts, but I am still not having enough time to read or react, or to comment more the posts of other friends and users of the primedice forum. I believe that the reputation here is also important, and the more you go up the score, the more you will realize that getting involved in the forum community is a great option! So, I ask you, do you believe that reputation is important here in the casino and primedice forum?