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  1. Okay, better to act like this, I don't even care about people anymore, sometimes I still say something, but I'm less and less caring about it and going back to my origins, because when I started here I didn't almost get involved in the chat.
  2. I understand your point, it may really be true, but how much is true or lie in a casino? Anyway you are right, the important thing is not to call, move on, no one loses forever, there are days when the victory comes very strong and big, and this is when we overcome all defeats.
  3. Cool! I was very happy to know that somehow I could contribute to some alternative to increase its possibilities. Be a success, good luck and thanks for your feedback.
  4. I, unlike you, don't smoke, I prefer to walk and do quieter things. It is no use doing anything to try to forget the loss, the important thing is to accept the loss, know how to deal with it and be ready to recover in the not so distant future.
  5. Got it, thanks for your feedback, keep firm and excited, good luck my friend.
  6. That's is a great alternative when we win elsewhere and want to play here. I like this option, it gives me more freedom to avoid using my own money. When I discovered online casinos and until I understood the whole mechanism I loved it when I realized that.
  7. I understand, good in your case you have one more option to keep your funds in your wallet, but who has nothing now is in a worse situation to play. I think that really affected the poor living on faucet. That is, it seems that the casino is now prioritizing the rich more, that is, that people make deposits and if they have no money to play, turn around.
  8. Okay, you are already experienced and have a good sense of the game. I also do the same as you. Thanks for your feedback.
  9. Or maybe you can restart the game with another coin, not the amount you win today, but how much you earn and accumulate that will give you more power in the end. For example, I start the month earning 200k, and end the month with a loss of 1m satoshi, was it good or bad? I was terrible, better sometimes playing slow and slow than trying to win big and leaving with a negative balance in the end.
  10. Yes so I am raising this issue, I believe and I am convinced that this is essential, no one wins with a head full of problems, because the mind is divided and fragmented to solve numerous problems, multithreading, ie is with multiple tasks running in the processor which in this case is the brain. So if there are many tasks, you need to spend more strength to solve each one, and when you are doing many things at the same time we lose focus and strength and the result is poor performance. I am not saying that we will lose, but the probability of winning or having good results is low.
  11. Thank you @Bimfo! The game changes a lot, today I am winning, tomorrow I may be losing, everything is oscillation. I am not in a good phase, but I do not intend to write any book, already leave the career of writer, office and life hitech, today I am just another one here trying to luck and having a little fun, meeting people and enjoying the rest of the I have free time to see how things are in a casino since I love to play dice!
  12. I will answer your question, no matter how big you get, the important thing is how you end up. You said in this case study he gained 1BTC and lost 2BTC. The end result so far is negative, so he is a bad player so far. Maybe tomorrow he will recover, but now he is under pressure to have to recover 1 BTC. What if he plays again and now loses another 1BTC or 2BTC? So it is the action that provides future results and pressures that will do the final damage.
  13. Got it, so if this is good for you, you better keep going. Either way, the important thing is to win.
  14. Game reviews as I see it are great for giving many different views and results of opinions, conclusions, a lot of things revolve around that. Once I discovered game analytics I learned to win more and become more aware of my bankroll and how much I can and cannot risk.
  15. You have an opinion, and I like to live dangerously, but I am more reserved, I like to risk, but only when I know I have a lot of money, then I go to crack or crack or I'm cracked. Sometimes I knock, sometimes I get hurt.