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  1. Often times when I play, or perceive also in other players is the discipleship and the emotions. I do not like to let my emotions prevail, or I have to treat it like work, a sport! I have to be professional, serious and controlling emotions are part of the success for great decision-making that lead to victory and avoid defeat! After studying and researching on great players and talked to some winners, or read articles on successful gamblers, I particularly believe that all of them who are successful treat gambler gambling as a sport and as disciplined athletes, they do not let their emotions prevail ! There will be times we can win or lose, so if you let the emotion or sadness take over or come to you, you will eventually make bad decisions about the game. This may sound silly or useless, but if you look at all kinds of sports, you will notice that it is best for you to stop letting your bad guys affect your mood, accept defeats and start over with each game! Do you believe that your emotions influence your game?
  2. I after a few years playing, whatever the game, I realize that more and more experience has been showing me that mainly games involving money like Gambling requires focus and concentration, and it seems that this is in common agreement between the professionals of the game of casino. If you are on a soccer field, or in a court of a sport, and you are not careful in a play you will lose the pass, or step on the ball, and in the same way you are the gambler if you are not focused and attentive is not connected to the game and misses the chance! I've been through this, and it seems like this is a difficult point to control and keep your attention because any second inattention you lose the attention even if for a second! So a good tip or suggestion is to be focused on the game and focused on the decisions that will help you win, that is, nothing else should be on your mind! And this is a secret of the professional players of gambler, that is, every time you lose attention and she goes to another place, your attention fly, you will lose focus and you will also lose your money. When you play your mind you should be totally focused on the game. What do you think about this?
  3. I have observed in my time of gamber some talk of luck, others of strategy, others say they need both to win and there are those who pray, who do some type of ritual or use some amulet as a simple clover of 4 leaves thinking this superstition can help you win. Do you use any type of amulet to play? Or do not you believe in superstition and think that all this is a chance, or bullshit or coincidence? I particularly do not believe in these things, I have no amulet, I use only mathematics and strategies, if I win, it was my merit to make a plan of action that would lead me to victory, and if I lose, I did not plan my mission for that day or how I would play if things did not go according to what I was expecting, this is how I normally play based on statistics and mathematical calculations, no amulets and beliefs!
  4. This month I tested many strategies and one of them was playing in the 99x payout. So, playing on the 99x payout, I did the following, I set a game value for example 100 satoshi, and every 4 bets I lost (400 loss satoshi playing on the 99x payout) I after the 4 bet, I returned to the payout 1.22x and made a single bet of 1820 satoshi to recover every 4 bets I lost. Then, after recovering in the 5-bet case, that is, play 4 bets, lose 4 bets, play a bet on 5 bet to recover the previous 4 bets lost. This is a risky strategy! After the 5th bet mute novamene of the payout 1.22x in the qua I played to recover the previous 4 bets and return to the payout 99x and thus I play in the payout 99x along with the payout 1.22x. This is a method to play without losing anything, try not to lose anything is risky in this way, but if you lead lucky to hit the 99x and not lose, then the profit is great, 0% loss and 100% profit. Some call this a combined payout or strategy with combined payouts that can extend to any type of payout or multiple moves. Do you usually play this way with the 99x payout? How do you play with the 99x payout? Do you define a bet value and repeat it for a number of times? Or do you increase the value of your bet as you spend a certain amount of bets that does not appear in the 99x range? Or do you find the 99x payou too risky and definitely do not play on this payout? What do you do?
  5. Today was a day in which I did not have almost the opportunity to play, played little and lost, a small loss, and I confess that all loss is bad. bad loss, but a funny story. I decided to report this because it was a strange loss, I could have won 1 Ethereum starting from 10k etoshi, I started the game and I made 130k etoshi using the 11x payout, and in my feeling I should continue in the 11x payout and play in low! But I did not take the risk, and I lost. I was later feeling like a coward in the game, because I could have jumped to 0.013 etoshi. The result came in low in the 11x range and I could have won if I had stayed in the same payout and play style! It was a good chance that I missed. But I did not give up, so I decided to do the recovery, quickly got 29406 satoshi I had, converted to etoshi which resulted in etoshi 0.01325828322. It would be a great bet to bet everything again on the 11x payout, and if I won I would jump to 0.13 etoshi, a great breakthrough! But again I made a mistake, you know that day that you're not paying attention to everything, you may be playing, but you're not feeling, you're not totally in tune with the game, you're just playing a player role, not to compete real or to battle and win, it was my case today, I was just there without paying attention to the luck that is pointing out in front of me, signaling, winning, winning and winning, but I was running lucky trying to make a move fool. That's what I did, I acted like a fool, I played in the 1.22x payout for high !! And I lost again and my dreams turned into a nightmare, I saw my victory being buried in a pit and there it was written in my mind, joker was here today. Aahahahahaha, came the 11x payout again on low! My eyes saw the red army in 3 moves, and all my money I had was gone. The loss was small, this is a strategy I am using, "minimize losses" if I lose, I will lose little, if I win, I win a lot and I play strong, but this way I did not play strong and I did not even risk it, I played joker style stepping on the bark of the banana that I threw myself on the ground, and the result is the fall itself. Comedy, I laughed later, and got angry. Returning to the game, click again on the button roll dice, and for my expanto came another number on the payout track 11x and on the side lo !!!! lol !! lolo lolololololo !!!! I remembered the movie of the joker laughing, I got this feeling pah, pah pah, throwing myself pieces of cake, this is kind of without feeling, but it was how I felt, playing without feeling. Today I played like a joker, risked wrong and did not pay any attention to the reality of the game, I thought I was playing there, but I was not, nor did I recognize myself as a player. I looked at my own crowd as if I had in a football stadium and to my amazement all fans of the grandstand had my face, but they were all dressed in wildcard with that smirking grin laughing and screaming loser joker, loser joker !! ! Have you ever felt like a Gambler Joker at Primedice?
  6. I think this dicebot is a way for the house to always win. I do not trust machines playing for me, unlike manual playing, even though I know there is a code behind that can change the result, I prefer manual play because I can still have a chance to try to reverse the situation, unlike automatic play.
  7. Exactly after you study your plays, create your own ways and means of winning and playing, and always maintain a state of victory, ie, even winning that is daily, weekly or monthly so that you can always talk and it does not matter if the victory was big or small, but you can say, this month I had a profit, and this money I can spend with my family or buy some things I want, or do something that can give you a return, or pay an account, or I'm going to do something that I'm trying to do or I'm going to buy something else, ah, you know what I'm trying to say.
  8. I already tried this and won most of the time I did, and when I lost, I was playing the roll hunt way to hit a specific number on one of the challenges. After I lost the bet, I changed the payout to 1.22x, played two bets in a row, recovered the amount I lost at bet 1.01x, and returned to the game of 1.01x and did it until I met the challenge. I only play like this to hunt numbers, but never to make big crazy bets, I do not think this is worth risking, if I lose my friend, the eye fills with tears if the loss is great, or the sadness comes, and then, endure your mind telling you millions of plays and things you could have done with the money you lost.
  9. Exactly and if you lose you will get a bad fire, this is the worst part of the high roller game, make a big bet and lose and then get burned and out of money, it's a bad fire or a black fire. I do not look for the fire, I hope that happens by chance, I play naturally and if I make an aggressive bet if the computer forces me to do this and the positive result comes and I catch fire, I will then remember when I smoked a cigarette , but this time I'm going to smile knowing I've made some good money. I do not like to catch fire, people keep an eye and ask for money some way or other, even if passively the indirect ones come, so I do not prefer to stay in flame, but if you come, you'll be welcome. On the other hand the flame gives a feeling of power, victory, honor, reputation and so many other things that only those who stayed in flame know how it is, is like being a samurai, warrior or someone who really burned with victory, felt a big one that exploded and caught fire, as long as the fire is the fire of victory.
  10. Sure, this is a great plan, but I think of one or many more things you said, if you make a bet, you risk losing yourself as a part of your investment that came from your budget, on the other hand if I lose, I made a bad deal, even if I had fun with his own defeat. However, being in a casino is not easy to win, the risks are immense and we have to be very attentive and with luck in the game. I do not risk my budget, what I try to do is create money from the casino itself and invest the money from the casino itself in the game, if I win high, it earns more, if I reach a limit to withdraw the money I do it if I miss losing the casino money and I did not lose my money, but I really consider it a thing not to miss the chance to make withdrawals when I get the chance. Imagine a mouse gnawing the cheese, today you do not mind if it gnaws a little bit, but in time the mouse will eat a lot of cheese. That's how I'm doing what I can day after day and trying not to lose. Better I put the casino in a panic than to be under the pressure of always having to recover.
  11. Here at home everyone knows that I play and other family members of mine also know, but I do not encourage any of them to play, nor my wife, I think playing is not for everyone, some know how to play, they are born players, professionals since they were born or it's in the blood, and in the talent of the player. Others play millions of times, they can have all the money in the world and they always lose. I have seen players with no money make a lot of money, and others with so much money lose everything. It's not just a matter of luck, it's a matter of knowing how to play, have strategies, know how to risk at the right time, we do not always get it right, but you can be sure that helps a lot.
  12. I do not buy books, I do not follow anyone, I look at what others are talking about, I make an analysis of the case presented, if I have great results, then I see what I can add with this experience to my game system.
  13. Yes, I am understanding what all of you are trying to say, the problem is that you are all talking at once, so you have seen, it is difficult to understand things. But I understand that the point is always to communicate. What were we even talking about in the last thread? As you think about what you were talking about, keep following the rules of the challenge.