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  1. Play in cassino is very danger if the mind and luck not walk together. So, I stop to play or change my game style.
  2. Depression not exist if you take one plan and pay attention in your mind. Well if my plan not go in one good way, then I make a lot of small plans. Maybe this minimize the problem...
  3. Everything is variable and constantly changing in the game. Bet 1BTC on a single bet on a specific seed. If you are lucky, you will get a green result, otherwise red. So if we look the game was instant, lucky or setback. Again it depends on the luck that comes in the seed. For longer games, it will depend on how long you will play in that range of money available for the game. So it depends on how much time you intend to play and risk. I think that if things are not calculated they tend not to work very well, and even calculated do not work well, because the game as I said changes quickly. I've seen players with a lot of experience lose quickly, while I've seen players with no experience make good money in seconds. The analysis I do is that every day of dice is like learning more and more, which gives me a single certainty that is already clear and defined in my mind, nobody knows anything in this game, and playing everything in a single bet doesn't It is a good solution 99% of the time.
  4. Healthy foods are non-industrialized natural foods. Better would you read more about the theme "Codex Allimentarius". Answering your question, here we grow our vegetables, meat we eat only from our own chickens we raise, and fish we fish from the rivers. In addition, we avoid all kinds of processed foods, and especially reduce the consumption of sugar, which causes many diseases and wheat. But if I say the list of foods here, it will be a very long list. This sounds like a simple matter, but it is very complex, because wrongly eaten food causes illness. A good tip is research on unconventional edible plants, they are called PLANCS. These are plants that are mostly said to be bush, that's right this bush that comes from anywhere, many people do not know that many plants are edible .. We also use plants as medicines and we do not go to the hospital for many years.
  5. This is really a bet no player will ever forget! I think this is a disaster, it is very sad, and unfortunately a very bad lesson. Anyone learns from it never to bet a bet of this magnitude, because to recover this will also be a great challenge, the greater the risk and the greater the exposure in high loss ranges, the greater the likelihood of receiving such a result. I look at this loss and remember the losses I suffered and now I am thinking of many things, one of them, even though my losses to me were great compared to this are insignificant. But this is part of life.
  6. I think there are a lot of factors to win, everything is variable and the game can also change quickly, so I think that taking too many risks or getting into a high range of money leads to defeat, I think this is the main factor being whatever the payout. The question is if you bet so that you can lose all your money in 5 or 6 sequences with low payouts, then you will lose and defeat will be fatal. For high payouts, if you make a wrong estimate that for example you are in the 900x game and expect to get a result between 1 and 3000 bets, and make bets either continuous or progressive so that your money runs out to less than 3000 bets, then you will lose before you hit the target and worse yet will not make any profit in the game. None of this always works, and luck or game change can be a deciding factor.
  7. I think these are all experiences, and the higher the stakes, the greater the risk of winning or losing more or less. So the question is how much are you or any other player like me or others willing to live in danger, to play high games or to spend long periods at risk? Risking there are consequences that can be good or bad, so analyzing the game, the results don't always give us any good perspective because as we know the game is random. I really think there's a risk-taking attitude, so risking without money to cover two or five consecutive attempts at a loss is like getting into a situation knowing that you will lose and you will lose. So as someone I knew said, if you don't have the potential to get in the risk range and endure losing streak, you better not risk it. I met a rich man who also told me: "I only take risks when I have the power to endure the situation over and over again, that is, I can stand the attack sequentially because I am powerful, and when I have a chance, I attack, I win and I leave the game. , because I know no one wins forever. Great sequences of negative outcomes are possible and happen, so always remember that after suffering a large sequence of negative outcomes and after that you get 2 favorable results that will make you profitable for the game, restart the game or exit the game. Too much risk leads to loss.
  8. Primedice is a true online casino giving all types of players the opportunity to try their luck playing online dice! Cheers! Trustpilot: JohnTravel Primedice: JohnTravel
  9. Exactly, I agree with you! However, I have a question, today I saw a platinum player offend me and yesterday openly offended several players in the chat. There was support, moderators, and everything there because it wasn't mutated or muted? Today I went to tell such a person that he was doing ugly in offending people and humiliating them, so the moderator instead of silencing the individual silenced me, ie I was mutated, and this is not the first time that happens. So the question is, can higher level players break the rules, or do older players who come in day after day, post CAPS, break the rules and no one notifies them? Maybe this is what is making people start chatting to borrow, stammering endlessly, for all sorts of filthy things that add no value, and as a result of that, aside from beggars who are the same all the time, the same people who receive the punishment return and continue to do the same. So as I said what is missing is a higher criterion of punishment and direct scoring in the chat person just as there is a scoring here in the forum. Now when I see someone offending in the chat, I won't even realize what I saw, damn it, because it seems like if you are lower than a higher level player, people will always go with the richer. Detail, everyone saw it. After I came back from mute time, I was asked, why did you get mutated and the other person still being right and defending yourself? In summary, don't try to defend yourself against aggression in a casino chat if the person offending you is richer than you or makes more deposits, the better to keep quiet. If the rules are not for everyone, better close the chat.
  10. It would be great if this happened to at least add one or two more currencies, but you will know what the primal plan is to add more or less value to the site in currency transactions. Perhaps this is the question, more currencies, more transactional operations and some financial cost?
  11. I think if his vision is money, he is right in his point of view! However, I leave a message to Eddie, increase the punishment of beggars, those who are cursing and breaking the rules, and those who keep coming in and posting nonsense in the chat to earn rains or tips. Experienced users, and I can name several here, come in and post CAPS, or write one letter per line in front of everyone, or make or try to borrow and so on, I think the punishments should be higher and if there is a repeat offense, then banning the person will be a great solution. One of the things that made me stay in the early days was the clarity of the chat, unlike the other sites that are largely total junk. No need to end chat, you need to increase PUNISHMENT RULES.
  12. You have to do your calculations to always win out regardless of the payout type and how often you will play a multiplier type. In the case of 99x payout I already got 853 red results, I had no balance to cover the next bet and I lost the game. Therefore, everything has to be well calculated for a reasonable total of plays.
  13. I didn't test it, I thought at first it was Martingale, but it's not this pattern, so what I get to understand is the sequence of a specific progression. Is it a kind of geometric progression? I will try this and as I realize the results of this game I will give you feedback. But it seems that for the total of bets played this may be good for wager, but you have to have patience in this type of game. Another point to note is that if you greatly increase the number of bets in sequence with negative results, this progression will grow a lot and it can be dangerous playing a 1 satoshi start bet for after 200 bets an extremely high value to cover the bet. If the person does not have money to cover this type of game, they die in the game. Anyway, every strategy can be tested, so let's look at your game and track you, your wins will show us how that strategy is going. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Hahahaha, seriously! Man, I'll be frank at this point in my view these people are weak of mind. I love to play, but I know there is a limit and time to everything, and if there is the loss of control or the addiction that makes one consume something or be consumed by it, then it is better to stop and go do something else. Going to the "psycho" as I see it will only give a sense of deception, will not save anyone from the problem, but ultimately is the opinion of magazines, studies and a pseudo mental scheme trying to push people to the offices. The person has to have an opinion, make a decision, and know how to balance things, otherwise he will appear to be an unbalanced person who has no control over his own actions, because he does not know how to control his emotions in a situation like the game. So, as I said, I love the game, I have never been to a psychologist, I don't intend to go, and when I realize that I am too long in the game, or the game is turning my mood bad or making me more than necessary I quit. computer screen and I will do something else. I take one day out of the week to rest my mind on everything, and so I keep my life under control, I think that's my difference, the "totally separate day to be free of the game".
  15. Yes, i am thinking a lot about this, return my options for desktop and private keys in my control.