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  1. I have learned this from accepting defeat and knowing that time can be my ally if I have patience, discipline, and a good strategy and luck to win and maybe recover. The important thing is to stay calm so things don't get worse and worse. I think if I had learned this before I would have won more than lost more in casinos. Today I am better, because I am avoiding trying to recover losses and created my scheme to minimize losses. Thank you for your feedback.
  2. Yes, I don't like the attitude of someone who gives me some coin gift and then keeps charging me for it. One person started doing this to me, I returned all the money I had supposedly earned from him, after I "paid" what he sent me, I deleted him as a friend and never answered the person again, just ignored him, and realized who was not my friend but a casino mercenary. Unfortunately that exists.
  3. This is a fundamental and essential point. After a month of testing and analysis, I noticed that if I follow the limit I win, and if I break the rule I will inevitably lose. So today I incorporate this into my game, even if I win a little, it's better to have numerous successive wins and some medium or large than to have few wins and many losses. Therefore, limits give us more ability to win and achieve goals and objectives. Thanks for your feedback!
  4. I think the break is essential and fundamental, with it we can have more control of our emotions and better analyze the game, because without the break as a consequence comes the lack of self control and this brings defeat together.
  5. Try it out, it's a good option and can give you a great view of the game for you to later try with other currencies. If you lose a single coin and everything, then you have nothing to play with.
  6. Exactly, so I tell you if a loss is big, the difficulty will be much greater to recover if you lose again will be even worse. And if you don't have money later, then the situation is dramatic. Better not risk too much.
  7. So you are doing well my friend! Hard to win and few can get to withdraw! Keep it up and share your strategy, or do you only use luck and large amounts of money?
  8. I do this and realize that sometimes things get a little better, and when none of this works I close my browser and change currencies and sometimes things get better. But when the phase is bad luck then everything is hard to beat.
  9. Yeah I do that too, but only if the problems are small and not affecting me too much, otherwise I close everything and disappear. I even play better later when I'm rested or forget about the dice.
  10. Today I noticed one more mistake, or one more new rule that I will include in my rules script that I must follow to minimize my losses. The situation is as follows, you are playing, let's assume you have 50 XRP, and you made a crazy and risky move and lost 48 XRP! Terrible, why did you do it? As you wonder why you lost 48 XRP and wonder about situations to recover from the loss, you suddenly start climbing the mountain of XRP coins again to 44 XRP! Wow!! You are almost close to recovering! So your mind is to bet on a single bet at payout 1.22x or 2x, or 3x or any other payout to recover the remaining 4 XRP, or even play a little more and recover the loss and still do some extra XRP on the payout. balance, ie recovering and leaving with victory! But you know how the dice game is, things change dramatically in seconds, so you can win and lose everything or lose more and get worse or better we never know, just have an idea or projection of how things they may quit using a strategy or game action plan. But the dice game is unforeseen, it is a game that we need luck not to get unlucky or beat! And getting back to the game, you already recover 44 XRP and you only have 4 XRP left to recover from your loss, and you try some high moves and start getting red results and suddenly you notice that you were very close to recovering your loss, but Now you have lost everything! Lol, how sad, now your head is running fast and you have no way to recover anything your coins are gone! Unfortunately this has happened, I've been through it and you probably have already experienced it or know someone who has had this painful experience of near recovery and loses everything! So the simple question is, you start the losing game, and you're about to recover and lose everything! Are you close to recovering a loss, do you risk high or play little? What do you do to recover your loss? Share your ideas and experiences! Cheers!
  11. Exactly, it is difficult to keep it all in tune, and it sure helps to minimize losses. I already lost because I stopped following my own rules. So right after the loss I always remember that, I'm trying to reduce my losses by following this rule script. Thank you for your feedback.
  12. Exactly, good answer, I think that's more or less, it's hard to maintain a winning streak, and overcome consecutive losses. So you have to be aware of the type of game, the focus, the strategies to capture luck at the right time. Thank you for your feedback.
  13. I think a big loss can shake confidence in the game for a long time. After I suffered a big loss it took me a long time to have confidence in the game, so better to be mentally prepared to play, because otherwise it is no use having money and not having confidence in how to play.
  14. Yes, I am acting this way, better to earn little, and risk lower losses, than to try to bet big and suffer catastrophic losses and then it is very difficult to recover. Thanks so much for your feedback, good luck.
  15. Seriously? I don't know if I could go without playing so I am using only a small amount to make a win or lose. If I lose, I will lose little, and I will have a better chance of catching up soon, I will no longer make great games, even if I win only little, because big losses are so sad, bitter and hard to recover.