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    FotisNt reacted to Eminx3 in Races based on Profit   
    perhaps there was a tier based system that would be nice, so lower wager players get x prize, but still top 10 of em win then same for medium and high wagerers.. 
  2. Haha
    FotisNt reacted to Muskieto in Stake/Primedice Loans   
    You can test this yourself, just provide users some loans 😁 there will be just a few people that actually pay you back (then you still can't trust them) scammers are sneaky bastards. They will pay you back the 1st time then demand a higher loan and dissapear. 

    aaaand it's gone.... 😅
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    FotisNt reacted to williamsh in Races based on Profit   
    I would really prefer a system like that. The only issue with doing it this way is that is is kind of unfair to those who made a profit, to give them more profit. Some people who lost might also want some.
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    FotisNt reacted to Chikou1306 in Races based on Profit   
    even in that case the same high* players will win, big bankroll equals bing wagered and big profit, i think the only case we can win the race, that if they reverse the rules, the less wagered wins the race, in that case you will find us on top  
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    FotisNt reacted to Eminx3 in Races based on Profit   
    yes i have discussed this in the past with eddie and it seems it is easier said than done. as in for some reason the wagered amount and race system seem to work out very smooth code wise, but implementing a profit based race system requires a ton of back end dev stuff which as i said, is easier to imagine but hard to get done kinda thing =/
    id like to see it too tho
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    FotisNt reacted to @zulfandina in Races based on Profit   
    in my opinion the way you mentioned is classified as unfair ... why? because gambling is the capital factor is the most important problem ... if you want to win big, then try to have a large capital too ... that's just fair name ..

    I agree more with the current system ... a system that shares profits with winners with a fair share ...

    I hope you can understand friends, don't be offended if I don't agree with you.
      just exchanging ideas and ideas
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    FotisNt reacted to lupandina in Stake/Primedice Loans   
    Topic from fantasy section 
    Even now, some people are creating hundreds of alts (I'm writing it not for better expression. There are people with literally hundreds of alts in Primedice) just for rains/promotions/etc abusing. If they can do that for few hundred sats, what will they do for 0.002 btc? 😂
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    FotisNt reacted to GKD09 in Where you get funds from to gamble?   
    Yet another person who said profits from trading. I trade too but I make no profits lol. Are you talking about trading stocks or the forex market? Either way thats great, if you can work at home and maybe later do it for a living  
    Seems like you know how to grind on the internet  That's great though! I'm looking for ways to make money while staying at home too - but just for the time being.
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    FotisNt got a reaction from MrNice23 in Do You Race ?   
    Well, no. Sometimes races needs a high bankroll to be profitable which I can't manage to have nowadays. Guess I'll be able to participate in races in the future.
  10. Haha
    FotisNt got a reaction from JohnTravel in Do you ever made any accidental play and won?   
    Well, more like, I've made accidental bets and lost to the bone. I may won once like that as I remember, wasn't a high amount tho. However, nice hits over there!
  11. Thanks
    FotisNt reacted to waitforme in 🏆 [0.15 BTC] Primedice & Chill: The Terminator   
    Bet: 32,102,198,452
    placed by Onid on 17/06/2019
    2.80000000 Multiplier
    1.10x Profit
    0.28000000 Bet: 32,103,568,964
    placed by Onid on 17/06/2019
    2.80000000 Multiplier
    1.10x Profit
    chance=90 nextbet=2.8 bethigh=false currency = "Doge" numbersToHunt = {20.29,92.02,19.84,48.91} function dobet() if containedInSet(lastBet.Roll, numbersToHunt) then print(lastBet.Roll) print(lastBet.Id) stop() end end function containedInSet(x, set) for key, value in pairs(set) do if x == value then return true end end return false end  
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    FotisNt reacted to DreamStage in Bitcoin Wallet   
    Well i dont have any sort of blockchain fees for storing my balance there...
    What you mean with higher fees?  
    For having a blockchain wallet? Or some kind of exchange you do from blockchain?
    Mine is only Coinbase by the way. And it has been so good since it's opening.
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    FotisNt reacted to Kate in Bitcoin Wallet   
    Blockchain has the lowest fee for sure the highest fee is coinbase no doubt because they take like 2 dollars for every small transactions which is the worst.
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    FotisNt reacted to UltraChief in Inactive moderators?   
    Talk about stake in stake forum. Locking this thread now.
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    FotisNt reacted to williamsh in Inactive moderators?   
    If you got a warning which is unfair, due to a moderator accusing you of using a referral link where you used a clean link, live support is there to help you resolve it  Hope that helps
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    FotisNt reacted to Zoltan in [0.01 BTC] The long running giveaway (Test 2)   
    Ends: Whenever the goal is reached
    Hopefully you remember the first run which i did in April, this one will be similar and it will also sound a bit complex, but i will try to explain it.  What i need from all of you, that you fill out this topic with numbers between 0-99.90. It should be in increasing order so the first entry should be a roll of "0" , second entry should be the roll "0.10" 3rd entry "0.20" and so on. That is not all though! As you can't post a new message if yours was the last, as it would merge, therefore if you posted an entry you have to wait until someone hits the next target, so you can post again. Every new entry has to have a bigger bet ID than the previous one, so you can't stack winner bets and just wait for the opportunity. This way if you are lucky and persistent you could win up to 0.005 BTC as explained later.
    No minimum bet!
    Bets must have been made after the commencement of this promotion.
    They have to be winning bets.
    Do not change your linked account during the whole duration of the promotion.
    10+ forum post count.
    Haven't broken any General Giveaways Rules!
    Prize Pool
    Every correct entry is 0.00001 BTC (yes i know it is small, this is just a test run and you can have multiple entries, so if you are lucky, you can get up to 0.005BTC) (Hopefully there will be no one with only one eligible entry, as minimum tip amount is 2k )
    How to Enter
    Respond to this topic, and link your bet IDs using the link function in the text editor. 
    (Paste your bet id, then highlight and click on the link bet button)
    PS.: If you see someone posted a wrong bet, then please try to post a correct one instead and don't go for the next number until the previous one is not eligible.
  17. Confused
    FotisNt reacted to rembo2 in Inactive moderators?   
    I think those people who spam links they do not care about warnings. They came only to distribute their links or advertise their scammers sites. It seems to me that everything is fine as I see how quickly the spam or advertising content is deleted.
  18. Sad
    FotisNt got a reaction from rembo2 in Inactive moderators?   
    True that! The point is that users like them, haven't get any punishment or a post deletion. Although, I literally got 3 warning posts while I was pretty active and never even spammed no sense comments like most people around. Could happen to anyone anyways.
  19. Haha
    FotisNt got a reaction from cryptomonkey in Only luck will make you win or that you need to have a good strategy?   
    I do not believe in strategies, only except if u got a bankroll which is huge. Without luck, not even a strategy will succeed.
  20. Sad
    FotisNt got a reaction from protonRockit in What do you do when you lose all your coins?   
    Just getting the fuck off instead of spamming & being a passive beggar.That's what I do. Don't wanna anyone to show me mercy or something.lol I just get my drinks and chil down playing some league or working on my projects. Fox tv is a good way to get over it too.lol
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    FotisNt reacted to sheenaz.bay in Can gambling make us rich?   
    I also feel that, despite changing strategies, we will definitely lose. just waiting for time to lose. unless it's not too greedy, it might be able to make a profit, but not much
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    FotisNt reacted to mikeoxlong in Death locks $140m cryptocurrency   
    there is the small possibility that he faked his death and ran away with the money, people have done this before
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    FotisNt got a reaction from MrNice23 in Primedice Chat Dying ?   
    Well that's true and it's actually way better like that, less spam, less begging so we can bet quietly being focused. But sometimes it's kinda annoying that chat is empty due to Stake's giveaways while almost every user goes there either to participate in challenges or spam to rechieve some rains afterwards. I guess that will be kinda fixed while Primedice gonna start going some daily challenges aswel. For me, Pd deserves way more traffic than right now while it is an all time classic btc casino!
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    FotisNt reacted to nolep in Most profit on one roll   
    it seems that this strategy is very interesting to try, okay maybe later I will immediately explore the strategy that you gave
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    FotisNt got a reaction from ethsawin in Uncle Ed's magic   
    No Idea why I never had an issue like that both in stake/pd, funny story tho.xD ps. Don't bust:P