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  1. No Idea why I never had an issue like that both in stake/pd, funny story tho.xD ps. Don't bust:P
  2. Bet: 31,326,229,801 placed by FotisNt on 21/05/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 8.00x Profit 0.00000700 Bet: 31,326,230,281 placed by FotisNt on 21/05/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 8.00x Profit 0.00000700
  3. But did you actually come up with profits by using a strategy provided by randoms? I didn't, tried many but nothing.lol
  4. Oh lol, guess ive got an eye problem...did read the ''2 hours ago'' xD.
  5. Well, I guess I missed that =(, gonna be there in the next one:D
  6. Thanks for that info! Can't wait to see the part 2, enjoyed the first one!
  7. There is no such an easy way to achieve 1.0 btc in a day. lol I guess you need a proper balance for example a 0.05 and manual bet according to your heart.xD
  8. I think thats a common fail strategy lol, might works for you anyways, I can't judge, but strategies like this one never got me up profited.
  9. No idea, I like discussing about random pd stuff and get rewarded for that. Most people spam no sense stuff to get a reward while some others are trying to build a good reputation by posting valuable comments or topics. That's the annoying part.
  10. Self control, patience, a well worked strategy, some fairness knowledge, and everyone can be lucky to build up like that. It's all about balance and focus.
  11. Hell no! Would never do that. I actually have some self control so, I can handle my addiction.
  12. Another nice one:D. You can get paid for this! lol
  13. Just hold on for John Wick 3.
  14. You got some nice design skills right there!
  15. Never actually had the chance to be rich so far, I might missed chances for $1k profits but I guess it happens to everyone and I got over it easily. Refering to alt coin projects of course.
  16. Yeah, it was kinda boring watching him fighting with a microphone for half an hour.xD
  17. Well, if course people will be able to transcate money out of these stuff, I mean, it's not cryptos fault ot something. Stuff like that can be made using any currency.
  18. Wait what? I just did read the whole script, seems pretty hard to bust actually. I know that it might be not 100% safe, more like 99 or so. Still good and will be worthy trying. Thanks for sharing!
  19. They do that like every day lol! Anyways, indeed, that giveaway made almost every active user win so we should be glad and, happy bday pd!
  20. It's @stakeneich :D. The only person I know on Pd aswel.xD
  21. The best part is that noone actually mentioned charities and stuff. I wonder why humanity is like that even in 2019. lol
  22. Well, It was kinda fun, I enjoyed listening to eddie about primedice's history. About giveaways, no, I dont actually expect more rewards in the next ones, he literally tipped almost every user with 20-40 bucks, that's something really rare from casino owners. We should be thankful.
  23. Did you ever think to cashout and run?xD