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  1. FotisNt


    Hello everyone, so I've recently found an airdrop-earndrop which gives you up to 70NRG tokens(about $35) once you pass KYC and complete a minimum of two different social media platform actions-tasks. You will also get 10 NRG tokens per referral who also pass KYC and a minimum of 2 tasks. Anyone you send a new referral to must be a citizen of the USA, Canada, the EU, Australia, or New Zealand in order to be eligible for the current rounds of the Energi Earndrop program. It might take up to one or two months to rechieve the claim mail. So here is the referral link: http://earndrop.energi.world/homepage.php?ref=42843 Also clean link here: https://earndrop.energi.world/homepage I suggest you to join through my referral link so you'll get an extra 10NRG which are about 5$. Thanks for your time!
  2. FotisNt

    If you have 100Btc

    Well, If I had 100btc, I would definitely donate to stray animal shelters, homeless people/immigrants/Abandoned, thirld word children. Also I would keep an amount to buy a new car or build a house. Guess the rest of those would be use to have some fun.
  3. FotisNt

    #25 stream!!! Giveaways!!! #Stake!

    Will be there! Good luck.
  4. Well, I joined, lets give it a shot and see how it goes! Used your ref link tho.
  5. FotisNt

    What makes you stay at Primedice?

    Well, you're not the only one, I guess. I was doing exactly like that too until I did put a balance between money that's spare and money that I need. Once you use spare ones, guess you won't have any problems.Gl bud.
  6. FotisNt

    Hii everyone im Josenete

    Welcome to Primedice's Forum Josenete. I came from Stake aswel and I really enjoy being her aswel! Guess you'll have a great time too. Best of luck!
  7. Well, nothing buy a loss increase of 10% and autobet while doing other stuff. Most of times I end up busting while sometimes I come up winning 0.01 - 0.02.
  8. FotisNt

    Making a living from gambling

    Well, once you win a high amount which could be able to provide you a future such as goods and needs, it's definitely possible. On the other hand gambing continuously requires some balance while there is always the possibility to lose your money. Summing up, I guess it can be possible but it's such too rare and dangerous!
  9. FotisNt

    What will you do when you win big?

    Well eveytime I win any amount higher than $50 I just withdrawing and having fun sparing them to my free time. So I guess that if I win big someday, I'll just have some fun with a high amount and keep the rest for my own future after donating to animal/human shelters of course. ^^
  10. FotisNt

    Which is more profitable?

    Well, as Br1 said, there's actually not a big difference between the two casinos but mostly depends on your luck. However, Stake has way more multiplier than Primedice including some really high ones such as 100000x or higher. To sum up both casino's has their good and their bsd differences either!
  11. FotisNt

    A trick to improve your performance

    Well, I already use some of those tips you mentioned! And i can definitely say that most of them helped me to keep away many losses! Anyways thanks for sharing your advices which may prevent many people from busting their balance.
  12. FotisNt

    What makes you stay at Primedice?

    Well, I'm a member of primedice since December of 2017! What makes me bet and stay here are many things.First of all there are no issues at all while there are supports who can solve any problem 24/7. Secondly there is its awesome forum where you can take part on challenges, giveaways and interesting discussions which makes primedice even better. Also, of course the classical look of the dice makes you wanna bet more and more, can't actually find any online bitcoin similar to primedice!
  13. FotisNt

    Primedice video

    Such too interesting and fun to watch videos! Keep up that great job!! Hope you will expand your views and subscribers posting here. That's a really cool strategy which I also use thought. High risks, bigger payouts!
  14. FotisNt

    skywallkee's 17th stream live!

    FotisNt15 on twitch, best of luck!
  15. FotisNt


    Hello! Well, I don't actually have any goals to achieve so far, just being here to gamble and have some fun. However, a profit of $5k would be a great goal for me to achieve.