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  1. Well, they do trust coinbase actually, already convinced them, good luck in that I guess, it's pretty hard actually.
  2. Well, not everyone's able to have access to Forum like 24/7, and so, we are able to know both from forum/telegram about the upcomming updates, so, it's not a bad idea at all.
  3. Well, not really since there are companies that own a huge part of Bitcoins. I guess it is unstoppable, literally no one can stop the bitcoin network, it's a golden age right now.
  4. Well, that's kinda easy, friends, family members etc. That's what I did, doesn't matter if they know it or not.xDD
  5. Well, I guess just to keep us updated about upcoming updates or races and coupons. I pretty much like that Telegram channel ideas while we can't be online 24/7 and it's useful to rechieve notifications about events.
  6. I don't really know how can someone choose a favourite high roller. I mean, most of them are hidden, due to spam and stuff, most of those who don't, probably are seeking for attention or something. Grahamesco would be my favourite high roller due to his story Which i recently did read, pretty inspiring story while it was not only about profits. Anyways my fav high rolller might be a guy who's hidden and ignoring all these begging pms, not reporting them or spamming chat stuff like: stop pming me. To sum up, a high roller isn't a cool one when he just wins but when he's playing for his/her own pleasure.
  7. Pretty interesting article. That guy must one of the luckiest people in the world..
  8. Um, when I was a newbie, not really.xD I mean, it would be an 100% mute, I did beg for a forum restriction when I was a newbie but thats it!xD
  9. Well, I do have realistic goals, which means balances that are worthy to me. Not monthly or daily, just a withdrawal goal, I guess any win higher than 100 bucks would be a worthy goal to cashout and have some fun.
  10. Well, I was gambling when I was young, I still do but I've selfcontrol so I don't end up broke. I guess that its a worldwide problem while many teenagers or students might lose their money, stuff and time and also become addicnted to gambling in the rest of their life. There should be some stricter rules for underaged gamblers. Many people have already lost everything like that.
  11. Didn't have time to read the whole post but according to the title I guess you do mean that PD gets money from the rich people to feed the poor ones?xD LIterally, no, rich people are more likely to get even more rich by betting low with a huge bankroll. That's what most rich people do, getting a 5-10 per cent of their bankroll per day or something. I mean, there are many smart ways to do that. But of course your bankroll has to be more than a unit.
  12. Nothing more than ignoring them, I also don't accept friend requests from people I do not recognize so I do avoid annoying stuff like that. I guess, reporting them is a waste of time since they will come back to beg more and more, that's how we should all do. Although there are people who accept friend requests from people who are more likely to beg, then they are compaining about losing due to spam, It's not about beggars, we do make the decision to avoid them or not.
  13. Well, yeah, pretty much, new generations are more likely to trade using crypto nowadays! Also cryptocurrency is growing slowly at business stuff which is healthy for Btc aswel.
  14. Well, just once at a telegram group.xD Not an interesting conversation tho, just a typical one, they are just people like us.lol
  15. Well, I do use blockchain since its safe.Maybe higher fees than many online wallets but the safest to me. Safety goes always first!