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  1. Well, yeah I do definitely feel safe keeping my balance at PD, its totally anonymous, noone is gonna try to steal from you, and even if someone do, you are still totally safe once your 2FA is enabled.
  2. I can remember around 2 days of continously wins. Rest days I had losing streaks as always. However, these two days recovered some huge losses and I am definitely in profit!
  3. I guess we can consider as a looser someone who busts his finances, then complaining for it while betting with a dumb way. People might call you dumb for betting on a specific multiplier continously or for betting at any way. Once you are betting for fun with funds you're able to afford losing, you're definitely not a loser!
  4. I guess you guys do nothing wrong at all, replies in time, friendly people, helpful. I literally haven't find a better live support so far.
  5. Oh that might happen a lot here! Many users are angry due to bust and they might think that the problem is you simply because you win and they don't. Never happened to me so far, instead, I only share my bets to/with friends so they are happy that I'm winning aswel. I guess it will be fun when I'll experience something like that.
  6. Well, not really, I do not follow my previous strategies or trying to avoid mistakes while sometimes it's all just about luck. I might avoid all in's or strategies that made me bust but thats it. There is no reason to bet with a specific strategy while most wins might be done by betting randomly.
  7. Sure thing! Everything needs focus and concentration orelse it might fail. Even more gambling, once you lose self control or get greedy, most times, its all over and you might lose everything just like most people do when gambling, thats the really sad part, once you play just for fun, it's kinda nice to do yolo bets etc.
  8. That happened too many times! Like I cant even count them, that didnt only happen on dice, it actually happened to any gambling game I tried so far. Anyways, I was just greedy and I lost money which i could afford so I guess its just experience and nothing more.
  9. Well, I was playing only for money some months ago, anyways, I came up as a winner while I did plenty withdrawals from stake. Nowadays, I realised that im out of luck, I guess, so I mostly play for my own fun to avoid frustrations and stuff.
  10. Well, interesting topic. I do rarely rain because I hardly win decent amounts, I was always tipping or rainning a 20% of my winnings in the past, but I actually stop winning at all. I also hate rainning to random people so I mostly tipping my homies only when I've a decent balance.
  11. Hell no! You always have a change to lose everything due to mistakes or bad decisions. I guess you should always have a backup so you wont be broke once you bust or betting only with a specific amount which you can afford losing.
  12. I dont really think that this is the proper way to race. I guess playing normally while racing is the best option to follow while betting on a multiplier like 1.01x is a busting strategy and nothing more. You cannot end up profited on 1.01x so you might bust faster and miss a long time from the race aswel.
  13. I actually hate playing with XRP while im not used to it. I mean, there was a casino in the past where I was playing with xrp but it was kinda making me all in or do dumb bets. No idea why! I guess because its like 1/4 of a dollar per unit so I cant manage to set a balance between the multiplier and the basebet.
  14. I had a strategy like that in the past but it failed once and it was actually boring so I didn't like it at all in the end. However, I got some profits this way but its kinda too boring for me. Anyways, there is always a small risk at any multiplier/strategy so I guess you should try to invest instead of betting slowly on gambling stuff.
  15. I guess having a target might be the reason you will bust. Most of my losses came out due to this mistake, by setting limits on bets. I guess you should withdraw imediately after hitting a decent amount while its more likely to bust on the next rolls.