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  1. I just remember myself losing a mini 30 buck deposit. At least thats only how it started. Wasn't a fancy experience.
  2. I guess pd's the main site since its way older than stake, but as it seems, stake got all the traffic right now.
  3. I mostly like online poker, not a real life poker fan. No clue why, but I'd love to see it on stake. It's just quiet fun trying to beat other people, much more fun when you get cash for it.xD
  4. Never gonna get bored of betting, kinda weird while I'm easily getting bored.
  5. Pretty sure you mean higher balance, cuz I actually tried any change and it's stil the same.
  6. I always make sure to cash everything out before being drunk, I guess you all know what happens if you start betting while drunk.XD
  7. I guess trading would be the best idea while any other way would need too much time and you wouldn't earn enough. However, there might be a loss while trading aswell.
  8. Not withdrawing a lot but when I do, its because I kinda know that im about to lose so I guess its better to have some fun with these funds.
  9. Sometimes you just got to keep playing cause once you take a break, you might lose your focus and start busting. At least thats what happens in my case.
  10. Yeah, true, feels like primedice is about to die, more features would keep the community alive.
  11. They might not only focus on wagering, long term gambling sessions could be profitable without a huge loss aswel. On the other hand, it could work on 1.01x once you've done some proper calculations.
  12. Simply because some of them are just losing and some of them are winning until they get greedy and losing too. By the way try to think of new posts because there are too many similar ones and it could be considered as spam. Just a friendly advice.xD
  13. That might be true but i think differently, once I do a fat nonce, then way higher multipliers starting to show up. Maybe its all in our head though.
  14. Not sure if primedice goes on a right way. Pd's kinda paused, there are no further updates and stuff. I'd love too see pd's community as active as it was in the past.
  15. Well, thats a nice thing about pd's forum, I guess thats the reason it's still active.lol