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  1. Well, I don't think that it was necessary, nor important at all. It's kinda annoying not being able to see our own profit stats tho.
  2. Well, thats impossible actually, but I guess I would just try to bankrupt any online casino because I'm kinda mean. Well, I would surely just let stake and pd alive. :D
  3. Thanks for that! Any promotion should be appreciated by users while dinabot solved many problems on exchancing, even exchanging on the site has much more fees and some minimum amounts. By the way, it would be really cool to add some more casinos!:D
  4. Had no idea that pd is restricted to UK or Russia, I actually thought that it's restricted only to Australia. So yeah even a free vpn would help on this.xD Tbh, I'm not sure that PD is restricted to Austria too.
  5. I don't think that it makes any sense losing due to betting big or low, either with the wrong way, for me, it mostly depends on luck, once you're unlucky enough, you might lose at any multiplier, any strategy, any balance.:D
  6. Well, I mostly never chase them, just because I always forget about them, I guess there is not a proper strategy than chasing them down, using autobets or even dicebot for the ones which requires to hit a specific number.
  7. Well, sometimes PD does that, although, I believe that HighRolles are winning sometimes so rest non HR people don't, I mean thats how the house works.xD Definitely PD made some poor people into rich, but the opposite aswell.
  8. Seems really useful for me, I will definitely check it. Thanks for sharing with the community!
  9. Will you provide exchanges in more casinos in the future? If yes, could you mention which ones?:D Also, did Dinabot ever got hacked or glitched? Happy bday!!!
  10. What kinda question is that? Of course it is. -__-
  11. I'll definitely bet slowly once I deposit my real life funds. I usually hate long runs but when it's about profit, I might do some, free funds usually gets all inned charing high multipliers mostly in short runs.
  12. I really prefer withdrawing since I can't hold myself from redepositing any balance I'm saving on vault. Even if I can bet steadily without a massive, knowing when to stop, vault is my weak spot.xD
  13. I really think that that it'd be a nice move to invest right now once you're a long term investor. It would be a really bad idea to do a short term. Bitcoin might pump unpredictably high nowadays.
  14. I've actually never been in Primedice's HR so far since I mostly prefer long runs when I'm playing dice. And I don't really feel it is an achievement being on HR, depends on each one's way to bet.
  15. I usually prefer overnight automatic sessions since everytime I tried to, I woke up profited. Not expecting to win is actually the best way to come up with tons of wins.