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  1. I think it depends on the amount you are willing to risk. Friends are also a part of why it's awesome here.
  2. It's like making a trading portfolio. What trades you did, and it's best to remember what you did wrong before and to minimize that risk also. I think that's a great way to utilize what people are not consistent for.
  3. This is amazing. I will give this a try after setting up some tweaks. I'm always getting an error in dice bot, I don't know why. "Unexpected Symbol ""
  4. I recently won the giveaway ETH, and I'm thankful for it. I'm going to stay here for a long time for sure. There are a lot of great people here.
  5. Hey there! dogebot! I don't know if you are a real bot or not (just kidding) I hope more wins to you too! Share some strategies 😛
  6. I do hope that I win a lot. It's just a matter of time to enjoy some stuff.
  7. Hey there FotisNt! I think I'm going to make an account on the Stake forum too. See you there!
  8. Thanks for welcoming me. Still looking around in the forum Hey. I hope you have a great gambling experience too.
  9. If personally, I'm just going to return it. I'm not going to risk my reputation get tarnished just because of money. It's just not right and if that happened to you, would you want that person to go away too? Of course you want it back. That's just the right thing to do.
  10. I think that's what we all want right? I hope we all do make good profit in the long run. Hey there! Thanks for welcoming me.
  11. Hey there AlphaStorm! Nice gif you got there. Good luck with your play also!
  12. I can't wait to start rolling too. Good luck with yours too. It would be nice to win a high percentage 😋
  13. Hey Guys, I'm Crwth! I haven't recently gambled in any site, just my life decisions. Joke. 😋 Looking forward to conversing with you guys here in this forum. Regards, Crwth