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  1. Hahah cool one . its a good platform . looking cool
  2. Gambling is full stories . yes it was a really good run . people make millionaires and many millionaire also come too road too. Some win by chance and some by hard earn too.
  3. luck786

    Hi I'm New

    Yes u will be soon. Bcz everybody have its own lucky day . soon u will be too
  4. All depand on fair casino and ur luck with bankroll too
  5. What u guys think about dogecoin ? Is it will be go to 1$ by promoting of Elon musk
  6. Its really bad thing when u are pregnant and playing gambling with large amount of money and u got loss . its effect u and ur baby too
  7. There are no one perfect strategy for long time run. Bcz at the end all loss.
  8. Have look saitan of america . Its all about illuminati info . They told how they are using people Its first was awesome . sec will be also too nice too