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  1. When u win u always be happy mate but sometimes u lost u feel like u want to cry and sometimes u lost 0.1 btc but u made from 0.0001 and u don't cry for that all.
  2. lol what an teenager question but lemme answer the best age for sex if ur a men i think thats 17.
  3. "chasing losses which never works" i don't think so sometimes after a ripping so much money don't stop when u keep going u'll hit that 9900x u can hit that anytime if i bust i bet all in rain at once and im hitting that day.
  4. Dude these totem's like last month was bad month this month i'll win big or etc. dude there is fucking rip day everyday if u win big u lost bigger if u lost small ur gambling is not fun.
  5. i have this problem too im from turkey +90 and im trying like for 20-30 times and sometimes 2-3 times in a day no verification messages to my phone and the problem is only for primedice other's sites solve this problem already.
  6. hello abitguru good luck and don't be gambling addict after playing in here
  7. My real winning strategy is always Payout: 2.91x On loss increase by : %70 base bet is 900/1 of ur balance its really giving much winnings but u need to set profit stop and change seed every 40-50 wins to %100 carrefull and safe play. if i want to win more than this i open increase on win %0 and set profit like i want to make 0.0001 with 0.001 balance i set and boom if i make this 10 times i double my balance for ez.
  8. i think im in 2 to or 4 dude u can't get fun with any bet like 1.1x or etc the real fun is hitting big multipliers like if u risk 50$ and win 55$ that 5$ is not really cool four you but if u bet 0.1$ and win 5$ omg u won so much and u get really happy about that.
  9. dude the idea for hypnosis for gambling site's are like first times it comes delicious because its free money and u have fun while playing it u started to win more and having fun more but at a point u start to lose but you can't get urself away from these sites because they are like black holes u wait for a 5$ coupon for 1 month bro only 5$ u can sell water in the traffic light and earn 5$ in 1 hour. thats a real thing they want to play us more lose more and get in to these places and effect people to play more thats what i can say about this.
  10. Dude the 10x bet idea was really cool to make people in to sports betting but in the other case the prize was 1 btc and u need to be super lucky to hit that coupon and win 1 btc i hope many people hit those games and split the btc prize.
  11. The codding system for seeing the results or what's going on in the match is pretty cool for stake now its not a tv program that u can watch some of the site's has copyright's for the matches and if stake wants to do that they need to pay much money than this one and if they do in unlegit way it can go upto site's ending.
  12. Guys im pretty sure that everyone wants the giveaways for the billionth bet challange's but thats really hard to get a change for getting billionth bet with no multi accounts thats why im asking this what would you do if u win that 1 btc in 50 Billionth Bet challange. Like everyone has some targets in their gambling lifes mine is hitting 1 btc from non deposit game u can win 1 btc with 0.5 btc deposit but important one is hitting with free money i hope everyone comments their dreams or reactions of hitting 50 billionth bet with legit challange rules and win 1 btc.