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  1. nick: EmirhanDemirciog and i prefer always ltc as usual xd :d
  2. Let me explain you why is it like that when we compare the online people and the bets we can see that stake is the most used gambling site for crypto in the world and because of that the people who owned the site needs to give more surprises to keep people active.
  3. Yeah u should keep active in forum actually u can have some money to play from forum primedice and stake they both give some not the best but okey price for a from i think xd
  4. Check around here i think u'll like it probably and if u want to be in chat we'r always here you can come to chat to say hello. :d
  5. As i always say to my friends too is that the btc price will fall again hard don't invest btc or another crypto currency these days u should keep your money until it hits under the 5.5k$ the perfect idea behind this is u should buy some btc when the fall is passed.
  6. He is right the best idea u can get from this topic is u should invest some money to btc if the goverment is behind something u need to believe thats gonna be good profit for you.
  7. Wow i hope russian people can join site soon they can join illegal anyways named VPN xd :d
  8. Dude ofcourse it does look at the markets and the price's all the job's are getting paid from goverment and everyone is losing money against the people who sells mask for the corona. but of course its time to relax in home watch some tv and play stake or primedice.
  9. Bitcoin will be up soon but first it'll see 6k$ again buy when it hits lower than 6k$ than u can sell from 8.5k$. and lets hope some luck to hit 20k$ xd
  10. I think the best way to earn bitcoin is online sex u need to lick some balls from hr tab people earn like that so many times but we'r not begger so can't get any of them.
  11. Hahaha. -Dude its impossible to make 100,000,000,000 bets in 2 years what are u talking about hahah. and so many at the end its annoying.
  12. About a time when i was playing these sites in the first time they were like only 30-40 minutes so i was depositing an amount and rip or achieve my target and i was withdrawling now im in to this and im playing gambling for 2 to 9 hours straight always maybe im addicted but the one thing i know is this is not healty .
  13. I think most people in here is playing inlegal ways that beacuse they can't play in their country and came here to earn some with gambling.So the goverments are really hard to change their ideas and some religionist goverments never accept these gambling sites so the people is trying to find illegal way to play and they find it as primedice or stake.
  14. U need to know where to stop sometimes when u go too gready you always rip don't fotget that xd.