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  1. I do not think that you need to "recovery" in that way you will probably need larger "recovery". You need to stop gambling with money which you are not supposed to lose. If you can not stop alone, talk about your problems with someone who loves you. Also, find something what is exciting for you, beside gambling. Good luck!
  2. I think that person is an addict because he spent too much time at gambling, only difference is how much money he spent, but in my opinion that is not only factor to look. He is someone like gamer, if he spending 5 hours a day at gaming, months and months, he is an addict. In other hand he would probably quit his addict easier than someone who puts more money. Also, I do not think that is neccesery bad thing, because he have cheap entertainment.
  3. I tried sportsbet, they have wide offer, I did not have problems with withdraws, but sometimes their site is clumsy.
  4. If these are the parameters, I am not successful gambler, but I am in plus with gambling, because of luck and sense for cashout.
  5. Bitcoin affected my life in positive manner. I was gamer, but after I find crypto space I find something more interesting than gaming. I am not an greedy person so I am happy with little financial help which crypto provides to me.
  6. I have friend which was someone like you, but he quit gambling wholly. Right now, he is better person. I gamble every day but not in front of my friends.
  7. I listening this mix right now. By the way, great option for sharing video clips on forum, did not see that before, you can just paste youtube link, cool.
  8. In my hometown there is no ATMs for Bitcoin, so I never used ATM before. We have just few of them in whole Croatia, most of them are in Zagreb.
  9. This is what most of people do with Bitcoin last few years, they are buying Bitcoin to buy shitcoins, and that is the main reason why Bitcoin will rise again.
  10. Right now buying with Bitcoin is something like selling it at low price, so I am not buying anything right now with Bitcoin. When price shoots up, I will probably buy something like new computer or laptop.