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    elissa3335 reacted to Steve in $5,000 MEGA RACE! 🏁   
    That's right a $5,000 Mega Race is starting up on Primedice! This is a great opportunity to win some prizes and earn some profit!
    Don't miss out!
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    elissa3335 got a reaction from Marija in 🏆 [0.1 BTC] Primedice & Chill: Gone in 60 Seconds   
    Bet: 33,597,675,481
    placed by elissa3335 on 29/07/2019
    3.40000000 Multiplier
    100.00x Profit
    336.60000000 Bet: 33,597,719,270
    placed by elissa3335 on 29/07/2019
    3.40000000 Multiplier
    100.00x Profit
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    elissa3335 reacted to Steve in Primedice Birthday, Telegram & Giveaways!   
    We have a lot planned for Primedice in the very near future so everyone be ready! I know many of you have already joined, but the first thing I'd like to announce officially is the new Primedice Telegram channel. We will be hosting a few challenges there but I'll get to that later. Right now the first thing you should know is we'll be doing a $250 giveaway at 1000 members to celebrate! 
    Join the Primedice Telegram here: https://t.me/OfficialPrimedice
    The next thing I'd like to talk about is Primedice's 6th birthday. Can you believe on May 18th Primedice is already 6 years old? 
    Primedice's Birthday Events
    $25,000 Race $2,000 giveaway Primedice birthday stream Daily 0.06 BTC forum challenges from May 12th-18th Daily Telegram challenges from May 12th - 18th Primedice Birthday Blog  
    Birthday Race
    The Race has just started and will be ending on May 18th! There are 50 unique prizes ranging from $10 to $12,000!
    $2,000 Birthday Stream
    Don't miss Eddie's Primedice birthday stream on May 18th, 1 pm (GMT) ! Be sure to follow on Twitch to be notified when the stream goes live! 
    Primedice Telegram
    From May 12th to the 18th we'll be hosting challenges in the Primedice Telegram channel & chat! We'll also be having a $250 giveaway once this channel reaches 1000 members! 
    Forum Challenges
    More info on the daily forum challenges here!

    Primedice Birthday Blog
    You'll later find a blog update here
    See you all at the best Primedice celebration yet! 
    If you saw the small giveaway text and won claim your prize here  
     🎂Happy birthday here's to another 6 years Primedice #1🎂Happy birthday here's to another 6 years Primedice #1🎂first 50 people to comment their Primedice username win $1🎂
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    elissa3335 reacted to Steve in 🏆 Ethereum Giveaway!   
    Login your Primedice account and click this link to claim your prize! (1 week to claim)
    Winners List 
    1. raviki99                    6. trisha22                    11. easyway
    2. Juggernout              7. babagucci                 12. ponkids17
    3. Bimfo                       8. crossbut                    13. Lovekaze
    4. MxSxG                     9. Crwth09                     14. Cryptohunt
    5. Landak                    10. keyr                           15. Flanscaaa
    In celebration of Primedice players profiting over $1,000,000 worth of Ethereum last week we've decided to hold an Ethereum giveaway! 15 people will be chosen to win $5 each and you can enter up to 3x through Primedice social medias!
    Twitter: https://bit.ly/2AYk0wc
    Instagram: https://bit.ly/2Wbrghw
    Facebook: https://bit.ly/2sEs14U