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    jamyr reacted to Bojana in 📢 Announced Maintenance Downtime   
    Heya, fellas

    Developers have a new update to deploy tonight at 02:00 AM GMT. Just letting you know, so you would have time to prepare too and make a pause in this period, all you need to do is convert the GMT into your respective time zones. 

    The downtime will be full and be approximately 1-2h long, and we thank you for your patience in this period. 

    Have a lovely day ahead, everyone! 🌟
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    jamyr reacted to zay24 in Lots of Sites Down - Global Issue   
    PD is live always. 
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    jamyr reacted to Katarina in General Giveaways Rules   
    Good day, Dicers!  
    Just a heads up on some general rules which apply to each and every giveaway. Make sure to read and understand them!
    One entry per household In case we find multiple forum accounts linked to your main one and you send proof that they belong to different people, only one of them can participate in challenges (you will be given a chance to choose) You must not hide bets from the public Bets must be made after the commencement of a giveaway 10+ post count on the forum Challenges will be checked from Friday onward and the payment will be done by Wednesday Users with warning points for alts should not participate until their warning points expire/are removed, and they will not be credited.  It is necessary to link bet IDs for the challenges, screenshots cannot be the only proof of participation in the given challenge. Linked forum account has to be the same as bet account (the account on which you placed the winning giveaway bet) TIER challenges will be done once a month and if you participate in them, "Hide bets from the public" will have to be disabled during the whole week and bet(s) will have to be posted as soon as the challenge requirements are fulfilled. Saving bets to post them on the last day will disqualify you. Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach us out.
    Have a lovely day and best of luck chasing our challenges! 🍀
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    jamyr reacted to UltraChief in [Resolved] jamyr - Defaulted on a loan   
    @jamyr Is gradually paying back the money he owes me. Total amount he owed was 350k satoshi.
    He has already paid 0.00138 and 0.00107 BTC in the following transactions respectively:
    He paid 50k to my account Ultrabank today. He has promised to pay back the last 57k satoshi very soon.
    Jamyr has repaid 56k satoshi to my account. I will allow this to complete the repayment and unban him.
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    jamyr got a reaction from MrNice23 in Primedice Races   
    It really is one of the reasons why players come. Special contests like these are really exciting, kinda frustrating if you don't have the ammo though.
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    jamyr reacted to Katarina in Recovering my account   
    Hello! It's me again.
    I am really sorry for all that thorough questioning, but all of the player who got the same message to contact the support had to go through the same process.
    This is due to the recent security upgrade we decided to make. Please understand that we are doing this just for your accounts' and funds' security. That is the most important to us. I did and asked what I had to.
    And regarding the emails, I have already explained about that, so you may read our conversation again just to check.
    Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience.
    If you have any questions or need some assistance, you may contact us on Live Support chat at any time.
    Have a lovely night!
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    jamyr reacted to DMTripp27 in Another DMT strat   
    So on this one you will need/do the following:
    Starting balance:0.001
    Base Bet 0.0000005 Sats
    Payout 11.1111
    increase on lose 13.5%
    Don't let it run forever as you will bust but without being to unlucky you  should be able t run it for 15-20 mins take a break change seeds whatever it is you do when you take breaks 
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    jamyr reacted to merlyn22 in Magkano ang kauna-unahang pinasok nyong pera sa Bitcoin?   
    Ang natatandaan ko una kong cash in 5k worth of btc sa coins wallet ko. Unti unti naka ipon galing sa ibat ibang faucet site