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  1. jamyr Congratulations in reaching this amazing milestone. 60 is pretty!
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    You're like a swiss army knife then. Alrighty!
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    Greetings. What exactly is the job description of a community manager?
  4. I think you guys do not qualify because of the post count requirement(s).
  5. Bet: 58,428,197,414 placed by jamyr on 18/05/2020 Wagered 0.00196830 Multiplier 7.00x Profit 0.01181258 Bet: 58,428,198,492 placed by jamyr on 18/05/2020 Wagered 0.00354294 Multiplier 7.00x Profit 0.02126264 Bet: 58,428,199,419 placed by jamyr on 18/05/2020 Wagered 0.00637729 Multiplier 7.00x Profit 0.03827273 Bet: 58,428,200,097 placed by jamyr on 18/05/2020 Wagered 0.01147912 Multiplier 7.00x Profit 0.06889091 Theres actually 5 that I was able to hit. Which is quite rare. Will edit this post for 77.77
  6. Just got back today and to learn about this got me to remembering times when I was able to win from a 2000 forum credit twice or more. To the admin, Many thanks for the double pay-per-post events, To UltraChief, Who I am very thankful for giving me a chance for always correcting me whenever I do something stupid here in the forum. And for the extensions you gave before. To the weekly event Hosts, Thanks for making the challenges very hard for me, lol. To Serlite, Who makes these challenges easier, lol To Dose, Who makes the payment for the prizes. It has been a very good and I feel lucky to be one of the 421 who have benefited from this initiative, so I would like to thank everybody who I have interacted or had a discussion with here on primedice forum. THANKS.
  7. Bet: 54,439,242,882 placed by jamyr on 04/04/2020 Wagered 0.00000328 Multiplier 3.30x Profit 0.00000754 13.90 Bet: 54,425,444,699 placed by jamyr on 04/04/2020 Wagered 0.00016000 Multiplier 3.33x Profit 0.00037279 19.45
  8. To answer the question, perhaps if Micro or stunna or eddie hosted a 1 btc spamfest, then sitting and chatting can make you have more coins to consume/play with/ withdraw. But to be rich, it would be either you scam on chat or find a very exploitable bug while chatting and playing, then these can make you rich.
  9. Very nice feature you have added. On top of generously hosting and sponsoring a giveaway, you would take the trouble of going to another site to do this. Sorry to be asking what was your target to gain for all these trouble? Or maybe you just won a decent amount and instead of tipping it over in chat decided to do a giveaway in the forum instead?
  10. It is not a main site, though it is older and was established before stake. But to say it's the main site, with the attention of ed and the staff, and the amount of traffic the sites have to consider as far as I know Stake is the main site out of the two.
  11. Hey, Nice story and 7 eleven is also my best way to buy crypto using the cliqq machine, I got here in PD from bitcointalk back in 2016 and since then PD has become a part of my crypto journey. It was the MICRO facebook giveaways where he gives like 0.01 btc for just commenting or just meeting the qualifications, so I did my best to wager as much as I can an enjoyed several of those giveaways.
  12. Before there was this feature where you can pm Modbot !profit and gives you a rough summary of your account's profit/loss, Wagered amount doesn't count bets made from bonuses?
  13. Perhaps this pandemic may change some people in the way they look at life, where money is not what matters most, coz as you may have watched on TV, other people are regretful of not being able to spend more time with their loved-one who unfortunately is a part of the casualty of this pandemic. Maybe some rollers will just spend more time with their families and not go back to heavy gambling lifestyle. Or it might affect them differently, to yolo more often as they might think that you'll never know when its gonna be your last.
  14. This pandemic have made buying crypto very hard for me, Usually I just go to the nearest 7eleven store and I can add funds to my coins.ph account. During the lockdown, this add-funds has been suspended and there is no exact day of it being available again.
  15. Prolly because Carollzinha's tag says respected? Or the forum deities are busy and occupied at the moment. Are you looking for Filipino translator? Maybe I can fill that up if you need one.
  16. Primedice was established back in 2013, whilst stake was launched august 07 or 08 2017. Primedice is pure dice, while stake offers more games for people who may have grown bored with dice, (lol) Below are OP's of primedice and stake, done by its parent Stunna. Primedice: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=208986.msg2188378#msg2188378 Stake: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2072589.msg20703467#msg20703467
  17. I found my comment deleted, I was only thankful for the last giveaway. Perhaps it was off-topic since this is a new thread, a new giveaway. Anyways, keep it up DarkBlood. May the lady luck shine on your favor.
  18. If I know the how to be wagering without losing, i'd be cheating. Lol, if there is anybody who would say its 100% gonna work, and you won't lose, then it probably is a hoax. Every single bet is chance, luck and more luck. So play with the strategy you will have fun with, that way regardless if you win or lose, the entertainment was there.
  19. can you be more specific with ". . .3 straight losers “out of the way”. what did you mean by that, would be a fun strategy to try for a change.
  20. The emails bonuses from my experience do not expire for a while, like a month or so. Perhaps you used the term "earn" because you consider the bonus as earnings, like a job? It's a bonus/privilege, the more you wager, the more you get, so checking and being active here will not get you a bigger bonus.
  21. Please save the lucky litoshis for me, thanks. LOL.
  22. surrender or just accepting that it wasn't your lucky day. Gambling isn't something that all wins all the time, if it is then that would not be fun at all.