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  1. Instead of adding other games to PrimeDICE they decided to create Stake and leave Primedice to just Dice , it is only proper as its name represents DICE, not slots, not keno, and most of the serious players here chat very minimal. So you won't feel the weight of PD players really.
  2. Madaming nangyari taon ang binilang ka gambling kong pare napapangiti lang, ngayon naalala maulit yun sana, Nakaka miss lang kaseeee. NASAN na ba kayo ?
  3. If Primedice never existed, BTC dice games might not be as easy to play with as we are using today, most of other dice sites just followed the steps of PD. PioneereD!
  4. Before there are several users who utilize a certain platform, (join.me) like a conference thingy. It would be uncomfortable especially to the privy ones which Primedice respects. Maybe some have been looking at primedice in a completely different angle, not the casino.. hahah
  5. So what happens when you hit it on pre roll? Start pre rolling again?
  6. Do not treat it like it is something that is for fun only, remember these institutions are businesses and promotions like the races are just a privilege for us players to take part in. Just be grateful to whatever you get, if nothing then it means you didn't gamble much, should be a win for you if you would look at it differently.
  7. Make sure to read their very own blog to know exactly how the eligibility works. CntryBoy, Glad to help. MrNice23, go ahead as they may take time is proving its you. Han2x, If there isn't any, you still have time to put at least 10 XLM as the snapshot begins 20th of this month.
  8. News have circulated that Binance have unknowingly found a huge sum of XLM ( $775000 ) , and this luckily found treasure will be re distributed to Binance XLM holders that have 10 XLM in their balance. The first reward will be around 10-12 months worth of staking rewards to that will start on the 20th of July. So from that day onwards, Binance will take a snapshot of user balance(XLM) . Source : https://www.binance.com/en/support/articles/360030727092
  9. That's how the game works, nobody is obliged to post before the day that matters.
  10. Its a pinoy street food, if you would google it you would get an idea to what it is.
  11. My english not that good as well, have you tried an egg that have hair? #balut
  12. Lets start by this question, how do you like your egg boiled? or do you like a hairy egg?
  13. I am an expert in making/preparing a hard-boiled egg, if youre interested. lol
  14. I would appreciate it if you gonna show an example of the way you do it, Like how many pre-rolls, do you change seed at some point, what kind of multiplier do you hunt. Everything that is essential in regards to pre-rolling.