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  1. I found my comment deleted, I was only thankful for the last giveaway. Perhaps it was off-topic since this is a new thread, a new giveaway. Anyways, keep it up DarkBlood. May the lady luck shine on your favor.
  2. If I know the how to be wagering without losing, i'd be cheating. Lol, if there is anybody who would say its 100% gonna work, and you won't lose, then it probably is a hoax. Every single bet is chance, luck and more luck. So play with the strategy you will have fun with, that way regardless if you win or lose, the entertainment was there.
  3. can you be more specific with ". . .3 straight losers “out of the way”. what did you mean by that, would be a fun strategy to try for a change.
  4. The emails bonuses from my experience do not expire for a while, like a month or so. Perhaps you used the term "earn" because you consider the bonus as earnings, like a job? It's a bonus/privilege, the more you wager, the more you get, so checking and being active here will not get you a bigger bonus.
  5. Please save the lucky litoshis for me, thanks. LOL.
  6. surrender or just accepting that it wasn't your lucky day. Gambling isn't something that all wins all the time, if it is then that would not be fun at all.
  7. The fact that there are lots of slot tables/games/providers paylines. The variety of these makes playing slots always kind of a unique experience. For example, I've tried this slots game where the combination doesn't only trigger wins if you get left to right but also from right to left. If my memory is right its a game by betsoft or endorphina.
  8. I recon that would be a plain 2x dice without increment on wins nor losses, I was playing with that when I first got here on pd year 2016 until all sorts of techniques came up with tutorials, and I got fond with trying out some unique methods that I came up with. Sometimes its profitable, regardless, since I was the one who came up with the strategy I enjoy it even if its not a positive ending.
  9. Why would you bet 0 in the first place, is this some kind of a preroll? Whenever I roll 0 or 99.99 its not really a big deal for me as I do not often set my multiplier to 9900x not even 1000x.
  10. I've read somewhere I can't remember, racers play with less multiplier, 1.1x bet would be 10% of total bankroll, or 5%; 90% chance every bet would make you bet more meaning more wager for you if you target the race, For me, I just play normally and try to have fun. What race places have you won? I mean only the top 10 would be decent prizes right?
  11. Oh, is that so. Perhaps eddie would be sitting as a player too, would be fun to be playing with the owner.
  12. Its not just a video game, We are evolving, digital age is where we are now. Its part of us. You're like my dad who used to be mad whenever he finds me burning hours playing dota.
  13. I've heard of texas hold'em and omaha poker, but when you say will add on stake, means stake will be the dealer? How do they get paid if they won't be sitting in the table as a player?