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  1. Intimidation is a personal thing. If you are able to be real for yourself, then you shouldn't get intimidated even by those plat users. Although for sure they are more important for wager, rules apply to everyone regardless if you are a VIP or not. Im not very sure though,
  2. Other's may see an amount very small or the opposite, but sometimes it is the gesture and the thought that counts doesn't it?
  3. Congratulations to PD and the gang in getting this far. To chatters and bettors and everyone. Winners and not winners yet , May the 50 billionth bet be start of our golden wins. username: jamyr
  4. I do not know anybody here personally but I get tip(s) from people who I have talked to or had a conversation with from time to time. I do not recall getting tip from a complete stranger though, if I happen to get that, I will make sure it is a tip not a loan.
  5. Hello, I am sorry about your loss. Before, I also borrowed satoshi from somebody and shit happened and I was not able to pay back on time. It took almost a year to pay that, It was a relief when I finally settled my debts not only to this person but others as well that I have borrowed from. Since then I always make sure a tip is a gift and not a loan because I don't want getting involved in loans and stuff like that. First I didn't quite get why this is posted here, but perhaps you took the gamble of lending money and its lost(presumably).
  6. The last time I did a vault withdraw, it took a while for the email to arrive They may be in the process of updating or fixing whatever needs to be fixed. If possible, we can just provide a 2fa authentication, which I think is way more time-efficient and secured.
  7. Hello Source, Well first let me congratulate you with those winnings, big risk big rewards. Although I may need to remind you we are in PD forum, and winnings from Stake may not be really okay here. I might be wrong though.
  8. It isn't a gamble so using the word win is improper IMHO. And if somebody is able to accumulate that much of forum reward, he must be one hell of a poster. Maybe UltraChief or williamsh the ones to get that far as they are two of the most active here in forum. Well Ultra being the forum moderator. Also, as you may have known just recently they doubled the forum rewards for a certain period of time, maybe if that is to happen more often 1 btc from forum isn't that impossible.
  9. Well if it asked me 2fa first I wouldn't be here. There is no way I would have thought a 2fa was to be asked which should be entered first before going to the details of the tip, then of course I didn't know it was supposed to be asking me, i got error, so I was like wtf, this should have been asked first. Yes, I made follow up tip on somebody else while I was capturing in vid hoping to catch the error while recording, but it went smoothly. Last time I made a tip was back 12/30 to Byteking
  10. I was going to tip minimum to somebody, for example byteking. It didn't prompt me to enter a 2fa first, instead, after I adjust amount of tip I hit the send tip, gave me an error invalid 2fa. then it gave me a 2fa box to fill, which I did. everything went okay afterwards. Is there a way to like turn 2fa requirement when just tipping but still have 2fa to log in?
  11. screenshot taken from: http://etherscan.io/block/countdown/9200000 So I saw other places where they are warning their would-be depositors to hold like 3 hrs during this upgrade, What could happen if you send during the upgrade? Can't find the answer on their official post.(https://blog.ethereum.org/2019/12/23/ethereum-muir-glacier-upgrade-announcement/)
  12. Is there like a minimum amount of Stellar Lumens you need to have to be eligible of this inflation reward? Do you need to hold your stellar lumens for the whole week or you just need to have it by the time they take a snapshot?
  13. Primedice jackpot is one of the biggest, if not the biggest in crypto-gambling. That may be the reason why it is almost impossible to hit, but when someone does for sure it will be a jackpot unlike any other. Just remember folks, there is a minimum bet to hit jackpot. You don't want to be hitting 77.77 twice in a row with an ineligible amount.