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  1. It really is one of the reasons why players come. Special contests like these are really exciting, kinda frustrating if you don't have the ammo though.
  2. Greetings people of Primedice! I have been a user since June 2016, I have been a regular player during the first year and lie-lowed. I just learned about PD being down today so I tried to get into my account. It told me to contact support and asked me to provide information like my ISP IP etc etc. The chat support rep name is "Katarina", and I know she didn't mean to give me more trouble than necessary. Asked me for PD's deposit address, I wasn't able to provide. I told her all I can remember with my account. Whom I exchanged tips with, I gave her names. Out of curiosity, I tried logging in to my forum.primedice.com account and I was surprised I got in. I told Katarina but I think it didn't do anything. She asked me to send an email from the address linked with my PD account to support@primedice.com, I told her I am not sure, then I received a system generated mail from PD,(screenshot) http://prntscr.com/iq3cy5 So I sent an email from the one where I received the system mail, told Katarina, and she told me that wasn't the email. I'm like WTF, your system just sent me an email and youre telling me this email isn't the right one. So I sent another email using another address which I'm sure I did not use as it is my work/school email, and she said that it is the right one. Sorry if my story is confusing but I am totally confused to why this is happening, OffTopic : Just a suggestion, don't just make security checks on PD, do it as well for forum.primedice.com as they are supposed to be linked.
  3. Hello. Noticed this since I have exchanged 100,000 forum credits to my Primedice account. So after the transaction, I busted my 100,000 satoshis in about 10 rolls. But that is not what this post is all about, Supposedly, after my busting my account balance. Should it be reflected here in the forum? Currently my Spending Account shows: Spending Account Satoshi's 4,150 AVAILABLE: 4,150 Primedice Satoshi's 100,000 AVAILABLE: 100,000 This issue may have been posted by someone else and I apologize if that is the case.
  4. Okay, I have been a bit inactive and just noticed that whenever a topic is posted, a notification on chat shows up. Although I would like to suggest posts in Local Boards, especially non-English titles to not show up on the chat. Example : forum: GTX999 just posted a topic: Exchange-assets.com – Бонус при регистрации | https://forum.primedice.com/topic/25823-exchange-assetscom-–-бонус-при-регистрации/
  5. While Zoltan have hit a huge multiplier, here I am, Trying to believe what happened.
  6. Apologies if I created this thread. I just noticed that a couple of "forking" topics have sprouted like mushrooms here on PD forum. And as we creep our way to 08/01/2017, believe me more topics of "What will happen to my coins?", "Is it the End of Bitcoin" , Yada. . . yada. . . yada. . . So I find this a good opportunity to let you guys read, if you haven't yet. Basically this link below sums up what will be the effect of Hard-Fork for me and you.(added the breadcrumbs just in case you wanted to manually go to where I am directing you.) Bitcoin Forum > Bitcoin > Bitcoin Discussion > Important Announcements >https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1836611.0 Disclaimer : The views and opinions expressed by the author of that link do not necessarily reflect me.
  7. Does anybody beside me accidentally hit the roll button twice while it is still rolling. What happens is that 2 consecutive rolls takes place. If it is possible to lock or freeze the roll button after you have stopped the autobet but last roll is still taking place?
  8. I can't help but to notice that when I switch Hi - Lo , I end up busting in the long run. Haha. How about you guys? Do you switch from Lo - Hi in manual betting?
  9. jamyr


    Happy Independence Day!!! May you enjoy this Holiday!
  10. This is a match between 2 great fighters(trashtalkers). I am a fan of Conor but I think Mayweather have the advantage since it'll be a boxing match.
  11. jamyr

    How not to bust.

    Hello guys, Recently, I've learned that being able to manage your bankroll and not letting yourself be greedy mostly result in profit. 1% of your bankroll, that is how much amount you should be averaging in your ins. Do not be complacent in making higher bets than what you planned. Because once you have tasted a big win, you will for sure hunt that kind of feeling. You see gambling have the way of making players think irrational, so the more disciplined your bets, the higher the chance of you not going bust. Think of the Long Run guys.
  12. Hi, I have observed that whenever I log in, the notification "You have achieved the Chatterbox ., . . yada yada yada" pops up. It has been that way for months now.
  13. 1. Whenever I play on primedice, I also switch tabs/windows from time to time and sometimes I miss some PM which could have been important. If the inbox feature is not yet gonna happen, how about a sound notification(preferably with activate/deactivate feature). 2. Having a "Show new replies to your post" feature here on forum. Its kind of hard to check replies to your post with what we have atm.
  14. Anybody here who have any idea why whenever btc price soars, eth do the same? (http://www.newsbtc.com/2017/05/05/ethereum-price-technical-analysis-100-ethusd-point-away/) In yesterday’s analysis, we noticed that the overall trend remains bullish in ETH price as long as the price is above $80 against the US Dollar. The price continued to gain momentum, as it moved above the $86.00 high. The upside surged as nasty, as the price even broke the $98 level, and almost tested the $100 level. There was a high formed at $99.59 (data feed via SimpleFX) before the price started correcting lower. It is currently correcting lower, and may soon test the 23.6% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $88.48 low to $99.59 high. There are many supports on the downside, including $96.00. There are also two important bullish trend lines with support at $92 formed on the hourly chart. The most important support could be near the 50% Fib retracement level of the last wave from the $88.48 low to $99.59 high at $94.00.