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  1. For me, what makes a user a loser in a casino if he/she did not enjoy the game. The main purpose of a casino is to make users entertained (while extracting all the money the casino can pull out from the client). Enjoy your time while on site, leave with a smile. Make friends, that will make you a winner, maybe not in the casino but in life.
  2. Some mods do not just engage in chat but they are always on the lookout to be able to keep the chat safe and user-friendly. Also I believe there are also players warning others to follow the rules and so on.
  3. Mali po ata ang pagkakaintindi niyo kay PD, casino po ito at kung meron man mangilan ngilan lang ang hindi negative ang overall stats. Ito po ay dapat nating ituring libangan, hindi po ito hanap-buhay. (sa pagkakaalam ko lang naman po).
  4. Red Cross. Even though volunteers are expected to be self-sustained, for additional spineboards!
  5. Sorry but please read my reply. It wasn't just me, if it was only me I wouldn't have started this topic at all. Anyways I think it's better to have this thread locked.
  6. Its true that there are more fb users than btc users. Although you must put into account that there is a huge portion of fb users who isn't really into digital technology. There are users who just use facebook to be able to connect with there relatives and there is a lot of fb users who are under 10 years old.
  7. Normally for a business venture the safest would be to use established lenders, there are several in crypto community but providing a valid collateral would increase your chances being approved for the loan. Or go to the bank or ask your parents to lend you.
  8. Hello, Sorry if I am not able to explain what this is about better. But I will try again, The 10 xlm is not something that will just appear in your binance account, not even mine. The 10 xlm is if you wanted to participate in Binance staking stuff, the min xlm balance that you need to deposit and maintain in your account for a certain period of time. So if you do not have 10 xlm in your binance account, and don't plan on depositing then you will not get a share of the rewards from binance staking xlm. You might want to read my last reply prior to your post:
  9. This is the first time I encountered Fnordbot, according to : https://thefoggiestnotion.com/fnords.htm A fnord is disinformation or irrelevant information intending to misdirect, with the implication of a conspiracy. **************************************************************************************************************************************************** I think you may have forgotten TitleBot in your list.
  10. Well in case you are sleep when somebody hits the jackpot, Worry no more as you should be able to learn about it by the time you woke up as it will surely be in the headlines of crypto-gambling community. It is probably the toughest jackpot there is in btc dice game, but it surely is one of the biggest jp there is, if not the biggest.
  11. Well my idol starred on a gambling movie back in 2001, Well it was released 2001 but I have watched it 2011 or 2012, It was entitled Lucky Girl starring Elisha Cuthbert ❤️
  12. E-Sports, I am an E-Sports fan, more than the traditional sports like basketball, baseball etc. I have played dota 2 and have placed some bets in the past. It just so happened that dota2 annual tourney is taking place now. TI9 or the International 9 has surpassed its last year record of the prize pool reaching $30m+ this year. Bets I've made were in dota2lounge, have you placed a bet on an e-sports event/game?
  13. Hi Captain. It was weird because most in chat had an error at the same time frame. If you have access to chatlogs, you can see why I felt like this error was one of a kind.
  14. Techniques and strategies are a byproduct of being addicted to gambling. Gambling should be played as a way to entertain yourself, it has always been a form of entertainment. Maybe, if that person tried, won, and never came back.
  15. I have and still play at other sites, though primedice has been the first bitcoin casino I have played at. Interesting as I do not see this to be true, If they would be providing us with the server seed and client seed, without us being able to choose our client seed, it may be possible but if you have the ability to choose your own seed and use it, you have 50% influence on the result.