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  1. Hi Chikou, Sorry to hear about you losing because of this. Maybe you can use dicebot by seuntjie as you can reduce the speed of the rolls there as far as I know.
  2. Not really a fan of hunting 9900x, But I do change my multiplier to that only with 5 or 10 bets, Then I switch back to my usual multiplier. Never hit 9900x ever since.
  3. if you use the autobet onsite, you should notice variance in the speed depending on how much wager for the bets are. Maybe we can get an answer from the devs.
  4. Probably because there are more to be updated as Stake offers more games to choose from, Unlike here, just the good old dice. :)
  5. Thanks for clearing that up. That maybe the reason why I tried to join one of those crews, and was declined. Off-topic, So it was like a competition between 2 teams? Who won eventually?
  6. One of the best movies I've seen too. They have released a digitalized copy of this film not so long ago, I think im gonna search the web for free copies. lol
  7. If I am not mistaken there are those 2 groups/crews. Maybe they are an association, kind of..
  8. Welcome to the Primedice forum. Be sure to give these links a read. Good luck.
  9. Hey there cat. I totally like the classic dice game theme here as well. Unlike others, nothing too fancy with the design. Simple. Simply amazing.
  10. betting 9900x, I mean are lots of those who patiently hunt for this max multiplier. I just don't have the patience to wait.
  11. Just think of it when you tip somebody, its something you gave away. They can return the favor or not, that's how you weed out bad eggs from going bad eggs. lol
  12. have you watched one of eddie's stream? His settings are like 1.2. .X then 200% increment on loss. He was playing xrp when he did this though.
  13. Bet: 37,524,794,144 placed by jamyr on 24/09/2019 Wagered 0.08000000 Multiplier 4.50x Profit -0.08000000 20.00 Thanks Lui
  14. Well it is a privilege for VIPs to have this feature in addition to what perks they already have. So to improve this freebie would be being gluttonous. In my honest opinion.
  15. Well I convert xrp to btc in my mind to make sure I'm not betting more than I said I would. 0.039xrp = 100 sats well according to weekly task, btc minimum to join is 100 sats and 0.039 if your betting xrp.