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  1. Dude mathematics ALWAYS win, u just have tu make the good equations, i live only thanks to gambling since 2013, and EVEN if i burst these 2BTC i won 5 yesterday, then where's the problem ? Thanks
  2. no dicyprime on the screenshot it's not exactly the parameters i used to do 😛 Ultrachief there's luck that's sure but mathematics are always winning at end And i went here with 50$ so even if i lose now no problem 😛
  3. My strategy is crazy guys 😍 thx primedice http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2019/02/5/1547196050-primedice.png
  4. Hi from Spain everyone ! I'm happy to find that great communauty and hope i'll help some people to win money by gambling ! I live only thanks to gambling since 2013. Forgive my bad english please !