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  1. dicyprime

    My learning from gambling

    I had to change the way I think about gambling after a few big losses. There is no chasing losses or recovery for me anymore, in fact after the last big loss I stopped "gambling". I still play everyday and like to test strategies but I don't try to make any significant money from it, as that would require risking significant cash as well. I did not recover the losses, but I also didn't loose too much more after that, and that makes me happy
  2. dicyprime

    Bean cash, have you tried?

    I can give you some links to take a look at, first one is sprouting calculator https://sproutingcalculator.com/ Second one is their homepage and they have some info there http://beancash.org/ Sprouting is staking, that's what they call it, a network reward. They call their pos proof of bean.
  3. dicyprime

    Bean cash, have you tried?

    I think they started with BitBean, and than renamed. I myself found out about them by accident, and liked what I read. It's a little different because like you said it's not a well known and circulating currency. Maybe more for a gambler, for when the next bull comes.
  4. dicyprime

    Bean cash, have you tried?

    Cool coin, been around for a while, can be sprouted, which is like pos. Have you tried sprouting some, do you like it? So far people I talked to seem to like them, and say they are cool, what do you think?
  5. dicyprime

    How many instant depositers here?

    I like to store some crypto too, so if I bust, I try not to depo more. It's important not to get carried away and loose everything, gambling is meant to be fun, otherwise loosing too much can be quite easy. Holding crypto is like gambling too, it can certainly go up in the future.
  6. There are quite a few benefits of crypto over traditional currency, since it acts more like a resource that normal money. And the fact that it's not controlled by the government or dependent on economic state of one country, has its appeal. After all normal money is just a government promise that its worth something, drastic changes in government or economy can effect that promise quite easily.
  7. dicyprime

    Online faucets and profitability

    I had some fun with faucets, but since I'm eligible for better earning sites like videos and surveys (i hate surveys), it doesn't make sense for me to use them. But like beer money sites that pay with crypto are my favorite.
  8. dicyprime

    How did bitcoin affect your life?

    I think it just made things more interesting. Because I never really invested in stocks or other things. Where as with crypto small amounts can be turned into something. And its not just the bitcoin, all the other alts are super interesting. Some are super cheap to send, like doge and others. Also lots of potential for micro gambling, where one can play with a buck all night if they want, the min bet will allow it.
  9. dicyprime

    Introducing bitcoin to your family members

    I tell everyone same thing the crypto experts say, invest only what you can loose. If they need to know more, they can use google, that's what its for. I'm not an encyclopedia that can answer a million how why when if questions. In terms of adaptation or introducing super new users, I like those cold wallets that can be printed like a gift certificate. As a gift I would couple a 100$ printed crypto wallet with a site that sells gift cards for crypto. That way when they want to sell, they can just pick what store they want to shop at and get the giftcard. I would also try to get them something exotic with lots of potential, unless they specifically want bitcoin.
  10. So in other words when one is responsible about it, its more enterinment than addiction, even if it done daily for hours. Kinda like internet or watching tv. When there is lack of control, it turns into addiction. Other drugs are not like that, daily use means you're addicted, for the most part.
  11. dicyprime

    What was your longest red?

    I tried an impossible to loose setting that returned very little and could run all night. On third it busted with some many reds that it didn't fit on the page. Kinda fascinating and horrifying at the same time.
  12. dicyprime

    If someone accidentally tips you 1 Btc?

    That's a tough question hmm. Maybe I'd keep 20% an return the rest, it's hard to know exactly what I would do in the moment. Withdraw and run is definitely an option.
  13. dicyprime

    Are you gambling addicted or not?

    It's hard for me to get fully addicted when I'm in the red, I like being addicted to good feelings, not a nerve wracking roller coaster. But when I'm winning, its kind of hard to stop. I also try to play micro now, so as not to loose meaningful cash.
  14. dicyprime

    The collection of tipping-games

    Hmm, never herd of hunger games. In general I think chat games are amazing. I never won any though, would definitely participate on prime dice.
  15. dicyprime

    If you have 100Btc

    I say withdraw half and play with the rest, lol. Would make for a very exciting play time I think. Maybe build something interesting crypto wise as well.