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  1. Because now the faucets are disabled?
  2. Hello Definitely something changed since May 23. Before it always received rain, from that date nothing. In one day I played 0.6 ltc and wrote several times in the chat and nothing. I must be with some fault and I must be somehow vetoed with the RAINBOT The bad thing is that there is no way to verify that I will create another account and I will try. I know that to be in the chat you must have played more than $ 100
  3. And will it be possible to know if there is any sin? that must be what happens. If that is the case they should notify it to know in what way it was wrong to transgress How is phantom mode disabled?
  4. Hello It is not depend, is to lose a benefit you get for the achievements on the page. What is it then that must be contributed to opt again for the RAINBOT?
  5. Hello I frequently received rain from RAINBOT, but for two weeks I have not received anything. Will the requirements to opt for this benefit change? regards