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  1. it same about me with in additoinal * receive little rains * make tips and rains : it is nice to have you name in all screen who appreciate you
  2. a first point of view say that you better always assert your family ..... but the second invites you to do what you want .... for me the choice must come from you.
  3. woow who rapes who .. because if it's the woman, she could not hold herself for wedding and if it's the man, he has too much clothes by the sex of his future wife ...... therefore this marriage will know water cascaes .......
  4. I love horses especially when they are fast
  5. me, as a girl, I would say that, given the fact that the two men love each other perfectly, the man will tell the woman that "" their relationship was pure lie and lack of self-confidence ... but today the plug that was blocking me was fading, leaving my anger going ... "" "" and I think that will be enough
  6. I speak English poorly, and my app translation is not very good for me, so please give the settings file for the bot ,, i need it or put the download link oln forum please
  7. nice wins for you, dear friend ... I hope for luck to win a nd you can win more than that day. good luck @delli110
  8. i'm just starting on this gambling site since 1 year limit .. .. so i cannot tel that i'm a good gambler here bacause i don't very know how the bot work ,,how he do to calculate hash code or more causes of my looses ,... but i think that i will take experiences and earn big money here....
  9. this dice bot is vrry nice but i don't know how to used same to my other my strat to me ,,, i just need the help to do more win with this bot
  10. i'm stay at primedice with background color with hardwork of rolls with bad bot because he give opportunities with french comming chat room ,, with rains and tips
  11. good morning Crwth!! Welcome to the best gambling site PRIMEDICE.COM .i hope you : more luck more greens and more winsbig ...good luck dear friend
  12. Hey Ultra i want to do echange bitcoin to litecoins ............. [Have]Currency 1BTC - [Want]Currency 2- LTC Price offered : 0.0002 BTC i need your help now
  13. Welcome to primdice forum , be cool and have a nice sitdown here. just read and follow all rulle to receive cool return about your work hard!!
  14. What do you plan to do with your life once the desired level has been reached?