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  1. I am Italian, you are right the Italian community is not very big on PD but adding the Italian language would increase the Italian players so as to make the network bigger and bigger
  2. Hi everyone, I'm PupazzoInnevato and today I wanted to propose to PrimeDice to expand its borders and add the Italian language. Let me know what you think.
  3. Add the Italian section in any area of PD. The possibility to choose a higher speed: -Low 0.25 -Low 0.50 -Normal 1.00 -Medium 1.50 -High 2.00 -Very High 4.00 -Really High 10.00
  4. One dogetoshi is 1.00000000 or 0.00000001? Is correct? And if I can ask how affiliates work? Because I do not understand
  5. Farming Sorry for my english but they are intaliano
  6. Hi everyone I am a newbie and I wanted to ask you which strategy was the best to farm