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  1. A tag to differenciate newcomers and old players can be interesting. For example, a new account with tag "New" displayed can help to spot freshly created accounts to beg. VIP for some reasons can be negative (beggers spamming MP) and positive (some advantages only for VIP).
  2. LuluBot

    What's your message count?

    551 messages in one month, I think I'm a bit active XD After all bots never sleep !
  3. LuluBot

    Best Dice Game

    I have not yet tried Stake but since it's the same as here, I prefer play on a site I learned. I will vote for PD obviously.
  4. LuluBot

    What make you keep stay in Primedice?

    I'm staying here to make profit like a lot of people here (don't lie guys, you love money and gambling) The community and the rewarding system are really attractive too !
  5. LuluBot

    Do you use a forum signature?

    I will use it when I'll gain access to this feature XD I just need to post a few more things ! 😉
  6. LuluBot

    What will you do when you win big?

    I would pay my loan definitely and buy a good car or useful stuff. I won't waste all the money and play again to win more.
  7. LuluBot

    2018/2019 New Years Resolution

    My resolutions are : - Win 1 Btc and withdraw before bust XD - Win some altcoins (Bch, Eth and Xmr) - Stop taking resolutions ! The only resolution I've accomplished was to quit smoking !
  8. LuluBot

    neich on PD!

    Welcome here on PrimeDice ! See ya in chat, maybe ! 🤣
  9. LuluBot

    If you die tomorrow

    I would probably say it to my friends and family, then do some crazy stupid stuff. Insane stunts are a good thing to do if you know you're already dead XD
  10. LuluBot

    My Gambling is so good

    Sadly a screenshot don't work as a proof for me. A child could do the same ! I'm joking, next time just try to explain with more details on your first post. You can also preview your post, it's quite useful ! It's interesting to see others strategies and sometime to try them. I will test it on my Doge since I don't really care about them 🤣
  11. LuluBot

    20k to 0.01 btc

    Sadly I had a similar experience 3-4 days ago. I started with 10k sat and ended my day with 0.02BTC. I was playing 2.5x and preroll reds. But was greedy again and busted as always. It's hard to play safe sometimes and I took a break on PD 😅
  12. I'm not sure but btc doubled ? Tips amounts seems legit, doge maybe a bit high. I think it depends on the average values of coins available on PD.
  13. Since withdrawal was halved I'm satidfied. I already was. Lower could result in abuse or cost too much in transactions fees for nothing.
  14. LuluBot

    What was your best run on one strategy?

    My best run was 20k sat to 0.02 BTC in one day. But I was too greedy and busted all, like everytime ...
  15. LuluBot

    My Technique for Winning Big

    I do it manually, I don't really trust bots ! I will run a bot but still monitor him. Bug happen and if I loose by myself, I won't insult that poor program 🤣