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  1. Thank you for such kind words !!!! And thank you also very kindly for all of your input you each are giving as I really do appreciate it.
  2. I think a lot of people think that when updates happen it causes them to lose. I know if I am on a streak and an update happens than I lose I like to blame it on something too. But I don’t think it’s a big deal and ultimately these updates are making the site better so no complaints from me !
  3. Hmmm I am not too sure which is better. I like that Primedice does them for 24 hours at a time as it seems to make it more of a challenge as you have more time to make wagers !
  4. I love the chat and I would be super bummed out if it wasn’t on the site. It’s a fun way to interact with other people gambling. To learn new strategies and what not.
  5. I think you are correct here. In my experience I have won much more when doing smaller bets with higher multiplier. Compared to larger bets at 2x or 3x.
  6. Hey hey captain ! I created my first forum post.
  7. Hello prime dice forum people ! I am creating my very first topic in the forum. Woo hoo! I am currently 29 weeks pregnant with my first child. It’s a boy! Since I got pregnant I have had a lot of mixed reviews from people and most of them saying, “it is very unsafe to be gambling when you are pregnant and is not good for the baby!” At first I felt kind of guilty and like I was doing something wrong. But I enjoy more than just the gambling aspect of being on Primedice or its sister site, Stake. The chat and the community are so much fun. I by no means am stressing out over gambling and therefore I don’t see how it would be harmful to my child. I spend my time on the sites laughing and giggling with other community members and gambling little bits of money having fun. Do you believe being on these sites is harmful to a pregnant woman’s baby ? Let me know what you think !!!
  8. Wooooooooow !!!!!!!!!!! 26 btc ? Omg I bet he broke his computer right after this bet. Wooooow. I am so sad to see that and I hope so much he easily recovered from that. Ouch.
  9. Hi Eddie ! I did a review in the site for you. username is Paecga129 and you know my name on there as i would rather not post here. Thanks !
  10. Nice. That would be very nice as it is not very common .... most countries are so worried about the regulation of it and the taxes that it is very strictly prohibited !!! I understand why though because so many people are getting scammed by so many sites. It’s a very very very hard business to regulate.
  11. Oh I absolutely love roll hunts. I would be very sad to hear if they were gone. They have always been my favorite mod hosted game on the site! I see you all said it has been fixed and I am very happy to hear this. I wish the prize was a little better for these though. Such as random. Like not posting the prize beforehand by when it pays out, bam it is randomly 100k btc. I have always thought this would be a much better way to do these games.
  12. I think the design of the site is perfect. It is very easy to navigate and understand. So for a new person, I don’t see the having any trouble. Colors and layout are very nice. I have to disagree with you on this one.
  13. 13 https://forum.primedice.com/topic/36067-just-showing-off-hit-1980x-yesterday/?do=findComment&comment=276085
  14. I’ve tried hitting this several times too since seeing your post and sadly wasn’t able. Such an awesome hit there. Congrats to you again !