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  1. paecga129

    #30 stream!!! Giveaways!!! #Stake!

    Good luck. Paecga129
  2. paecga129

    OlegBarca's Stream #278! Giveaways!!!!!Stake!

    Paecga129 gooood luck !
  3. This is a very nice idea. So, let me ask, how did it turn out ? The game in chat ?
  4. This must have been before I joined because I do not remember ever seeing this !
  5. paecga129

    Your thoughts on the recent spam

    I agree with you !! A whole lot of the thanking the rain bot or asking when rain will hit. Or complaining about why one didn’t get it. Don’t get me wrong I love rain bot but it sure does create a lot of spam !
  6. paecga129

    skywallkee's 19th stream live!

    Awesome ! Goood luck !! Paecga129
  7. paecga129

    Do you use a forum signature?

    Wow. This is a very well explained post !! I know I am new here but I am not new to the forums and have been at Stake forum for well over a year so am quite familiar. This, however, I was not at all aware of! Thank you for your very well done explanation of the signature option !!
  8. paecga129

    Max reds in a row on x2-x5

    About 7 in a row red here. At another site much much more than that when betting 2x. When betting 5x, oh I would say around 15.
  9. paecga129

    Favorite gambling game

    My favorite game to play online is hi lo !!! I love playing that game! Dice is my second favorite and over the last year or so I have learned some really profitable strategies!
  10. paecga129

    What will you do when you win big?

    I would pay bills for sure ! And if there was any extra I would buy myself some new clothes and than get my hair done !
  11. paecga129

    Pro gambler?

    I don’t think one can be a professional in dice but i suppose a person could become very good at setting their bets up with certain numbers for loss and win etc etc etc and gain some nice profits. But you never know what the dice will roll so I don’t think you can become professional ?
  12. paecga129

    If someone accidentally tips you 1 BTC?

    I would most definitely return the funds to the person! I have had this happen to me before. I meant to send 30k satoshi and instead I sent 300k satoshi and that was an absolute bummer !!
  13. paecga129

    Paecga129 here!

    Hello Everyone !! My username is Paecga129 and I am new to the forum at Primedice! I have been a member here for sometime but am finally joining the forum. Most of you probably know me from the sister site as well .... I am very happy to be here !
  14. I started to play because a friend of mine was playing some online gambling site ... I tried it when he left and fell in love !! I learned about crypto about a year later and stumbled upon a few sites!