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  1. I'm here to win but end up loosing so I stay to recover and end up loosing even more so I stay even more.
  2. Yeah no need to use a bank account anymore, the vault is a great idea, I've already used it and works perfectly fine.
  3. I prefer consistency over diversity of games, Primedice should remain only a dice site, and focus on the growing players base.
  4. Probably tens of thousands, I bust a lot so I always hang in the chat section, was very fortunate to know many people through the simple (yet sometimes full of spam ) Box.
  5. OMG, he has relatively few bets so he's definitely a high roller, good thing he did not get greedy and stopped early. Always happy to see anyone hitting greens. Is it maybe a hint for a strategy?
  6. What shocked me is the rise in 2017 Christmas to the all time high of 20 thousands and then basically a continued bear market that continues to this day.
  7. I prefer more of a primedice coin and not only for the forum, maybe a coin to use it to exchange between different betting coins and that will eliminate 3rd party exchangers with high fees
  8. Well I use Bitcoin a s referential trading currency, I always hold in Bitcoin and trade in other more volatile currencies.
  9. Best moment is when I turned 2.5 eth to 22 eth in a matter of couple hours, my worst moment however is when I lost it all in few minutes.
  10. There two views here; if by doubts you are referring to the actual bet how it is sorted then rest assured you can simply run a 3rd party simulator and you'll get the same results, That's in fact why you can see your current seed only after you change to new one, so from a technical point of view there's no doubts. However,if by doubts you mean your emotions then I can give you two precious tips: -Only bet what you can afford to lose. -Try to be mentally stable before gambling your money.
  11. I see this is a drawback, but could be easily avoidable simply by not showing the player's name and only putting the amount won, So the idea is still valid. Happy betting.
  12. Wow 20k satoshies to 1 million sat is pretty impressive, however as you saw greed can lead to disastrous endings, I suggest you practice to limit your ambitions and pay the slow and steady game instead of a quick win, Hard luck and fast recovery friend.
  13. Why it won't? I honestly think it gives a great deal of motivation for other players to become winners and win as well, and frankly it also gives more credibility that you can actually win, because it seems that many players don't believe they can make it! Cheers
  14. Hello Primedicers © In earlier versions of PrimeDice, there was a hall of fame page, where you could see the biggest winners of the day as well as those with the highest wager, and there was also an overall statistic of how much was won by all players, However it seems that these features are no longer available, so My question is: Do you support bringing back the hall of fame page to PrimeDice?
  15. I don't think it is a matter of luck, in fact if you talk about multiplication then losing is (mathematically speaking) another form of multiplication, so here's the deal you can win as well you can loose, with the difference being in favor of loosing with a minimal 1% house edge which in my opinion could be bypassed with simple betting techniques and principles, However this is not the full picture, you should take in consideration the greedy human nature and how vulnerable we are, so emotionally it a tough task to manage losses and recover what you lost, so most players end up betting a big amount to recover fast which could result in a total loss or could be successful and could result a bigger loss in a future cycle where the same situation inevitably will happen.
  16. I'll make the biggest rain ever seen in Primedice, everybody will get some, and then I'll organise the biggest and hardest Trivia in history of the chat, after that I'll apply high risk/high return strategy for a short term period and a specific targeted goal, Finally I'll go to sleep happily, be it I busted or won. Thank you stranger.
  17. Well first of all, let me thank you, let me thank the team for releasing such an easy to use gambling site and the support team who were truly helpful in the most complex cases I discussed with them, but I think we can do better in many aspects, such as and to start with what I noticed today, a phishing attempt that disrupted gambling for some players (the team's response was fast), so I would suggest you take care more of the security of the dice, knowing that you provide easy and instant deposits/withdrawls, some hackers could potentially use that as a liability, and besides the security aspect, I'd say the dice sometimes lags and interrupt the play so that also could be improved and finally I'd appreciate if you could bring back the Hall of fame page and the total Bitcoin won overall. PS: Keep the blue design, it's the identity of PrimeDice.
  18. You need to understand the actual meaning of Primedice, it is in fact a premium dice, although simple to use and operate it gives the player a total control to apply his strategies and techniques, and I think adding more games will distract the player and the community as well, because everything is centralized around the dice game and this successfully created a friendly community, so I don't think it is a great idea to add other various games, However I do think that the dice itself could be further developed and improved.
  19. The jackpot at the moment is around 112 BTC and keeps on increasing, with the actual Bitcoin price of 3800 usd, that would be 425000 dollars, so it's smthng for many could be considered life-changer, and I don't think such prize should come in an easy way, Therefore I disagree and prefer to keep the actual terms of the jackpot. Good luck for everybody.
  20. Just like other gentlemans has said, the forum is nicely and categorically organised, there's an absolute independent section for support issues, and I also disagree with you @Nanoluna with the silliness, I find actually cool to discuss several topics aside from gambling, this is a diverse community and it does deserve a diverse forum discussions.
  21. Well The crypto dice gambling industry target a diverse market of player aka:gamblers, you can find someone who chose it a hobby and can afford to loose (or maybe win) some dollars and then there's always other people who are simply broke and looking for a quick start. As for me fellas, I started doing this as a hobby and then got bankrupt in the process, sad but true.
  22. Hope30

    Egg or Chicken

    I believe this is a really interesting philosophical debate since the starting of mankind, so we should use our human specie to assimilate and make a fair comparaison, who came first, man or baby, I believe I never heard of baby Adam or baby eve and therefore I assume that the chicken came first. Of course atheists will disagree and say the egg came first.