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  1. Username :Dude341 Happy birthday primedice.com
  2. My first dice site it's Bitsler but i still prefer Primedice here it's my best Run or big loss . So my life it's Gambling site forever it was Primedice and still Primedice hahahaha all to say primedice it's Best gambling site since 2013 Good luck all Players
  3. lool i'm profit red and luck under 100% so i don't have any luck and any win
  4. Chat is not dying just unregular player on chat we playing gambling for make money (We love profit )
  5. The Reverse Martingale it's the Best Strat for me
  6. I always chat while i bet, i think im addicitive to this beautiful chat !
  7. Dude431

    hi all

    Hi Friend ! Welcome to Best Site Hope ur win
  8. I think my PD buddy is nikowin44 . #FRENCHPOWER
  9. Thanks a lot for this good strat :) I hope we win :) Good Luck All Gamblers :)
  10. Congrats bro !! withdraw and run
  11. Hello guys , i need sell my btc for money paypal please