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  1. My easy strategy is allin or by doing a high bet on dice if win lower the bet to 0.0000000 then hit "ROLL BUTTON" 3 times see what you've got on the 3rd hit if over, go under, if under, go over and so on that way you might be lucky but also risk a lot as well but ya know why not try it. I've made 0.000019 rain to 0.005 in literally  @ 30 seconds.

    Tell me if it works to you paste some screenshots if you wish.

    Also tell me your strategies how are you betting the money you've got, this way we can learn from each other, learn new techniques and stuff like that...

    Good luck to y'all and win big, God bless :) .

    Proud Primedice member :) .


  2. If i ever will hit 1 BTC  i'll firstly help some people out like 5 up to 10 after i will buy whatever i like and would make my hobby better which is filmmaking

    i can't imagine winning 1 btc never happene once in my life, but i'm sure one day it will come! :) 

    I would do many things to be honest...  i like to help people out so that's my dream winning  1 BTC and helping people out and after making myself happy with some goodie as well :D


    Proud primedice member.

  3. I'd give it back because it's fair it's hit money, so why keep it.

    You need to work to get what you want not steal it from other people, like example miss-tip.. 

    But yeah i'd personally give it back to him cause he earned it and not me!