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  1. Do you guys give ever think about your Losses on the site, like how much have you guys Won on the site since you started gambling? If i'd really say i will estimate it maybe i lost over 100,000$ not sure though but i think it's over 100,000$ that i gambled away, and i'm really thinking about it everyday why didn't i stop at the moment of a big win... i suggest you guys think about it, to stop when you feel like you're gonna lose or... you won a big bet that's the moment when you should cash out and never deposit it again or only like a little of your winnings. I mostly win and after a certain time i deposit all of it instead of thinking about it twice man.. should i do it or not, i'm not saying that's wrong to do, you can always feel lucky you know, but most of the time you will lose. Of course there's winnings as well which you really need to think about and take care of that money cash it out, keep it in vault or wallet up to you at the end of the day... By the way on Primedice i didn't gamble over 100,000$ it's in all sites that i ever been on that's in total that i estimated, but still a lot on this site as well, which i try to recover ATLEAST. Not very proud about my winnings at the end but eh you know you can always lose in life, not by just gambling money, there's good times & bad times I hope you guys will be more lucky than me that's what i wish for you guys P.S: What i love about this site is the Support, very kind, respectful & and fast answers Thank you support for being a good person!
  2. Well i only use phone to gamble on here when i really need it, but mostly i'm using an PC. But i'd say it's not really that important to me. And also i'd rather gamble it from the PC cause you see on a bigger screen what you're doing and so you maybe can win more instead gambling on your phone, maybe you miss click or you don't see a button or something as an example... But also i spend a lot of time on gambling, but sometimes i feel like doing something else as well too, like reading, gaming, editing & more... I hope i can win a lot some day so can recover the losses from the past that would be amazing for me to recover it, i really lost a lot, a lot from gambling money or trying to double it. but i really have an feeling i will win in the near future! if i'd win my money back i'll do as following: 1. Gamble less, spend more time somewhere else. 2. Buy what i like to do as my hobby (Film making.) 3. And without thinking about losing again! This is my reply to you @Kate! Have a great day... Peace!
  3. Duckdice.io is a very fun dice game website, where you can get achievements(awards) when you're betting, has daily contests, big faucets like 0.0001 LTC for example (i don't know if this is limited, but you will see yourself if it changes.) - They recently have an forum(new) as well where you can comment just like on Stake & Primedice) - Exchange section, bank option where you can store you earned money.) Average online users @ 400-500 per day To use the chat you are needed to DEPOSIT money to be able to chat interact with people. Mods & people are very kind as i see as well... LOTTERY is there too *(not sure but i think only top 15 or top 10 can win something) for the lottery rules use the following link: https://duckdice.io/lottery And i think there's many more as i mentioned in this topic, let me know if you find something knew out! Thanks for reading & have a great day! Use my link down bellow: Clean link: https://duckdice.io refferal link: https://duckdice.com/a761eb965e